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Super Mario Bros

The Super Mario Bros. movie was a flop, but it is full of some very important messages that most people have missed. This movie is essentially about the reptilian run world and by reptilian I'm talking about the Reptilian brain. The reptilian world is accessed from the sewers or the underground. This may represent the underworld. The Reptilian brain is the underworld of human consciousness. The reptilian world and the human world look very similar, except the reptilian world is mostly barren and the city on it is dirty and full of crime. The bad guy in the film, called King Koopa, wants to take over the human world and its resources. He plans on doing that by turning the humans into animals and that is something that I've been dealing with for a long time in the Reptilian brain section of this website. The elites like to take people to their lowest common denominators as much as possible by constantly promoting fear, polarization, materialism etc. The elites are trying to turn everyone into animals in a mental way and that is what this movie is portraying. Mario and Luigi have to stop the reptilian merging with the human world and to keep it suppressed, this movie is about keeping down the Reptilian brain and stopping the base level of its nature emerging with normal consciousness.


































King Koopa creates soldiers by deevolving people into bipedal reptilians, called Goombas, with big bodies, but small brains and by small brains, I mean the Reptilian brain. King Koopa emphasizes the brain when he talks about deevolving people into reptilians. The image that King Koopa is showing is the very base level of the brain, which deals with the base instincts that people have. People who see these deevolved reptilians, with large bodies and small brains, don't realize that that's what the establisment likes to turn people into. Have you seen a police officer with big muscles and a bad attitude beating someone up on the news lately? That's what these Goombas represent.




















Aside from the theme of the Reptilian brain, this movie also appears to have predicted the 911 attacks. The reptilian world has twin towers in it and it just happens to be the base of operations for King Koopa and these towers are also damaged. The tower with the radio mast on it has a mark on it and this mark is where the first plane hit on 911. 








































When the reptilians come into the human world, the World Trade Towers, in the human world, start becoming damaged like they are in the reptilian world.  




















Luigi wears a tshirt that has a Yin and Yang symbol on it and this is not an accident. This may represent that the humans are balanced and they are not from the barren underworld that the reptilians are. People who are balanced aren't operating from their Reptilian brain, but they are operating from a higher state of consciousness.   























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