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Flying Saucer Philosophy.

It's important to read the page called The Concept of Rest before reading this page because it gives the underlying principle of how this technology works.  


The very best flying saucer pictures of all time come from the very early days of flying saucer research. It seems the better the special effects have become, the worse the flying saucer pictures have become. Why was it that there was a sudden wave of reports and pictures of flying saucers in the years after World War 2? Maybe it's because they have a lot to do with World War 2, as in the cause wasn't Space aliens, but in a group that just been defeated and was leading the world in terms of science and technology. The Deep State of that time period used Space aliens as a diversion from the Nazis, as well as their own secret projects to be used against the Soviet Union. The main way they dealt with this subject was to make it such a taboo subject that any respectable people would stay away from this subject and that worked very well.

The mainstream alternative research communities tend to ignore this subject and spend all their time talking about Roswell, Area 51, Nibiru and other subjects that have talked about countless times and which don't get people anywhere. A lot of the mainstream alternative researchers can speak for 2 or 3 hours on various radio shows and not say anything. Flying Saucer researchers should be called blob of lights researchers because that is the only thing they present. Flying Saucer research has been around for over 70 years and it hasn't produced anything tangible. Any other kind of research community that hadn't produced anything in that time would've been out of business by now. The Hamster wheel is not the road and too many alternative researchers are on the hamster wheel going around in cycles with the same subjects that never get them anywhere and not travelling the path of enlightenment which is the Way of the Tao.

On page 36 of Howard Menger's book "From Outer Space to You" is this statement by an occupant of the craft he encountered, "The force will be difficult and probably impossible for you to understand. It is an electromagnetic force, not unlike the force which holds planets, suns, and even entire galaxies in their orbits. This force is a natural law, which has been given to us by our Infinite Creator to be used for good purposes."

"But why have not our own scientists discovered this power."

"Ah but they have. Yet they do not know how to apply it. If they did know the secret they probably would use it for destructive purposes. Until they are ready to utilize it for peaceful ends, our Infinite Creator will prevent their understanding it."

In this world of ignorance where the majority of the population operate by their base instincts, there's a higher power that is clouding everyone's minds, except maybe a few, to this technology. There are plenty of reasons why this technology should be suppressed and even one reason is too many. This is a subject for the higher realms and it cannot be separated from the subject of the occult and mysticism. 

George Adamski photographed and filmed the best flying saucer pictures and film of all time. The pictures and film are clearer than anything else that has come since. He made some statements in his books and interviews that most people will not realize the significance of, but are in line with the theory that these craft go into a motionless state. 


In his book, Inside the Space Ships, he says in numerous places all throughout the book, too many to quote here, that he couldn't feel any movement in the flying saucers that he was traveling in, "I was so engrossed in trying to solve this mystery, and at the same time to see and absorb every detail of this amazing little craft that I was quite unaware we had taken off, although I did suddenly register a slight feeling of movement. But there was no sensation of enormous acceleration, nor of changes in pressure and altitude as would be the case in one of our planes going at half the speed. Nor had we experienced any jerk as we broke contact with the ground. I had an impression of tremendous solidity and smoothness, with little more realization of movement than of the unnoticeable journey of the Earth itself as it revolves around the Sun at eighteen and one-half miles per second. Others who have been privileged to ride in these Saucers also have been struck by the same sensation of movement—or rather, the almost total lack of it."

George Adamski said something very interesting in an interview that he gave in the 1950s that has been ignored by the mainstream alternative research community. He reveals that these craft don't actually move and someone inside of one wouldn't notice any movement and at the end he says that it may appear that these craft are turning, but they don't turn, because they aren't moving.

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The best flying saucer pictures and film show either warping or haze around the craft and this gives away what's going on. These craft warp the fabric of Space and time and create their own reality around them that separates them from the outside world. Here are some examples of the warping of flying saucers.

To people on the outside it looks like the craft is warping, but to people on the inside of the craft, it would look like the outside is warping. Both perspectives are true relative to the viewer. The reality is that the field that lies underneath this reality is what is warping.

In this picture there is a warping visible showing the edge isn't straight.

This video by George Adamski shows the flying saucer warping and one of the domes growing and shrinking. The craft moves in a very strange way compared to any other type of aircraft and it appears to be blinking as well. Howard Menger, who photographed the same type of craft, described the same phenomenon of domes on the bottom changing shape in his book "From Outer Space To You", "I noticed one of the three ball-like objects under the craft became distorted and looked like rubber as it seemed to stretch and grasp the ground. I could see the other two balls through the translucent flange. I wondered how they could make metal appear translucent, and also become plastic, certainly." George Adamski showed a dome growing and shrinking and Howard Menger described it in his book. Strange coincidence? 

This picture shows the clear warping of this flying saucer.

This video mentions a haze around the craft and there appears to be a light being emitted from inside the craft. It says that the warping of the craft is either the light being manipulated, or it's some mechanical device, but it's more likely that time and space are being warped. Considering the fact that the craft, particularly on the right, is being warped and not just the dome suggests that it not a mechanical device causing that dome to grow and shrink.

This looks like the same flying saucer, except in Japan. The warping is clear in this photograph as well. The left side is clearly longer than the right side.

This flying saucer on the ground was photographed by Howard Menger who had encounters with the same kind of flying saucers. The shape of it is uneven and out of shape. Would anything on the ground be warped if they came into contact with its field? Could this explain why crop circles don't break the stalks? This warping of the flying saucers answers that question. A field can just be seen surrounding this craft, there is a lighter area between the glowing craft and the black background. This field protects the craft from the air so that it doesn't create sonic booms or heat up and would cause anything that it would fly into at high speed to just warp around it.

The field around this craft should be easier to discern in this enhanced picture.


The unnatural warping of this craft is easy to see as it's in the air in this picture.

This flying saucer photographed by Howard Menger in the daytime looks out of shape and it looks longer on the left side than it does on the right side.

Sceptics say that George Adamski was using a lamp shade but the questions are how is George Adamski warping a metal lamp shade like that, including the dome on the right and bringing it back to shape in the 1950s? Why would he be doing that anyway when the concept of warping space and time would be so unfamiliar to people? Why is this warping also shown by Howard Menger and others who showed the same craft? These are questions that Sceptics haven't explained.


It's possible that George Adamski and Howard Menger were encountering captured German discs and the United States government were using them as a psyop for one reason or another. Why would Germans care about two men in America? It doesn't make sense unless looked at it that way.

Around 1961 NASA created a familiar looking device and this is what it says on their description of it, "No, it's not a flying saucer, it is the domed top to a 70 foot long vacuum tank at the Lewis Research Center's Electric Propulsion Laboratory, Cleveland, Ohio. The three technicians shown here in protective clothing had just emerged from within the tank where they had been cleaning in the toxic mercury atmosphere, left after ion engine testing in the tank. Lewis has since been renamed the John H. Glenn Research Center."

Mercury? Ion engine testing? They wouldn't have been spinning Mercury around at high speed would they? Would those ions have created a glowing effect? Why does the shape look so much like George Adamski and Howard Menger's craft? This is definitely not a metal lamp shade.

The man on the right has a Geiger Counter which means this thing must be producing radiation or high energy fields which can be picked up by it.


The mist that's on the ground is usually used in wind tunnel tests for aircraft to see how they interact with the air they come into contact with. So why is this mist being used here? Is this ion engine affecting the air around it? Is this something more than just an ion producing chamber? 



George Adamski came up with two drawings after his encounter with an occupant of the Scout Ship that landed. The first one is from the footprints left behind by the man he had made contact with. The occupant made it clear that his footprints had important symbolism on them as mentioned in George Adamski's book, Flying Saucers Have Landed. The second picture is from a drawing that the occupant of the craft made on a photographic plate that he took from George Adamski and handed back to him on another visit. Both drawings show swastikas on them which is very suspicious since the craft that he had photographed is an exact match of the Haunebu II DoStra. Judging by the other symbolism here the swastikas probably have an esoteric meaning rather than a political one and shouldn't be judged by physical standards. A lot of occultists and occult societies have their own languages with their own alphabets. The Enochian language is a good example of this. These craft operate on occult principles and the people building are occultist too. Desmond Leslie, who co authored Flying Saucers Have Landed with George Adamski, took numerous quotes from The Theosophical Society and the swastika is a very important symbol to that group, even been on its main logo. The Theosophical Society explains the swastika in a lot of detail and its importance on this website.  


This is a hat shaped variation of the flying saucers that were photographed by George Adamski and Howard Menger called the Haunebu II Erstform. The right side looks like it's longer than the left side. There are other pictures of this craft that show it warping, blurry, its gun been larger than in other pictures and even leaving a streak.


This photograph was taken by Ralph Ditter in 1966 and it shows the Haunebu II Erstform with the same cannon underneath as seen in other photographs. The house and cars are clear, but the craft is blurry because of the field surrounding it and there is a streak on the bottom left of it which can be better seen in the enhanced version of it. 


These two pictures are from a documentary on this video. It wasn't possible to get the original pictures and the screenshots aren't good quality, but they do clearly show the craft warping so that the shape looks uneven, particularly the second one. The cabin on the second picture looks like a parallelogram, which is a lot different from the other pictures. The bottom left of the craft is shorter than the bottom right as well. The gun is not at the center of the craft, but is on the left and the right looks like it is stretched longer.   


This video was filmed by Todd Anthony in 1968 and the domes on the bottom of it look like they are growing and shrinking like in the George Adamski video. The flying saucer moves more like a fly rather than an aircraft. It's movements are much swifter compared to any aircraft and it has much more freedom of movement.  

This is a good video of a morphing flying saucer and it appears to have a gun on the bottom of it, which indicates that it was made by a government.

This video, watch it from 12 minutes, from France shows very clear warping and it is one of the best examples of this.

This picture is from 1951 in Riverside, California. It shows the craft out of shape and it is clearly warping and when it is enhanced with AI Gigapixel and had the contrast changed, it shows a field around it. It also appears to show a glow around it.


This one is from 1954 in Monte Carlo and it shows the right side of it looking like it is missing. There's a strong haze around the craft and this is causing it to be blurry. This picture was enhanced with AI Gigapixel.


This was photographed at Cave Junction in Oregon in 1927. It was 20 years before the whole flying saucer movement started so the photographer probably didn't know what he was looking at. This photograph has been enhanced with AI Gigapixel and it shows a line which is strongest on the top left side of the craft, but does go around the craft. There is a lighter area between the craft and the sky. There's some detail on the bottom of the craft as well. The original can be found on this website.

This picture was taken in Tiensten, China in 1942. It shows the top left side of the craft appearing to be missing and it is obvious evidence of warping. This craft has a field around it which shows up better when it is enhanced more. This picture is significant because it shows both warping and a field around it. The original picture can be found on this website.  


These photographs are from Norwood in 1949. The light in this picture is a searchlight that was put on it, it is not being emitted from the craft. The really interesting thing is that the light at the top is changing direction towards the craft. This can only be the phenomenon that is called Gravitational Lensing, which is what Albert Einstein talked about, where large interstellar objects distort the direction of light.

This is the first time an artificial object is has been observed causing this effect. Normally only stars, planets and other very large objects can be observed doing this. This object at Norwood has to have a very large gravity well for its size. All objects have a gravity and gravity well, but this object seems to be magnifying it. It is literally imitating much larger objects than itself as Howard Menger said.


A closeup look at the object itself makes it look like it is being crushed, it is completely out of shape like the other pictures on this page. This craft is warping space and time and it is causing the light to change direction at the same time. This is the science for a future generation. 


Another one from Grand Forks, Canada, showing another crushed craft flying in the sky. 


There's a theory in physics called Lattice Quantum Chromodynamics where it says that there maybe an underlying framework that all polarised matter is bound to. That means that if this underlying framework were to change shape then everything attached to it, even solid metal, will change along with it. If these pictures of these flying saucers are real then this theory has already been observed and photographed many times over without anyone realising it.

But what is this underlying framework that's called the fabric of space and time? Just like an empty container contains the fullness of the liquid, this underlying framework is emptiness itself, but contains the fullness of the Universe and yes, if the emptiness of the container changes shape, then the fullness of the liquid changes shape along with it. The fullness of the Universe is the image of nullity which means that all polarised matter is the image of the unity which then cancels itself out and becomes none as was explained on The Axis of the Universe page. A Black Hole is not compacted matter, although it used to be, but it is emptiness itself. When a star collapses it loses its polar opposites of the protons and electrons and becomes a Neutron Star. In that sense the two has become on and if the star is big enough even that unified state of matter collapses into the emptiness of the Black Hole so that the one becomes none.  


A tornado, cyclone, a Black Hole don't move, it's just an illusion that it moves, because it is emptiness inside and something that is empty doesn't move, it can't move because there's nothing to move in the first place. A gravity well that is caused by any object isn't as powerful as a Black Hole but it is tapping into the underlying emptiness of the Universe that holds the whole Universe together and it creates the illusion of movement when a star or a planet moves. This is the lattice that is spoken of by the Lattice Quantum Chromodynamics theory, that lattice being the unity and then the nullity of polarised matter that holds its separated self together.  

The concept of the Tao Te Ching becomes relevant here because these craft don't go against any of the flows of nature, they are simply not in it as in they become like the emptiness of the fabric of space and time.


The craft can also have a haze effect where the field they are surrounded by affects the light coming into contact with it. This would explain why so many photographs of these craft are so blurry and where the features can't be seen clearly. This is further evidence of a separation between the craft and the outside world. There are too many pictures of the Vril 8 Odin to put here. They can be found on this website, they are all blurry when they are in the air.  


The Battle of Los Angeles incident that occurred in 1942 could be strong evidence of these craft warping the environment around them. Military personnel fired around 1400 shells at a craft that had appeared and it wasn't brought down. The only explanation would be that the shells fired at this craft were warping around it, which means that the military personnel were firing at thin air even though there was a craft right in front of them. This goes back to the concept of the Way of the Tao which says that nobody should ever go against anything, but rather just don't be in it. This craft was somehow able to put itself into a void where time and space is concerned so that it became effectively nothingness or emptiness so that that anything that is from the fullness of time and space wasn't going to penetrate that void. Perhaps somebody was testing to see if Man made weapons would have any effect on them. If that was true then that test was a success. 

In these enhanced pictures, using AI Gigapixel, details have been brought out that nobody has noticed before. The picture appears to be from the back end of the craft and there appears to be an energy field surrounding the craft and it can be seen surrounding the round area at the front and above the top, or the bridge, of the ship. There's a circular area on the back of the ship with lines that go out in various directions. There's a bright area on the right most part of the ship.  


These five photographs were taken by George J. Stock in 1952. These are some of the best flying saucer photographs ever taken and they show two important things, which are the obvious field around the craft. This gives away that these craft exist in their own reality outside of the reality of this world, which means that they don't move, but the field around it moves. This would explain why these craft can suddenly accelerate and do high speed turns. They move without moving. This would explain why these craft never make sonic booms. They do not displace any air that they go through, the air goes right back to where it was before. This may explain why these craft don't make a sound. Perhaps they do make a sound but that sound doesn't go past the filed that surrounds the craft. Micro meteorites wouldn't be a problem if these craft were in Space, especially if they were travelling at high speed, without moving. This field may explain why these craft are circular. If these craft aren't coming into contact with air then they don't need to be aerodynamic and in Space that wouldn't be of any use anyway. Maybe the circular design keeps the field even and they move by manipulating this field in the direction they want to go. This would explain the warping of the craft that is seen in some photographs and videos. 


Desmond Leslie, co author of the book Flying Saucers Have Landed with George Adamski made this remark about how flying saucers don't violently push the air out of they way, "But how—pray how—can these objects move through the air at speeds varying from a gentle
amble up to twenty-three times that of sound without causing some kind of commotion—a commotion which, by all the rules, should discomfort every eardrum within miles ? That is the distressing, perplexing thing about these saucers. They potter along from the speed of an old car, to rates many times greater than that of the Earth’s rotation without a murmur. Everyone who has heard jet aircraft in flight will know from painful experience that they shatter the placid air into a thousand screaming knife-edged fragments. The jet is a noisy
thing; a crude, a boisterous thing; a thing of sheer brute force; nothing more; brute force concentrated to the limit of physical endurance. And brute force, by its very brutality, is limited to the speed at which it can push things through the physical atmosphere. But saucers have been seen to travel silently beyond this limit —with what conclusion ? That the forces involved are not brutal; are not material in the physical sense; that they know no barriers, just as the radio wave knows no barriers but can penetrate air and solid wall with little loss of power." 

This is another statement from the same book, "Can you see, in imagination, a highly developed being in his space vehicle uttering the
correct vibration which will make the propelling forces obey and thrust him through the void towards our atmosphere ? And then on entering this, our ocean of air, whose nature he perfectly understands, utter a second vibration that will smooth out and completely neutralise all the jagged rending disharmony of a solid body being thrust through by sheer brute force ? But he is not using brute force. He understands air and all its hidden properties. As a result he respects it. He uses gentle harmonious forces that do not push and shove and heave and rend, but part it smoothly, with courtesy and scientific good manners. And when we have won a little more true knowledge we may be able to do likewise; at the moment we have only learned how to kick things out of the way."


The first photograph shows the dome on the top bending forward and in the second picture it is not bending, the dome is showing a warping of the craft.   

This picture was taken in Alaska in 1948 and the flying saucer's field can be seen. This picture was enhanced with AI Gigapixel. In the original picture the craft looked like a dot in the sky but when it is focused up on and enhanced, it does clearly show a shape to it. There is a darker area that goes around the edge of it and the upper part of the craft has more surface area than the lower part. There appears to be some kind of circle at the bottom of the craft as well. 


This is an early photograph taken by Billy Meier in India in 1964 and enhanced with AI Gigapixel. This clearly shows an electro magnetic field around the craft and it looks like it is surrounded by glass. In the enhanced picture, there appears to be something underneath this field. Maybe it's a glow or air is being affected by the craft in some way. Billy Meier is a controversial figure, but this photograph seems to be legitimate and matches the other photographs showing the same phenomenon. The flying saucers in his photographs look like later versions of the Vril series. The occupants of the flying saucers that George Adamski and Howard Menger photographed told them that they were from. It became clear later on that Venus is the worst terrestrial planet in the Solar System to have a civilisation. The occupants of the flying saucers that Billy Meier photographed told him that they were from the Pleiades. May as well push it way out.


Billy Meier made a statement where he said that these craft use a state of null time to travel through Space and that is definitely the right track. This is what was said on this website, "24. With his current technology he would never be able to reach cosmic space. In order to do so he would require a propulsion system capable of penetrating hyperspace and nullifying the immense distances. 25. Space and time are not conquered by space and time but by spacelessness and timelessness, which means that space and time collapse within themselves and become uni-directional null-time. 26. This would mean that just fractions of a second suffice for the passage through trillions of light years almost without any time loss, because null-time paralyzes space and time."  


What he is describing here is implosion rather than explosion which is what technology today is based on. In order to travel to other stars it would be necessary to go outside of the box beyond Space and time by cancelling them out and reducing the equation to zero. This is something that alternative researchers do not talk about.    


This picture is the Vril 1 Jager and it shows a man inside of it. It has been enhanced with AI Gigapixel and it has brought out some extra detail such as a line on the left of it, which is evidence of a field around the craft, a glow at the bottom of the craft and something that maybe a streak below that. Information about the Vril series can be found on this webpage.  


This famous photograph from Billy Meier was enhanced in a documentary and the green area at the bottom shows an electro magnetic field underneath the craft. It looks like a later Vril Odin type of craft. This website gives further information about this photograph.    


It's interesting to note that the first photograph of an alien spaceship appears to show a field around it. It was taken by an astronomer called Jose Bonilla in 1883 after he witnessed hundreds of other craft like it. It's not clear because it was taken such a long time ago, but there does appear to be something surrounding the craft and the Sun shining through it brings it out. 


This photograph is part of a series of photographs taken by Paul Trent in McMinville in 1950. It has a strange switch thing on the top of it and it is one of the most famous series of flying saucer photographs of all time. The reason this particular photograph is on here because when it is enhanced it shows a field surrounding it which is a piece of detail that nobody else seems to have noticed and it does gives these photographs more credibility. 

ufo ovni 3750x2546 wallpaper_www_knowled
ufo ovni 3750x2546 wallpaper_www_knowled
ufo ovni 3750x2546 wallpaper_www_knowled

This picture was found on this website, but it doesn't give exact information as to who photographed it and where. Still it clearly shows a field around the craft and it looks like the field maybe pointing to the top right. This could be a manipulation of that field.  

orbs spheres ufos aliens.jpg

This picture is from Denmark in 1975. The craft has a ring around it and it looks like it is separate from the craft. There's a glow that is outside of this ring. This picture shows both the electromagnetic filed surrounding the craft as well as the glow that is seen in so many of these craft.    

Denmark UFO.jpg

Everything in the Universe operates by Isaac Newton's third law of motion which states that every action has an equal and opposite reaction. This law applies to any machine that uses propulsion in order to move. If a machine is to move it has to separate action an reaction by converting energy from one form to another.


In order for movement to occur action and reaction have to be separated and they have to be kept separated if the movement is to keep occurring if there is an opposing force or if the movement is to increase. The more separation between action and reaction, the more violent it is and the more energy is needed to be converted. A very sudden separation between action and reaction is called an explosion and is a major factor in internal combustion engines, as well as rockets.

Desmond Leslie in Flying Saucers Have Landed expressed this same attitude of travel through harmony and not violence, "A vimana propelled by sound or by magnetic force would require no colossal exhaust velocity to carry it beyond the Earth’s attraction; in fact, as soon as it left the ground, it would have annihilated that attraction for ever. Sailing ships do not require huge guns to fire them across
the sea. They merely spread their canvas and sail. And flying saucers are only sailing ships of a different kind; fuel-less, silent and incredibly simple —once you know how to ‘sail'."

It is far easier to fall than it is to fly, unless the object is itself empty, then the opposite is true then it is fare easier to fly than it is to fall. An airplane imitates emptiness of the air that it is trying to be one with, but it does so through the violence of disequalibriums in its internal combustion engines and through the disequalibriums it creates when its wings move through the air. The aircraft being just as full as any Earthbound object will immediately join in with the Earthbound object when those disequalibriums stop functioning and it crashes onto the ground. A Flying Saucer doesn't imitate emptiness because it has become one with the emptiness and is no longer of the fullness order. Just like a boat works best if it's in a state of emptiness a Flying Saucer becomes that emptiness in the sea of space and time. The aircraft itself lumbers like a water filled boat with lots of holes and imperfections and has to expend great energy to keep itself afloat but it is still very much dragging and fighting against the environment that wants to drag it back down to where it belongs.

Here's the thing, everything that moves has to be made to move. A car would rather not be moving, a plane would rather not be flying and a rocket would rather stay on the ground. If the ground was taken away those machines would continue falling to the center of the Earth's gravity. Other examples include a fire would rather not burn, chemicals would rather not react and the Sun would rather not create Fusion to produce its light. This leads to what is called the ground state and it is explained in this video.   



The ground state is the underlying state of the Universe where there is no separation between action and reaction. The Hermetica has a very interesting statement about this subject, Corpus Hermeticum II "[6] But if place is intelligible, it is intelligible not as god but as place, and if it were intelligible as god, it would be regarded so not as place but as energy capable of containing. Yet everything moved is moved not in something moved but in something at rest. And the mover is also at rest, unable to be moved conjointly."


The statement that it is an "energy capable of containing" is very interesting because all matter is energy and the second statement, "Yet everything is moved not in something moved but in something at rest.", is clearly saying that this field that lies underneath the Universe has no movement. Think of a brain that is at rest with lots of thought moving around inside of it. The thoughts cannot exist without the greater brain. There is a barrier to the Universe, but it is not in the Universe itself, just like thoughts have to barrier, but they are contained within the confines of the brain. This rest is the foundation of the Universe and it contains the entire Universe. It holds the Universe together and the Universe emerged out of it. Is it possible to have a machine that could be in a state of rest in the Universe of movement? The page called the Concept of Rest shows the many passages in the Gnostic gospels, The Hermetica and the Bible that say that rest is the ideal state to be in and those books really emphasized that.


This statement from Corpus Hermeticum II has the same meaning "[8] Thus, all motion is moved in immobility and by immobility. And it happens that the motion of the cosmos and of every living thing made of matter is produced not by things outside the body but by those within it acting upon the outside, by intelligible entities, either soul or spirit or something else incorporeal. For body does not move ensouled body, nor does it move any body at all, not even the soulless."


The statement "all motion is moved in immobility and by immobility" is a perfect statement on how movement is an illusion and on how Mankind can travel to the stars.   


Think about it, in meditation people are told to be grounded, centered and still. Does that make sense now? Meditation is about trying to get in touch with the underlying state of the Universe.


There's an ancient Chinese philosophical book called the Tao Te Ching which talks about this subject and as explained on the paged called Going Against The Flow, it is important to never resist anything, but rather just don't be in it. All systems whether they are biological or machine resist, go against and overcome natural forces in order to move. To do that requires the separation of action and reaction by the conversion of energy and this creates tension as long as action and reaction are separated. The separation of polar opposites is disharmony and the polar opposites want to go back to a state of harmony where they are unified with each other. This harmony is the Tao and the ground state. In this state there is no tension, there is no resisting anything, there is no going against anything and there is no overcoming anything, there just is. Paranormal researchers use the term anti gravity a lot but that is not a good term to use because these craft do not resist, go against and overcome any natural forces that standard machines have to deal with in order to achieve movement. The term anti gravity is a very oppositional term and there is nothing oppositional about these craft. If anything's anti it is the standard machines that exist now because they operate on the principle of disharmony and they are about opposing natural forces.

The aim of spiritual practice in the Taoist religion is to achieve a state that they call Wu Wei. This is a description of that concept from Wikipedia, "Wu may be translated as not have or without; Wei may be translated as do, act, serve as, govern or effort. The literal meaning of wu wei is "without action", "without effort", or "without control", and is often included in the paradox wei wu wei: "action without action" or "effortless doing". The practice of wu wei and the efficacy of wei wu wei are fundamental tenets in Chinese thought and have been mostly emphasized by the Taoist school. One cannot actively pursue wu wei. It manifests as a result of cultivation. The Tao is a guide.


There is another less commonly referenced sense of wu wei; "action that does not involve struggle or excessive effort". In this instance, wu means "without" and Wei means "effort". The concept of "effortless action" is a part of Taoist Internal martial arts such as T'ai chi ch'uan, Baguazhang and Xing Yi. It follows that wu wei complies with the distinguishing feature of Taoism, that of being natural.


In Zen Calligraphy, wu wei has been represented as an ensō (circle); in China, the calligraphic inscriptions of the words wu wei themselves resonate with old Taoist stories.


Several chapters of the most important Taoist text, the Tao Te Ching, attributed to Laozi, allude to "diminishing doing" or "diminishing will" as the key aspect of the sage's success. Taoist philosophy recognizes that the Universe already works harmoniously according to its own ways; as a person exerts their will against or upon the world they disrupt the harmony that already exists. This is not to say that a person should not exert agency and will. Rather, it is how one acts in relation to the natural processes already existent. The how, the Tao of intention and motivation, that is key."


Wu Wei is a perfect description of how Flying Saucers work. In the Gnostic gospels and the Hermetica, Wu Wei is called rest. The rest is the underlying field in which everything moves.   


Aleister Crowley was a supporter of the Tao Te Ching philosophy and he wrote his own book about it called the Tao Teh King and he made some interest quotes that are worth mentioning. This is from the chapter called The Infinite Womb, "The sole source of energy is the Tao. Who may declare its nature? It is beyond Sense, yet all form is hidden within it. It is beyond Sense, yet all Perceptibles are hidden within it. It is beyond Sense, yet all Perceptibles are hidden within it. It is beyond Sense, yet all Being is hidden within it. This Being excites Perception, and the Word thereof. As it was in the beginning, is now, and ever shall be, its Name((The. Zero contains all possibilities, for it may be written 0= X (-X), where X is anything soever and -X its opposite. However complex X may be, it is always to be cancelled by its -X. Thus the universe is always potentially anything and everything, yet actually Nothing.)) operateth continuously, causing all to flow in the cycle of Change, which is Love and Beauty. How do I know this? By my comprehension of the Tao".  

What he's saying is that the Universe is made up of polar opposites and all the polar opposites will cancel out and this cancelled out state is the Tao and the ground state. There's a passage in the Gnostic gospels that is related, The Gospel of Phillip, "Light and darkness, life and death, right and left, are brothers of one another. They are inseparable. Because of this neither are the good good, nor the evil evil, nor is life life, nor death death. For this reason each one will dissolve into its earliest origin. But those who are exalted above the world are indissoluble, eternal". The earliest origin is the underlying state of the Universe that is the foundation of everything and this is where all the polar opposites will cancel out to.

In the page called Squaring the Circle, this picture was shown. This picture is very popular in Alchemy. It consists of three geometric shapes.



The smaller circle represents the spirit, the square represents the material world, the triangle represents body, mind and spirit and the larger circle is God, a much larger spirit that contains everything as The Hermetica says. Think of someone who is very good with meditating or a Flying Saucer, they center themselves and by doing that they experience the totality of the larger circle.


A major problem with flying saucer research is their obsession with gravity and fighting against it. The biggest problem with anti gravity is that it doesn't solve the problem of g forces, but moving without moving does. It eliminates the problem of g forces altogether. This is something that flying saucer researchers don't discuss. But what is gravity? It has to do with the underlying field of the Universe holding the Universe together. Aleister Crowley described the cause of gravity in Tao Teh King, in the Omitting Utility chapter, "All things arose from the Teh, and the Teh budded from the Tao.((The law of the Tao is constant compensation; its method is always to redress the balance, and reduce the equation to zero. In its action it resembles the form of Energy which we call gravitation very closely. It is an inertia always tending to minimize stress.))" Gravity is caused by the polar opposites of this world being attracted to the field that lies underneath where the polar opposites are unified. If a machine was making use of this underlying field then there is no anti gravity, but no gravity, because there is no tension between the polar opposites. The machines that exist today are about separating the polar opposites violently and they are about creating tension. These machines are not harmonious and go against the natural order, called the Tao. All over the world there are countless billions of explosions happening inside machines to cause propulsion to occur and this really disrupts the underlying field of the Universe. This is a major reason why there is so much tension in the world today.

Aleister Crowley's quote is similar to a quote from the Gospel of Philip in the Nag Hammadi Library, "Light and Darkness, life and death, right and left, are brothers of one another. They are inseparable. Because of this neither are the good good, nor evil evil, nor is life life, nor death death. For this reason each one will dissolve into its earliest origin. But those who are exalted above the world are indissoluble, eternal." The occultists and the mystics have very similar teachings and this is ancient knowledge that has been lost to most people today.

On the subject of balance there's an interesting part in George Adamski's book, Inside the Space Ships, where he sees what appears to be a deity on the wall of the flying saucer he is in, "On the wall exactly opposite the door through which we had entered hung a portrait which I was certain must represent Deity. The emotion which the beauty of the two young women had aroused in me was momentarily forgotten as the wonderful radiance emanating from the portrait enveloped me. It showed the head and shoulders of a Being who could have been eighteen to twenty-five years of age, in whose face was embodied the perfect blended balance of male and female, and whose eyes held a wisdom and compassion beyond description. I do not know how long I was enrapt by this beauty. There was no interruption until I myself returned to an awareness of my surroundings. I did not need to ask who this Being was. Kalna broke the silence by saying, “That is our symbol of Ageless Life." In the page called A Real Creation Theory, it was explained that the Gnostics believed that Man before The Fall was not polarised between male and female. These two passages are from the Gospel of Philip, "When Eve was still in Adam death did not exist. When she was separated from him death came into being. If he enters again and attains his former self, death will be no more." "If the woman had not separated from the man, she should not die with the man. His separation became the beginning of death. Because of this Christ came to repair the separation which was from the beginning and again unite the two, and to give life to those who died as a result of the separation and unite them." It's unclear if George Adamski understood what he was seeing. Androgyny is a significant concept within the occult. The term Ageless Life means that life is above age or time. The Hermetica also describes God as being androgynous and it also connects this state with life in chapter 1, "The mind who is god, being androgyne and existing as life and light, by speaking gave birth to a second mind, a craftsman, who, as god of fire and spirit, crafted seven governors; they encompass the sensible world in circles, and their government is called fate."  

There is one place in the center of the Earth where there is no gravity and that is in the center of the Earth's gravity. If someone was in the center of the Earth's gravity he would just float because the downward force of gravity of the Earth converges and cancels itself out. This is in effect a singularity. It's not so much the Earth that orbits the Sun, but the Earth's center of gravity that orbits the Sun's center of gravity. The Earth and the Sun are locked into those center of gravities. The same is true with everything else in the Universe. The center of the Earth's gravity is what drives the Earth to spin on its axis and the center of the Sun's gravity is what drives the Earth's orbit around the Sun. But the center of the Earth's and Sun's gravity are in a state of rest. The same goes for the center of the galaxy and if there's a center of the Universe, that would be in a state of rest as well. Atoms themselves are like Solar systems and the centers of them are in a state of rest. Looking at it that way the statement from The Hermetica, "Yet everything moved is moved not in something moved but in something at rest." becomes clear. A flying saucer is locked into its singularity and follows that singularity wherever it moves, just like the outside of a wheel follows the axis. That is probably the principle of how flying saucers move. 


Howard Menger made the same kind of comment, "Your body is made up of an infinite number of little solar systems, just like your own solar system, each having its own field or gravitic force around it, with particles revolving in their respective orbits, as the planets do. All of these components—and that's a better term than 'particle'—are held in their orbits by this gravictic force, in a relationship of almost perfect equilibrium." The perfect equilibrium could be seen as harmony. 


The Earth's rotation around its axis is over 1600 kilometers per hour and its orbit around the Sun is 108 000 kilometers per hour, but nobody notices the speed because their perception of how fast they are moving is relative to objects that are in close proximity to them, rather than objects on a large scale. This could be seen as movement without moving. Relative to a room someone is sitting still, but relative to something on a much larger scale, they are moving faster than the fastest jet ever invented. It's not so much the planet that orbits around the Sun, but the planet's center of gravity that orbits around the Sun and the planet is locked into that center of gravity. So in a way it is not the Earth and everyone on it that is moving, but the Earth's center of gravity that is moving for everyone. A flying saucer may look like it's moving and turning fast relative to someone on the ground, but it is staying perfectly still relative to the singularity at the center of it. The flying saucer is locked into that singularity and moves where the singularity moves. Those three domes on the bottom of flying saucers probably have something to do with steering by moving that singularity in the center of the flying saucer off center and then the craft moves back into it or is taken along with it. The flying saucer is an imitation of all the cycles of nature, as Howard Menger put it, except it is one that is controlled by Man. That is what makes flying saucers different from other craft that move by violence. Flying saucers are about harmony, whereas internal combustion engines, jets and rockets don't imitate nature but go to war against it.  

Howard Menger described what movement is on page 133 of "From Outer Space to You" with this statement, "the universe which is kept in motion because of its off-balance seeking an equilibrium (if it ever did reach an equilibrium naturally all motion would cease.)" The flying saucer has managed to achieve that equilibrium and has caused that motion to cease, thereby moving at speeds far better than craft that move. The equilibrium, where time, speed and distance go to zero, is the axis of the Universe that they tap into.

Aleister Crowley drew some suspicious self portraits that many conspiracy theorists misinterpret to mean that he was in contact with some higher entity. As this website explains, this is how Aleister Crowley saw himself existing on a higher level. He called the portrait on the right Lam with means The Way and this name matches his Way of the Tao philosophy. It was drawn in 1918 which was a long time before the whole grey alien obsession emerged. This is what he said in a note underneath the drawing, "Lam is the Tibetan word for Way or Path, and Lama is He who Goeth, the specific title of the Gods of Egypt, the Treader of the Path, in Buddhistic phraseology."  

Time is based on orbits of the Earth around the Sun and around its axis, it's not a thing in itself. Time exists on the circle of the clock and not in the center of the clock. The center of the clock is what drives time itself, but is not subjected to time. A common report of encounters with flying saucers is lost time. These craft don't operate in time and this would be the best explanation of that phenomena. In meditation time seems to operate differently than in normal consciousness and when people get older, time seems to speed up so that years go by very quickly compared to childhood. 


There is only the present and the Book of Genesis makes the saying, "Before the world was, I am", which is clearly saying that there is no before or after in the higher reality, only the here and now. People ask what was there before the Big Bang, the answer to that question is that there was no before the Big Bang because before and after didn't come into existence until time and space expanded. Speed or movement may seem like a real thing but that is also an illusion like time is and this has been explained on this page and on the page called The Concept of Rest. If time and speed are illusions then that can only mean that distance is an illusion and that is a very controversial thing to say. 

On page 114 of "From Outer Space to You", Howard Menger made this observation about how time was being affected on these craft, "Again I reflect that time seemed to stand still, and yet there was constant activity on board the craft. I am still perplexed, and confess that the matter of time is still too complicated a subject for my becoming intellectually involved."


Most people would have trouble imagining how the entire Universe can fit into the tiny singularity that caused the Big Bang, but this can be understood if distance doesn't exist. There is no point in Space where the Universe emerged from, it emerged from everywhere which means that everywhere in the Universe is the Universe's point of origin. If everywhere is the origin then it is only an illusion that the Universe has expanded. Think of a balloon that has expanded, it hasn't gained any extra balloon, it has only been stretched. Its increased size is only an illusion and it isn't any different from its origin. 


There's a cryptic passage in the Corpus Hermeticum that says, "Consider this for yourself: command your soul to travel to India, and it will be there faster than your command. Command it to cross over to the ocean, and again it will quickly be there, not as having passed from place to place but simply as being there." If distance doesn't exist then there is no travel, there is only being there as the Corpus Hermeticum says. If this is true then wormholes could be a reality. They would allow distance to simply disappear so that someone is already at their destination, because there is no distance to travel. The tension that makes the balloon want to go back to its original shaped can be compared to gravity. 


The thing that expanded the Universe, like the air that expands the balloon, is polarization. The more mass there is, the more polarized matter there is and the more gravity there is. Reduce the polarization and reduce the gravity, but at the same time time, speed and distance are reduced as well. A Black Hole has an enormous amount of matter compressed into an extremely small area and this creates a Singularity. As Aleister Crowley stated gravity is a tension that wants to reduce the equation to zero. A Flying Saucer reduces time, speed and distance to zero and that is a way of understanding movement without moving.

In the book called "From Outer Space to You", there is a statement from Ashtar saying this, "our ventlas do not spin. The emanation of spiral radiation from our ships give the illusion of spinning. The upper or positive polarity of the ventla radiates emanations outwardly from the center due to the collection and concentration of light particles through a vortice funnel in the center unseen. These light emanations radiating outward appear such as grooves on one of your phonograph records. The lower negative polarity operates in reverse. This light substance emanation is contained within a field of zero circumference, which is void, giving the impression of an egg." This passage is describing the principle on which this craft operates and the very center of the craft, where the power is coming from has zero distance in it, which could mean it's a singularity. This passage would also explain why crop circles are in a swirling pattern.

The video shows what looks like the energy field of one of these craft swirling around, which is an example of the phenomenon that Ashtar was talking about. It looks like the craft is pulsating and if it was on the ground, on grass, it would have an effect on it. The craft taking off is a prime example of effortless action in action. 

Imagine a wheel that spins with one object at the outer edge, one near the center and one in the center, the object on the outer edge and the one near the center will make a revolution at the same time, but the object on the outer edge will experience more g forces than the object near the center. The object in the center of the wheel will not experience any g forces because it has already made a revolution before the wheel has even started turning. Time, speed and distance for the object in the middle of the wheel are at zero and in that sense it is moving without moving. The axis of the wheel is the rest or immobility that moves the wheel. The part of the wheel that is outside of the center doesn't really move because it always ends up at square one. The axis, which is stationary, is the thing that really moves. Looking at this this way the statement in The Hermetica, "it will quickly be there, not as having passed from place to place but simply as being there", makes a lot more sense. If the object on the outside edge of the wheel separated itself from the wheel and became one with the axis then it wouldn't experience g forces anymore.


It's the same thing with a cyclone. The eye in the center of it is calm while the wind surrounding it is fierce. The centrifuge rides at shows have a man in the center of the ride controlling it while everyone on the outside is pinned to the walls, but the controller isn't affected at all. The All Seeing Eye is in a state of calm as well while the movements and tempests of the world revolve around it. There is travelling on the road and there is travelling on the Hamster wheel, that is the difference between the Way of the Tao and the Way of the World.  


The dot in the circle is an important occult symbol and that is what it means, being at rest, being centered and turning inward, that is the only true way of being. It represents the Sun being in the center of the Solar System. It is stationary while everything else revolves around it. There is no going outside the Universe, but there is inside in order to truly travel. That is the purpose of meditation.













In the SS headquarters at Wewelsburg castle was this symbol called the Black Sun. This is probably for ceremonies of the highest level members of the SS and it would've been very mystical in nature. The diagrams of this symbol leave out the dot that is in the center of the Black Sun and people miss the meaning of it as a result. It is important to look at the original version of it. The Black Sun is a dot in the circle and the dot is in a state of rest while everything revolved around it. The 12 SS Siegel Runes revolve around the dot like a wheel. Henrich Himmler was deeply into the occult and the SS were the one running the Flying Saucer program of Nazi Germany. The Vril and Haunebu programs were the most well known. This website covers this subject in a lot of detail. The dot in the circle would be what the electro magnetic field around the craft would look like in a cut section looking down, with the dot being a singularity where the two become one and cancel out to become a state of rest.     






Desmond Leslie said this in Flying Saucers Have Landed which speaks perfectly of the dot in the circle, "The secrets of the Cosmos can be gained only by reaching for its heart, not by examining small fragments of its outermost skin under powerful microscopes which,
allegorically speaking, is all that happens in our laboratories." Flying Saucer science is a science of the dot, rather than the circle. It implodes time and space into a singularity and this is where the ultimate science will lie. Science itself is on a hamster wheel, much like the conspiracy theorists and real progress will be in getting to the heart as Desmond Leslie put it. Science has been stuck in low Earth orbit since the end of the Apollo missions, is still using rockets from the early days of the Space program and planes and cars still operate on the same principles as they did when they were invented a long time ago. 

The page called The Axis of the Universe has more information about the center of the Universe that exists everywhere in the Universe and which meditators and flying saucers tap into. 

Howard Menger mentioned in his book "From Outer Space To You" that his contactee told him this, "But how do you come here?" "In a ship. A ship unlike anything you have ever dreamed of. The force will be difficult and probably impossible for you to understand. It is an electromagnetic force, not unlike the force which holds planets, suns, and even entire galaxies in their orbits. This force is a natural law, which has been given to us by our Infinite Creator to be used for good purposes." That sounds like the Black Sun, which is the underlying field of the Universe that these craft tap into. 

This scene in an episode of Space 1999 called the Black Sun gets very mystical and it says that the Universe is a brain, so that can only mean that the consciousness is a singularity. Just like the brain is moved by the soul, the Universe is moved by the singularity. Sometimes entertainment can explain philosophical concepts really well.

There's a passage in the Gospel of Thomas that states very clearly how this form of movement is achieved, "Jesus said, "When you make the two one, you will become the sons of man, and when you say, 'Mountain, move away,' it will move away." It may seem like a strange statement now but if flying saucer technology becomes available it would make sense. A Tao Drive would be needed to make the two one, which will cancel out the polar opposites and become one with the underlying field of the Universe. At this level gravity would not be a thing, because gravity is caused by the tension between the polar opposites wanting to come together. This device would not oppose, go against or overcome anything, like standard machines do. It would be in a complete state of harmony that doesn't operate on the principle of controlled explosions, which creates a state of disharmony. The technology of the gods cannot be noise and violence, but peace and harmony.


This idea of movement without moving and warping Space and time to travel is supported by theoretical science and it is how the Space ships in Star Trek work. What theoretical science doesn't understand is that this idea has existed since the ancient world. Alternative researchers will keep pushing the idea of anti Gravity and never accomplishing anything, while ignoring this much better idea.    




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