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The Universe is the One Verse.

Most people never really consider why the Universe is called what it is. But it could be that this name could actually live up to its meaning after all. This is something the ancients knew, as will be explained and science is backing that up as well.

Nikola Tesla once said that "If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration." Everything in the Universe is a vibration as this video mentions and as explained on the section called The Infinite Spirals of Nature and the One Center They All Orbit section of this page. Everything from the atom up to the galaxy and whatever the Great Attractor is to time and space itself a vibration. A vibration, cycle, or more properly oscillation, is a spiral that has been flattened out so there are up and down movements revolving around an invisible center, which is the Singularity that is the cancellation of space and time. An oscillation is really just a flat line that has been warped and the flat line itself is a point or center that is moving. Think of the oscillation as being the cycles of time and the flat line as been the movement of space. The constant is the combination, or balance, between time and space. The whole oscillation, from the atom all the way up to the entirety of the Universe, is really just a point that is moving through space and warping to create the cycles of time. Gravity is a by product of the warped line wanting to become flat and the flat line wanting to become a point again. When thought of this way the point is really the only thing that exists and that is how the center of anything is the center of everything and this is how God is the infinite sphere whose center is everywhere and whose circumference is nowhere. The center that is the Pleroma, meaning the totality, is the point and the Universe is the empty point.

Everything is energy and frequency and anything else is divinity. The divinity being the cancellation of both sides of that frequency to produce nothingness. The two become one and the one become none.


If the Universe is really just one point expressing itself in infinite ways then imagine a frequency that is made up of smaller frequencies which are made up of smaller frequencies still until the smallest levels are reached. Imagine the frequency of the galaxies, the frequencies of their star systems, the frequencies of their planet's orbits, the frequencies of their satellites, the day and night frequencies, the frequencies that are in the Human body, the frequencies of the atoms etc. The biggest frequency of them all is the thing that is called the Big Bang, but these frequencies are all just one frequency and this is why it is called the Universe or one verse. 

As this video mentions all matter and energy are excitations in quantum fields, with the quantum field being zero, or nothingness, which is where speed, distance and time come to rest. Physicists imagine these quantum fields as being boxed grids, but is the One Electron Universe theory is true, then the quantum field could really just being some God Particle being omnipresent, meaning everywhere, at once and expressing itself in many different vibrations producing the particles of the Universe. When looked at closely these particles do look like waves, because they are vibrations. It's only when looked at from afar that they look like particles and when particles are looked at from afar they look like the Universe and everything that makes it up. But all those infinite vibrations are really just that one zero that becomes all the vibrational numbers. 


Page 225 of The Tao of Physics says it this way at the start of The Cosmic Dance chapter, "The particle interactions give rise to the stable structures which build up the material world, which again do not remain static, but oscillate in rhythmic movements. The whole universe is thus engaged in endless motion and activity; in a continual cosmic dance of energy."    

In Alchemy the Prima Materia, or the First Matter, is central to the whole process of transmutation. It may seem like superstition but Physicists themselves say that the entire Universe emerged out of nothing Ex Nihilo. What else would the Prima Materia be except the Singularity of everything that is really nothing. To transmute matter, or anything else such as the soul, it first has to be broken down into its primordial nature, purified and rebuilt. These are some definitions of the Prima Materia from Wikipedia, "the ubiquitous starting material required for the alchemical magnum opus and the creation of the philosopher's stone. It is the primitive formless base of all matter similar to chaos, the quintessence or aether." Mary Anne Atwood had this to say about it, "That there abides in nature a certain pure matter, which, being discovered and brought by art to perfection, converts to itself proportionally all imperfect bodies that it touches." Lastly this quote from Theatrum Chemicum describes its properties really well, "They have compared the "prima materia" to everything, to male and female, to the hermaphroditic monster, to heaven and earth, to body and spirit, chaos, microcosm, and the confused mass; it contains in itself all colors and potentially all metals; there is nothing more wonderful in the world, for it begets itself, conceives itself, and gives birth to itself." The Big Bang itself, whatever it was and whatever its purpose was, can be seen as the ultimate Prima Materia, but that Prima Materia still lies underneath the entire Universe because the potential for emptiness that the Singularity that a Black Hole is is underneath all space and time, like how the low pressure of a cyclone lies underneath the Earth's atmosphere. 

The Prima Materia is based on the Aristotle concept of Monism which is described on this Wikipedia article. There are various kinds of Monism but basically it says that everything is all derived from the one thing and breaking down anything into that one thing can become a new thing. This is the basic principle of Alchemy. This quote from The Secrets of Alchemy, by Lawrence Principe, page 26, sums up the principle of breaking anything down into the No Thing of the Prima Materia to build it back up into anything, usually a better thing, "one the all (hen to pan)—directs us again toward ancient Greek philosophical notions about a single material that serves as the underlying substrate for all substances. Clearly, this principle undergirds the idea of alchemical transmutation: one thing can be turned into another because at the deepest level they are really the same thing. Thus, as things appear to pass away and new things come to be, there is a sense in which they remain always the same: one thing is all things, all things are one thing. Thus, the serpent ouroboros, like the sum total of material substances, continuously consumes itself and produces itself from itself, remaining constant even while perpetually destroying and regenerating itself." The statement from that quote "one thing is all things, all things are one thing" hearkens back to that principle that the center of anything is the center of anything and that the Prima Materia is the Point, while the Universe is the Empty Point. Sri Aurobindo made a similar statement when he said, "Nothing to the supramental sense is really finite; it is founded on a feeling of all in each and of each in all. A Black Hole is said to have infinite density and God is omnipresent and that is how a Singularity is a physical manifestation of the oneness of the allness. Time is what gives the illusion of separation to the oneness that makes it the allness. A Universe can be formed from this one thing into everything, but saying Lead can be turned into Gold is ludicrous to officialdom.


There is a saying in engineering that can be applied to anything else which is Keep It Simple Stupid. This is how it's described on Wikipedia, "KISS, an acronym for keep it simple stupid, is a design principle noted by the U.S. Navy in 1960. The KISS principle states that most systems work best if they are kept simple rather than made complicated; therefore, simplicity should be a key goal in design, and unnecessary complexity should be avoided." That is the purpose of the Black Phase of Alchemy, which is designed to break down the matter into the Prima Materia. It makes all of the complexity into the most simple thing that is the No Thing. This goes back to what Aleister Crowley said in Tao Teh King, "Zero contains all possibilities, for it may be written 0= X (-X), where X is anything soever and -X its opposite. However complex X may be, it is always to be cancelled by its -X." The zero is keeping it all at maximum simplicity. The Universe isn't as big and complex as it appears if One thinks and creates from the None.    

This is a picture of the Rebis which is the final product of the Great Work in Alchemy. It is explained in more detail on this page. The round thing on the arm is a mirror which is the Prima Materia which is the beginning of the three phases of Alchemy. The three circles surrounding the mirror are the Black Phase of breakdown, the White Phase of purification and the Red Phase of rebuilding. The mirror of the Prima Materia is reflecting the landscape that is the world the Rebis is in. The mirror of the Prima Materia contains all of the world in it as it is the Singularity of it all. Think of that mirror as being the point and the world it is reflecting as being the empty point. It is the none that contains the all. It is also like the unexpanded balloon from before. Only the higher level being, containing all the contradictions of nature, holds the Prima Materia as well as the Philosopher's Stone. As was mentioned before the Singularity of a Black Hole reflects the entire Universe and that is also what's been shown with the Prima Materia mirror in this picture.




















The Eastern religions also have their own concept of Monism where Oneness underlies the Allness of the Universe. This is what Fritjof Capra, in The Tao of Physics, on page 128, has to say about this, "The most important characteristic of the Eastern world view-one could almost say the essence of it-is the awareness of the unity and mutual interrelation of all things and events, the experience of all phenomena in the world as manifestations of a basic oneness. All things are seen as interdependent and inseparable parts of this cosmic whole; as different manifestations of the same ultimate reality. The Eastern traditions constantly refer to this ultimate, indivisible reality which manifests itself in all things, and of which all things are parts. It is called Brahman in Hinduism, Dharmakaya in Buddhism, Tao in Taoism. Because it transcends all concepts and categories, Buddhists also call it Tathata, or Suchness: What is meant by the soul as suchness, is the oneness of the totality of all things, the great all-including whole.'" The Oneness, no matter what name it takes in various religions of the world, can be referred to simply as the Singularity in the modern scientific sense. 

The Physicist called Werner Heinsenberg talked about all reality as being a complicated web of interrelated events, rather than being separate things, which ties in quite nicely with the subject of Monism, "In modern physics, one has now separated the world not into different groups of objects but into different groups of connections . . . What can be distinguished is the kind of connection which is primarily important in a certain phenomenon . . . The world thus appears as a complicated tissue of events, in which connections of different kinds alternate or overlap or combine and thereby determine the texture of the whole." Yes, reality and everything it contains, must be treated as a whole and not as countless separate things called particles that make up the Universe. This statement from The Tao of Physics, page 295, ties in with this subject of interconnection of particles yet again, "The picture of hadrons which emerges from these bootstrap models is often summed up in the provocative phrase, ‘every particle consists of all other particles’. It must not be imagined, however, that each hadron contains all the others in a classical, static sense. Rather than ‘containing’ one another, hadrons ‘involve’ one another in the dynamic and probabilistic sense of S-matrix theory, each hadron being a potential ‘bound state’ of all sets of particles which may interact with one another to form the hadron under consideration."


William Blake put the idea of a particle containing all the others quite poetically, "To see a world in a grain of sand And a heaven in a wild flower, Hold infinity in the palm of your hand, And eternity in an hour." Also in Mahayana Buddhism, "When the one is set against all the others, the one is seen as pervading them all and at the same time embracing them all in itself." Finally Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz makes this quote that is very similar, "Each portion of matter may be conceived of as a garden full of plants, and as a pond full of fishes. But each branch of the plant, each member of the animal, each drop of its humors, is also such a garden or such a pond." 

Another good quote from The Tao of Physics, page 172, has this to say, "Throughout Eastern mysticism, there seems to be a strong Physics intuition for the ‘space-time’ character of reality. The fact that space and time are inseparably linked, which is so characteristic of relativistic physics, is stressed again and again. This intuitive notion of space and time has, perhaps, found its clearest expression and its most far-reaching elaboration in Buddhism, and in particular in the Avatamsaka school of Mahayana Buddhism. The Avatamsaka Sutra, on which this school is based, gives a vivid description of how the world is experienced in the state of enlightenment. The awareness of an ‘interpenetration of space and time’-a perfect expression to describe spacetime-is repeatedly emphasized in the sutra and is seen as an essential characteristic of the enlightened state of mind. In the words of D. T. Suzuki, The significance of the Avatamsaka and its philosophy is unintelligible unless we once experience . . . a state of complete dissolution where there is no more distinction between mind and body, subject and object . . . We look around and perceive that . . . every object is related to every other object . . . not only spatially, but temporally. . . . As a fact of pure experience, there is no space without time, no time without space; they are interpenetrating." 

The Tao of Physics, page 296, mentions the similarity between the Hadron Bootstrap theory in modern physics with a statement in the Avatamsaka Sutra of Buddhism, "In the hadron bootstrap, all particles are dynamically composed of one another in a self-consistent way, and in that sense can be said to ‘contain’ one another. In Mahayana Buddhism, a very similar notion is applied to the whole universe. This cosmic network of interpenetrating things and events is illustrated in the Avatamsaka Sutra by the metaphor of Indra’s net, a vast network of precious gems hanging over the palace of the god Indra. In the words of Sir Charles Eliot: In the heaven of Indra, there is said to be a network of pearls, so arranged that if you look at one you see all the others reflected in it. In the same way each object in the world is not merely itself but involves every other object and in fact is everything else. ‘In every particle of dust, there are present Buddhas without number.‘18 The similarity of this image with that of the hadron bootstrap is indeed striking. The metaphor of Indra’s net may justly be called the first bootstrap model, created by the Eastern sages some 2,500 years before the beginning of particle physics." 

This statement from Ashvaghosha expresses the same attitude, "all forms of material existence, whether gross or fine, are nothing but the shadow of particularisation and we cannot ascribe any degree of (absolute or independent) reality to them." That "shadow of particularisation" is an interesting way of describing reality because that is how Plato described reality in his Allegory of the Cave, where the prisoners in that cave could only see the shadows of objects from another reality. Same thing with a movie reel, the images on it are merely projections of the real world and the particularisation that Ashvaghosha describes are like those frames of the movie reel, where each frame is like a slice of space and time and not the whole thing. 

Speaking of movie reels each frame maybe slightly different to neighboring frames and very different to frames much farther away from it, but all frames are part of the one movie reel and are really just small slices of the total time that makes up the movie reel. In that sense a galaxy that is on the other side of the Universe and is so far away that no new light from it will ever reach this planet, because it is effectively moving away faster than the speed of light, is really one with this galaxy and everything in it, just like two frames on opposite ends of the movie reel. This oneness maybe behind the phenomenon of Quantum Entanglement, or what Albert Einstein called "spooky action at a distance".   


A good piece of evidence that there is an underlying principle of the Universe was mentioned on the Movement Without Moving page and is worth repeating here. 


The Tao of Physics, page 209, mentions something very interesting, which is that movement only has meaning if an object is moving relative to other objects in the Universe. If an object exists in its own reality without any stars, planets, or anything else that makes up the Universe, that object would not move at all. This object would exist in a void, but someone who was inside that object would still be able to move relative to the object itself, "According to the physicist and philosopher Ernst Mach, the inertia of a material object-the object’s resistance against being accelerated-is not an intrinsic property of matter, but a measure of its interaction with all the rest of the universe. In Mach’s view, matter only has inertia because there is other matter in the universe. When a body rotates, its inertia produces centrifugal forces (used, for example, in a spin-drier to extract water from wet laundry), but these forces appear only because the body rotates ‘relative to the fixed stars’, as Mach has put it. If those fixed stars were suddenly to disappear, the inertia and the centrifugal forces of the rotating body would disappear with them." 


This happens, as Frijof Capra says, because everything in a time and space is really one and the same object, or better still comes from the same object, like the Prima Materia of Alchemy, "Thus modern physics shows us once again-and this time at the macroscopic level-that material objects are not distinct entities, but are inseparably linked to their environment; that their properties can only be understood in terms of their interaction with the rest of the world. According to Mach’s principle, this interaction reaches out to the universe at large, to the distant stars and galaxies. The basic unity of the cosmos manifests itself, therefore, not only in the world of the very small but also in the world of the very large; a fact which is increasingly acknowledged in modern astrophysics and cosmology. In the words of the astronomer Fred Hoyle, Present-day developments in cosmology are coming to suggest rather insistently that everyday conditions could not persist but for the distant parts of the Universe, that all our ideas of space and geometry would become entirely invalid if the distant parts of the Universe were taken away. Our everyday experience even down to the smallest The details seems to be so closely integrated to the grand-scale Tao of features of the Universe that it is well-nigh impossible to Physics contemplate the two being separated."

This statement from The Hermetica says the same thing that Fritjof Capra just said, "He is his own steadfast stability, and no external impulse can move him from his place since everything is in him and he alone in everything - unless one ventures to say that his motion is in eternity. But eternity, toward which all the stirring of the time recedes and from which all the stirring of time taken its rise, is itself immobile." 

There's a Buddhist saying that "the only thing that doesn't change is change." That "only thing that doesn't change" is that underlying principle of the Universe that exists in everything and which makes everything up. It is the Changeless Change if it can be put like that. 

The hardest piece of evidence that everything is from the one thing, which is the No Thing, was mentioned on page 222 of The Tao of Physics, "Here then, is the closest parallel to the Void of Eastern mysticism in modern physics. Like the Eastern Void, the ‘physical vacuum’-as it is called in field theory-is not a state of mere nothingness, but contains the potentiality for all forms of the particle world. These forms, in turn, are not independent physical entities but merely transient manifestations of the underlying Void. As the sutra says, ‘Form is emptiness, and emptiness is indeed form.'" The "potentiality for all forms of the particle world" can be none other than that Prima Materia and all of its variations of terms in the Eastern religions. That Void is like the "Particle Eve" that created all of the billions of flesh meat bags, but is still really just the one person. The Hindus have a saying, which is "Inlakesh" which means "I am another yourself" which is Monism applied to Humanity. It is truly the everything and the nothing, the none that contains the all and infinite sphere that is the point and the point being the infinite sphere. What Aleister Crowley said in the quote mentioned before, which was "The. Zero contains all possibilities, for it may be written 0= X (-X), where X is anything soever and -X its opposite. However complex X may be, it is always to be cancelled by its -X. Thus the universe is always potentially anything and everything, yet actually Nothing.", is absolutely based on hard science as well. The Chinese sage Chang Tsai mentioned that this void, or zero, is really the absolute fullness, or infinity, of the Universe, "When one knows that the Great Void is full of ch’i, one realises that there is no such thing as nothingness."    

The concept, both Easter and Western, that there's an underlying principle of the entire Universe and that everything is made up of the one thing is actual science and not just religion or philosophy. This science could very well have been from some antediluvian source that has been long lost. However it has trickled down through the ages in the various world religions.

Ancient Chinese sages had a bizarre habit of giving irrelevant answers to questions they were asked and the reason for that is to demonstrate that absolutely everything is connected to everything else, no matter how different it may appear to be, just like every frame of a movie reel is connected to all the other frames, no matter how different the images, places, people, events, etc, are. This strange habit was explained in The Tao of Physics, page 291, "The nonsensical answers of Zen masters, when asked to explain something, seem to have the same purpose; to make the student realize that everything is a consequence of all the rest; that ‘explaining’ nature just means to show its unity; that, ultimately, there is nothing to explain. When a monk asked Tozan, who was weighing some flax, What is Buddha? Tozan said, This flax weighs three pounds’; and when Joshu was asked why Bodhidharma came to China, he replied, ‘An oak tree in the garden.'" This habit is hard for Westerners to understand with the obsession with labeling and categorising everything and making hierarchies of everything in science, rather than seeing everything as being an interconnected whole. 

To see time become space, or better still to see all of time become all of space. Imagine a microscopic cell on an elephant and some microbe on that cell that had conscious thought. That microbe would only be able to perceive its immediate surroundings and maybe some surrounding cells, but not much more than that. In other words the amount of time and space that microbe perceives would be as restricted as someone stuck in one frame of a movie reel. That conscious microbe would be either unaware that its environment is far greater than it could ever imagine, or it would have a lot of trouble comprehending that idea. Each cell would only have an extremely small amount of the total weight of that elephant and this would be comparable to the fact that gravity is such a weak force, unless one were in the none of a Black Hole, which would be represented by the entire weight of that elephant being compressed into one cell. If the entire weight of the elephant were compressed into the conscious microbe's cell then that microbe would experience no time, would experience maximum gravity and it would be omnipresent and simultaneously be in every part of that elephant at the same time in the no time of a Black Hole. Monism, or the Prima Materia and all its Eastern terms, appears in this metaphor in the fact that every single cell of that elephant contains the entire genome of that elephant, no matter how different the cells are to each other and how far they are separated. This is comparable to how the Quantum Field contains the potentiality of all particles, no matter how different they are and how separated they are, even billions of light years away. That conscious microbe can comprehend that if it thinks in terms of Monism.

The book called Real Alchemy, by Robert Allen Bartlett, mentions that Kabbalah, much like Alchemy, believes that everything came from the one thing, "The Qabalistic worldview has to do with energy and emanation. The universe issues from a single source into all we perceive—light, matter, even space and time. The condensation of this pure energy progressively provides the illusion of matter. The study of Qabalah is a study of the Source of Energy, the areas or arena of transfer of this energy, and the behavior of this energy which is Nature. What is below is a reflection of that which is above."

There's an idea that the warping of time and space of something as insignificant as a spec of dust is having an effect on the time and space of everything else in the Universe, albeit in an extremely small way, but an effect nonetheless. The same is true with some spec of dust in some extremely distant part of the Universe that is effectively moving away faster than the speed of light because of the acceleration of the expansion of the Universe. This is because everything is an expression and emanation of the one thing and is therefore an expression and emanation of everything else. Wormholes are made possible because of the everything being the one thing and that one thing in the everything lying in between the everything. The Singularity that started the Big Bang was when the everything was the one thing for real, so that those two specs of dust were unified in pure energy before time gave the illusion of their separation.   

​​In Alchemy there is a concept called the Inner Star that lies underneath all matter and the purpose of the beginning stages of the Great Work is the break down that matter to access it or the Prima Materia. It exists in the everywhere in the now, or better still in between the thing and the opposite thing that makes up the everything which is the No Thing. This is from The Black Sun, by Stanton Marlan, "For the alchemists, the lumen naturae is a different kind of light that shines at the core of matter and within the ancient idea of the subtle or illuminated body." Andrew Chumbley uses the term First Sun which is a really good way of describing it. He also made this excellent quote concerning its nature, "Black, Black, Black was the Sun Upon the Time when I was born. I dream'd the Dream: the Dream of ONE; That Night was Day, That Dusk was Dawn." But being the first doesn't mean it is gone, it means it is hidden, or buried in between all matter and bodies. It is that brief moment between the night and the day as Andrew Chumbley mentioned. This state of absolute blackness is also described in The Secrets of Alchemy, by Lawrence Principie, page 123, "the “blackness blacker than black” (nigredo nigrius nigro), or simply nigredo, among many other names. This color marks not only the “death” and putrefaction of the substance but a happy sign that the procedure was correct. The Rosarium philosophorum, quoting Arnald of Villanova, exhorts, “When you see your matter turning black, rejoice: for that is the beginning of the work."" The section of this page, called Illumination is Born in Darkness, describes how all particles, including photons, have antimatter counterparts so that light combines with anti light to produce the higher light that is the Inner Star at the center of all matter. 




















A concept in Alchemy that is similar to the Prima Materia is the Celestial Fire. This is a good description of it from the book Real Alchemy, by Robert Allen Bartlett, page 60, "In its most subtle form, Fire is the One Only Thing, the Unified Light, from which all is derived. Fire is energy and energy is matter. This most subtle Fire is variously called Celestial Fire, Heaven, Universal Fire, Astral Gold, Divine Will, and many more. It is described as the purest grade of fire; not burning, but gentle; invisible and known only by its operations. It is the source of all other forms of fire and its visible representative for us is the Sun. Remember, there is the "Sun behind the Sun," or spiritual source of which our visible star is condensed. This Celestial Fire is said to have two main aspects, the Universal and the Particular. The Universal Fire is diffused everywhere and excites movement in bodies. It warms and preserves the Germ of all things. It develops the Particular Fire. The Particular Fire (also variously termed Innate Fire, Central Sun, or Central Fire) is implanted in each mixture with its Germ. It acts little, except when excited. It does then what the Sun, its father, does in the large universe. This is the Divine Spark hidden in all things, the reflection of Celestial Fire. Called the Quintessence, it is the "most purified and fixed part of a matter," formed by the perfect balance of the Four Elements. This harmony between opposing forces of the Elements, brings forth a whole new and exalted state, the Fifth Element or Quintessence. Its action is digestive and maturing. It drives the transpiration and subtilization of the elements upward to regenerate fire." 

There's a really bizarre theory called The One Electron Universe and it means just what the name suggests. It may seem like the most implausible idea ever to suggest that the Universe is only made up of one electron, but it does explain some useful things. The first one is that it explains why all electrons are the same, but it also may explain the problem caused by Quantum Entanglement, where entangled particles can somehow communicate many thousands of times the speed of light. If there's just one particle, then of course there would be entanglement no matter the distance, because it's all the same particle. Even more incredible is that it explains how the entire Universe, or an entire Universe, could emerge from the Singularity that caused the Big Bang. Perhaps it's not matter being compressed but the time and space that the single electron occupies and expresses itself in that is compressed. This same thing would apply to the super density of a Black Hole. This theory, if it were true, would support the idea that the center of anything is the center of everything, that God is an infinite sphere whose center is every and whose circumference is nowhere and that there is only one frequency to go with the one wave of the one electron. This would certainly be that First matter that makes up everything.   


This video mentions that time and space are connected to each other so that if movement goes up, time goes down and if time goes up, movement goes down. The maximum speed of the physical Universe is the speed of light and at that speed time goes to zero. On the other hand if movement is zero then time is at maximum. Logic would suggest if an object goes faster than the speed of light then time would go into reverse, but that's assuming that time as space are connected in a line which isn't the case. Rather, they are connected in a circle. This means that there is always going to be a balance between the two so they are the same distance from the center. This is the constant that Albert Einstein talked about. The occultists say that reality is contained within the circle and the Physicists say that time and space and all the energy and matter contained within it is contained in a circle. But for this system to work the bottom part of the circle of reality, or time and space, has to be negative, so there isn't backward time but backward matter. It is better to think of the container as not being a circle as such but a twisted circle so that the backward matter is locked away on the other side of the singularity that is the balance that is the constant of time and space. The interesting part is at the end when the video mentions that in a Black Hole the circle that contains time and space collapses into the point in the middle of it so that effectively the nothing become the everything. An object going into a Black Hole will have its movement reduced to zero in effect going into that state of rest that the Gnostics, the Hermeticist and the Tao Teh Ching talked about.



The square in the occult can represent the four elements, the four seasons, the four cardinal directions etc. But as that video showed it can also represent the four constants of time and space with positive time, negative time, forward movement and backward movement. These four constants of time and space are bound in a circle which is the balance of the two so that they are always at the same distance from the center. For this system to work the top part of this circle of reality has to be matter and the bottom part has to be antimatter. In Physics there is a theory called Baryon Asymmetry which states there should be an equal amount of antimatter in the Universe but if that were the case then this Universe would cancel itself out. This is what Wikipedia says about this problem, "In physical cosmology, the baryon asymmetry problem, also known as the matter asymmetry problem or the matter–antimatter asymmetry problem, is the observed imbalance in baryonic matter (the type of matter experienced in everyday life) and antibaryonic matter in the observable universe. Neither the standard model of particle physics, nor the theory of general relativity provides a known explanation for why this should be so, and it is a natural assumption that the universe is neutral with all conserved charges. The Big Bang should have produced equal amounts of matter and antimatter. Since this does not seem to have been the case, it is likely some physical laws must have acted differently or did not exist for matter and antimatter. Several competing hypotheses exist to explain the imbalance of matter and antimatter that resulted in baryogenesis. However, there is as of yet no consensus theory to explain the phenomenon. As remarked in a 2012 research paper, "The origin of matter remains one of the great mysteries in physics."" Maybe the solution to the problem is by twisting the circle of reality so that the nothing of the circle becomes the everything that infinity is. 

The balance is elsewhere in the nowhere that is the center, or the gateway, to the other side of the infinity loop. Perhaps in the Black Hole both matter and antimatter come together and time and space cancel out. The Singularity is where the circle gets squared so that the center that lies underneath becomes the only thing that exists in non existence. 

This video points out that the circle, which is a representation of zero, creates vibrations. All energy and matter are excitations or vibrations in the quantum field which is zero. This is how all the Universe is created Ex Nihilo, or out of nothing.


This same Circle of Reality can create other vibrations as well to create all the particles of the Universe. Everything is moved in something at rest as The Hermetica states. The center of the Circle of Reality is The Axis of the Universe and if there is a Prima Materia this would be it. This webpage defines a particle as "an excitation in a quantum field that is constantly in flux. There are at least as many fields as there are particles in the standard model. Each particle can propagate in its field. The interactions of these fields and exchange of energy results in particle creation and annihilation." This is a similar quote by Paul Davis, "We may therefore regard matter as being constituted by the regions of space in which the field is extremely intense . . . There is no place in this new kind of physics both for the field and matter, for the field is the only reality." The "only reality" spoken of here can be none other than the underlying principle of the Universe with is zero, or the Prima Materia. Physics imagines these quantum fields as being boxed grids but it is probably better to see them as all emanating from the same point but at different distances from it like an onion. 

Turn that Circle of Reality into an infinity loop and the vibration that results would become a circle showing that the nothing, represented by a circle, lies underneath the everything. To prevent that vibration from turning into a circle and cancelling out the entire Universe what can be done is to have each loop in the infinity loop have their own vibrations that go in equal and opposite directions. These two vibrations would be a perfect image of each other, but in reverse, like a mirror. These two vibrations need to be separated from each other otherwise they cancel out back into the circle that they once were. This was talked about in a lot of detail with the Baryon Asymmetry section just discussed.


The hand that generates the sinusoidal waveform that turns inside the Circle of Reality appears to go in one direction on one end of the infinity loop and in the opposite direction on the other end, but in reality it is all going in the one direction because it is simply twisted. This is why it is not possible to go back in time and space because backwards is still forwards in an infinity loop. The hand that turns in a Circle of Reality appears to shrink as it gets to the center of this infinity loop as well before it grows again, but turning in the opposite direction. This shrinkage is time and space entering into a Singularity and this is why time slows down stops in a Black Hole. That time emerges on the other side appearing to go in the opposite direction.      ​


Imagine the point in the middle of this picture as being the Prima Materia and the layers around it being the quantum fields that generate all particles.



Think of an old analogue clock where there's a large wheel that turns smaller wheels that turns smaller wheels still. All the wheels, no matter what size, are all turned by the same ultimate force. If everything in the Universe is made up of vibrations, from the particles, to atoms, to matter, to the cycles of seasons, to the orbits of planets, to the orbits of stars around the galactic center, to whatever other greater cycles there are and all the cycles not mentioned, then they are all like a massive clock all turned by the same Sacred Engine that moves everything while it itself is at rest like The Hermetica says.


The are principles by which the Prima Materia creates everything from nothing in a modern sense. 

But the hands of the Circle of Reality don't move in a circle as such, but in a spiral as mentioned before. So imagine a clock whose hands move in a spiral instead of a circle. This would happen because the axis is itself moving. Imagine the Circle of Reality moving around in an infinity loop and its hands of space and time grow as it reaches the extremities of either side of the loop, but shrink as they move towards the center. The hands of space and time don't grow forever but start inverting as they shift to be in keeping with the law of equilibrium. As the Circle of Reality heads towards the center space and time shrink and accelerate. This phenomenon has been erroneously called Dark Energy and the problem with it is that Physicists assume that the Universe will keep accelerating until there is what they call the Big Rip in space and time, which goes against the law of equilibrium. 

If the Circle of Reality was twisted into an infinity loop then the resultant wave would become a circle showing that the No Thing lies underneath the Every Thing no matter what distance it is from the center. To prevent this both sides of the infinity loop have to have their own rotating or oscillating Circles of Reality going in opposite directions to maintain a balance and which are separated by the Singularity in between the two. This goes back to Baryon Asymmetry of how the observed Universe seems to be inexplicably unbalanced which allows for its existence. Going back to the analogue clock example just mentioned, each one of the wheels would need to have an equal and opposite counter rotating wheel in order to maintain a perfect equlibrium between all the wheels of device. This would also mean that there would be effectively no actual movement at all within its Universe as was stated on the Movement Without Moving page. 


All movement in the Universe is caused by imbalance wanting to become balanced again. The action and equal and opposite reactions are two sides of the same coin that are really trying to become non action. If everything in the Universe is a vibration then the movements of normal matter have to be balanced out by some kind of equal and opposite reaction by anti matter. Perhaps atoms aren't just restricted to the observable Universe but exists simultaneously in other realities. Think of the wheels, every one of them, in the clock of the Universe being like infinity loops going from one side to another instead of just cycling in a normal circle. Perhaps the stationary proton is simultaneously itself in orbit out of sight of the normal Universe. Nikola Tesla said "If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration." Those vibrations go both ways and revolve around the invisible center in the middle between the two when the up and the down, dark and light, left and right, electron and proton etc, very briefly merge in the middle before heading to the other side. See the gravity in all those examples of how that force pulls the whatever imbalanced thing there is in its polarised state back towards the invisible Singularity that is the No Thing in the center of it all.        

The Squared Circle is reality the Cubed Spiral.


















These are some animations of the Circle of Reality taking into account the cycles or oscillations of the Universe. Absolutely everything in the Universe is made up of vibrations as this video says because everything is made up of particles that are waves. This quote by Walter Russell puts it in a good way by saying that the ups and downs, Yins and Yangs, of a cycle are like pistons that drive the Sacred Engine that creates all movement in the Universe, "Light only seems to travel. It is but one more of the countless illusions caused by wave motion. Waves of the ocean seem to traverse the ocean but they only appear to do so, for waves are pistons in the universal engines, and pistons operate up and down. Wave pistons of light, or of the ocean, operate radially and spirally inward and outward, toward and away from gravity."  




This animation shows the cycle creating two Circles of Reality going in opposite directions. Think of them like matter and antimatter. It's the Universe, as in the One Verse, but split up as all the Yins and Yangs.

Another way to represent the Cubed Spiral with two opposing vibrations working together to create the Circle of Reality.


Understanding all this the concept of the Tao from the Chinese religion, as the underlying principle of the Universe that creates all particles that create everything on a macro level, can be understood.


On page 288 of The Tao of Physics, it is explained that everything is connected to everything else and the ancient Buddhists and modern Physicists have a good understanding of that, "In the Eastern view then, as in the view of modern physics, everything in the universe is connected to everything else and no part of it is elementary. The properties of any part are determined, not by some elementary law, but by the properties of all the other parts. Both physicists and mystics realize the resulting impossibility of fully explaining any phenomenon, but then they take different attitudes. Physicists, as discussed before, are satisfied with an approximate understanding of nature. The Eastern mystics, on the other hand, are not interested in approximate, or ‘relative’ knowledge. They are concerned with ‘absolute’ knowledge involving an understanding of the totality of Life. Being well aware of the essential interrelationship of the universe, they realize that to explain something means, ultimately, to show how it is connected to everything else. As this is impossible, the Eastern mystics insist that no single phenomenon can be explained. Thus Ashvaghosha: All things in their elementary nature are not namable or explicable. They cannot be adequately expresssed in any form of language." 

The Hermetica expresses the same attitude as Ashvaghosha, "I cannot hope to name the maker of all majesty, the father and master of everything, with a single name, even a name composed of many names; he is nameless or rather he is all-named since his is one and all, so that one must call all things by his name or call him by the names of everything." 

This quote is from the book called Merton's Palace of Nowhere on the same subject of making the many one, "This one door is the door of the Palace of Nowhere. It is the door of God. It is our very self, our true self called by God to perfect union with himself. And it is through this door we secretly enter in responding to the saving call to 'Come with me to the Palace of Nowhere where all the many things are one.'"


One of the biggest mysteries of physics is why the force of gravity is so weak compared to other forces such as electro magnetism. If the force of gravity was as strong as the other forces of nature then a person would weigh as much as a galaxy and the Universe would collapse in on itself. It's speculated that the force of gravity is just as strong as electro magnetism but this Universe is only getting the tiniest amount of it because it is getting split up. A Black Hole is the full potential of the strength of gravity because it is infinite density caused by that spiral no longer being split up. Likewise at the beginning of the Universe it really was just one verse and not multiple verses. Perhaps the expansion of the Universe is really caused by this splitting of the Cubed Spiral. If that is true then that would be good evidence of parallel Universes. A cube in the Cubed Spiral that is the Universe is made up of many squares all sharing the same spiral, like the Fibonnaci spiral shown before. Most people would think that if parallel Universes exist then they would have their own set of atoms but this is not true. An atom can exist in multiple Universes at once and all of the vibrations or oscillations of the Universe cover the entire Universe and multiverse. It's not actually known exactly what an atom looks like, with everyone thinking that they are like their own Solar Systems, but that is not true. An electron is in actual fact extremely random in its position as shown in this video and this picture of Atomic Orbitals. Perhaps the spiral of the waveform is responsible for this apparent randomness, but at the same time maintaining the order of the atom. Perhaps what is called an electron is the negative part of the twisted zero appearing in this slice that is the square that is this Universe before it exits again. As mentioned before time causes gravity and in a Cubed Spiral a square within it is only getting a small amount of that time.         

Going back to the One Electron Universe theory, perhaps there's and anti matter version of this called the One Positron Universe on the other side. In the matter Universe the electron is on the outside of the atom being time and the proton is on the inside being space. In an anti matter Universe the positron is on the outside being time and the electron is on the inside being space. They each get a turn being on the outside and inside. If a spiraling clock has an AM and PM then everything that has a vibration, which is everything, does the same thing. In the center of everything, called a Singularity, the First Matter and the Squared Circle, the electron and proton change places and invert in order to abide by the law of equilibrium. This would be the true God Particle that makes the everything of the Universe.


When matter goes into a Singularity it has the appearance of stopping, but it is still moving in an inverted way and the same thing is true for the center of an atom. The Proton in it appears to have stopped but is falling, or emerging onto the other side. The same thing would be true for an electron in antimatter.  

Unidad 4_1.gif

God is Mind, everything and everyone is one with Mind.

One thing that flows on from the idea that everything is the One Thing that is the Universe, is that the Universe is the One Verse that is the Word of a Mind, as Lama Covinda puts it, "To the enlightened man . . . whose consciousness embraces the universe, to him the universe becomes his ‘body’, while his physical body becomes a manifestation of the Universal Mind, his inner vision an expression of the highest reality, and his speech an expression of eternal truth and mantric power." 





The Creation of Adam, painted by Michaelangelo, on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel. The ceiling of the Sistine Chapel was painted between 1508 to 1512. Most people don't see that there is a hidden image in this painting. The shape of the robes that surround God is in the shape of the brain so God is inside the brain touching Adam's finger and endowing Adam with life. Why did Michaelangelo put God inside the image of the brain? Michaelangelo and other people during the Renaissance were influenced by a set of ancient tractates written by unknown author in ancient Egypt written in the 3rd century BC. These tractates were attributed to a mythical figure called Hermes Trimegistus, who is a fusion of the Greek god Hermes and the Egyptian god Thoth. The Corpus Hermeticum was translated and printed in 1463 and was reprinted numerous times from then on. It may have been passages like the ones that inspired Michaelangelo to represent God being inside the brain in The Creation of Adam,


















I [6] "This is what you must know: that in you which sees and hears is the word of the lord, but your mind is god the father; they are not divided from one another for their union is life."


[12] "Mind, the father of all, who is life and light, gave birth to a man like himself whom he loved as his own child. The man was most fair: he had the father's image; and god, who was really in love with his own form, bestowed on him all his craftworks."


XI [2] "But the energy of god is mind and soul; the energy of eternity is permanence and immortality; of the cosmos, recurrence and counter-recurrence; of time, increase and decrease; of becoming, quality, <and quantity>." and [4] "God is in mind, but mind is in soul, and soul is in matter, yet all these exist through eternity."


XVIII [12] "There above, then, beings are not different from one another, nor does inconstancy exist there above. All think one thought, and all have the same foreknowledge; they have one mind, the father. One sense works in them, and the charm that brings them together is love, the same love that makes one harmony act in all things."  

The Emerald Tablet of Hermes has this quote about everything being the one thing and even says that it is God, "As all things have come from one MIND, so can all things be improved by ADAPTATION to that MIND." The very purpose of the first phase of Alchemy is to break down, or better still annihilate, the thing or the person into the very origin of Every Thing and Every One, which is the None. This None, or the Prima Materia, is none other than the None that is the Mind of God. 

The statement by Andrew Chumbley in his book Qutub says the same thing, "For the Adept, to be aligned wholly unto the 'One-pointedness of 'I' is to become the Heart of the Mystery; it is to resolve the apparent dis-unity of the Self and the Universe, Man and God . . . This and That ad infinitum. In realising Qutub there is no differentiation, only Unity. "The Miracle of Unity is to be attained. Everything is formed from the contemplation of unity, and all things come about from unity, by means of adaptation." The Smaragdine Tablet of Hermes Trimegiss."


The concept of Mind being the creator of all things and all things being one with Mind is a very prominent feature of the Eastern religions as well as The Tao of Physics explains on page 277, "The Eastern mystics tell us again and again that all things and events we perceive are creations of the mind, arising from a particular state of consciousness and dissolving again if this state is transcended. Hinduism holds that all shapes and structures around us are created by a mind under the spell of maya, and it regards our tendency to attach deep significance to them as the basic human illusion. Buddhists call this illusion avidya, or ignorance, and see it as the state of a ‘defiled’ mind. In the words of Ashvaghosha, When the oneness of the totality of things is not recognised, then ignorance as well as particularisation arises, and all phases of the defiled mind are thus developed . . . All phenomena in the world are nothing but the illusory manifestation of the mind and have no reality on their own. This is also the recurring theme of the Buddhist Yogacara school which holds that all forms we perceive are ‘mind only’; projections, or ‘shadows’, of the mind: Out of mind spring innumerable things, conditioned by discrimination . . . These things people accept as an external world . . . What appears to be external does not exist in reality; it is indeed mind that is seen as multiplicity; the body, property, and above-all these, I say, are nothing but mind." 

The Tao of Physics, on page 300, points out that if everything really is one thing and not all separate things, then that would mean that the Universe is alive and intelligent, "According to Geoffrey Chew, these might include our conception of macroscopic space-time and, perhaps, even that of human consciousness: The Tao of Carried to its logical extreme, the bootstrap conjecture Physics implies that the existence of consciousness, along with all other aspects of nature, is necessary for self-consistency of the whole. This view, again, is in perfect harmony with the views of the Eastern mystical traditions which have always regarded consciousness as an integral part of the universe. In the Eastern view, human beings, like all other life forms, are parts of an inseparable organic whole. Their intelligence, therefore, implies that the whole, too, is intelligent. Man is seen as the living proof of cosmic intelligence; in us, the universe repeats over and over again its ability to produce forms through which it becomes consciously aware of itself. In modern physics, the question of consciousness has arisen in connection with the observation of atomic phenomena. Quantum theory has made it clear that these phenomena can only be understood as links in a chain of processes, the end of which lies in the consciousness of the human observer. In the words of Eugene Wigner, ‘It was not possible to formulate the laws of quantum theory in a fully consistent way without reference to consciousness.‘ The pragmatic formulation of quantum theory used by the scientists in their work does not refer to their consciousness explicitly. Wigner and other physicists have argued, however, that the explicit inclusion of human consciousness may be an essential aspect of future theories of matter. Such a development would open exciting possibilities for a direct interaction between physics and Eastern mysticism. The understanding of one’s consciousness and of its relation to the rest of the universe is the starting point of all mystical experience. The Eastern mystics have explored various modes of consciousness throughout centuries, and the conclusions they have reached are often radically different from the ideas held in the West. If physicists really want to include the nature of human consciousness in their realm of research, a study of Eastern ideas may well provide them with stimulating new viewpoints." 

In Alchemy everything was considered to be alive and fertile, even if it was a solid and dead as a rock and Monism would be a scientific justification for that viewpoint. 


Mark Twain, in his book The Mysterious Stranger, echoed these same thoughts in two places with these quotes, "And you are not you--you have no body, no blood, no bones, you are but a thought. I myself have no existence; I am but a dream--your dream, creature of your imagination. In a moment you will have realized this, then you will banish me from your visions and I shall dissolve into the nothingness out of which you made me."""It is true, that which I have revealed to you; there is no God, no universe, no human race, no earthly life, no heaven, no hell. It is all a dream--a grotesque and foolish dream. Nothing exists but you. And you are but a thought--a vagrant thought, a useless thought, a homeless thought, wandering forlorn among the empty eternities!"


The Universe as The Word.

This subject ties in with the fact that absolutely everything in the Universe is an oscillation or vibration, as was explained on The Axis of the Universe page. All sounds are a vibration and The Word is the ultimate vibration. All words are just different amplitudes of the One Word, which is Silence, that lies underneath and is at center of all frequencies.  


[6] "I am the light you saw, mind, your god," he said, "who existed before the watery nature that appeared out of darkness. The lightgiving word who comes from mind is the son of god." 


Is this passage de ja vu? "The lightgiving word who comes from mind is the son of god." It sounds very similar to passages in the Bible that call Jesus the word and the Son of God. This suggests that the Hermetica, or those who followed it, had some kind of influence on the writers of the Bible or even Jesus. Jesus did spend his childhood in Egypt but the Bible is silent as to what Jesus did there and what he learned. The idea for God being the word may come from the pyramid itself and the Egyptian priesthood and anyone who learned from them called God the word.


The sarcophagus in the Kings chamber of the pyramid is the mouth in the figure of a man when looking at the passages from the north. The empty sarcophagus represents resurrection from death and transcending into a higher state of consciousness. But the empty sarcophagus, being in the position of the mouth, also represents the word. This is where the Bible and the Hermetica get the idea that God is the word. Jesus was resurrected from death and he was called the word. The man is looking towards the West, which is the direction that the Sun moves. This might have something to do with the Son of God.  This figure is most likely Egyptian god Osiris, because Osiris is the god of death, the underworld and ressurection and the empty sarcophegus is about what Osiris represents. Osiris is represented by the Orion constellation and the pyramids are layed out in the shape of Orion's belt. 

















[6] "This is what you must know: that in you which sees and hears is the word of the lord, but your mind is god the father; they are not divided from one another for their union is life."


[16] And after this: "..., o my mind. I love the word also."


The King's chamber is the mind, which is god the father, the word is the empty sarcophagus and the union between the mind and the word is life since the empty sarcophagus represents resurrection from death. 


There are numerous other passages that talk about the mind and the word together and creating the world. The idea that the word creates is from the Bible too, at the very beginning of it, Genesis 1:3 And God said, “Let there be light,” and there was light. This is a well known passage from the Bible that also says that the word is God and it creates life. John 1:1 In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. 2 He was with God in the beginning.3 Through him all things were made; without him nothing was made that has been made. 4 In him was life, and that life was the light of men. 5 The light shines in the darkness, but the darkness has not understood it.


What does the Word mean? It means information, because that is what the Word consists of. Creation is information. The Word is what creates the world as this passage in the Corpus Hermeticum IV shows, [1] "Since the craftsman made the whole cosmos by reasoned speech, not by hand, you should conceive of him as present, as always existing, as having made all things, as the one and only and as having crafted by his own will the things that are."


The spirit is also compared to air and the breath and the mouth is what produces it. That is another reason why the empty sarcophagus is in the area of the mouth. This passage in the Hermetica, V [11], supports the belief that spirit is air, "The matter composed of the finest particles is air, but air is soul, soul is mind, and mind is god." A passage in Corpus Hermeticum I [30], says this, "Within myself I recorded the kindness of Poimandres, and I was deeply happy because I was filled with what I wished, for the sleep of my body became sobriety of soul, the closing of my eyes became true vision, my silence became pregnant with good, and the birthing of the word became a progeny of goods. This happened to me because I was receptive of mind - of Poimandres, that is, the word of sovereingnty. I have arrived, inspired with the divine breath of truth."

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