​Spreading awareness is like sowing seeds to make a Garden of Eden in a barren wasteland, but seeds can remain dormant in the harshest drought conditions and as soon as the rain comes, what appeared to be desolation turns into a magnificient sight to behold. Science, the Gnostic gospels, the Hermetica, the soul, can be buried and out of sight for the spiritual drought of an age of ignorance, but it will come back, knowledge can never be suppressed. One man who goes down the productive road will be more productive than a million, or even a billion, people going down the unproductive road. Christopher Columbus was the only man who knew the Earth was round and his knowledge produced much more than everyone else in Europe. The man who created the World Wide Web brought more change than all the world's politicians put together. This world is full of people who believe that their religion is going to produce peace, harmony, prosperity, happiness, an end of suffering etc, but in reality we don't have any of those things. Most people are on the unproductive path when it comes to spirituality and this is evidenced by the fact that religions have failed to deliver results and put an end to the problems affecting this world. It only takes a few people travelling on the productive road to bring positive changes to this world, but it requires that the average person changes the direction they are on and travel down the productive road. Someone who is awake is going to be more productive than the masses who are not awake. 


This website will present an idea that sounds crazy to most people and this idea is also the main gist of this website. This idea is that the soul or who you were before you entered the body can be resurrected while you're still alive. Most people believe, if they aren't atheists, that the soul only gets resurrected or you only become the spirit once you die. This is an abberant view that has kept people ignorant and imprisoned by their illusions all their lives. The soul can not only be resurrected but it should be resurrected if you want to have a good life. The religions and the enlightened teachers never defined anything physical as life, they only defined the spirit as life and that is what you should become again. The words resurrection, born again, salvation and deliverance don't refer to joining a hierarchical religion and adopting a label, which separate you from everyone else, for the rest of your life. These words mean resurrection the spirit or the true self, being born again into the spirit, being saved and delivered from ignorance, pain and the oppression of the illusions. If you want to know the meaning of life, it's to gain it back. There's only a few people who have achieved this level of awareness and this is a very special group of people. One day this group will become the majority and then there will be a golden age.