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The Fatima object and the sharp turning whirlwind.

This is the original image of the strange thing that was seen in 1917. It was taken from a documentary by LA Marzulli that can be seen on this website. Most pictures from the Fatima event are of the crowds but annoyingly less of what the crowds were there for. 


At first sight there's not much to look at to the untrained eye, but look at the apparent smoke on the right and then see it rise up and go to the left to this dot at the top left off center. Camera's, especially those from so long ago, don't see what the eye sees. Some picture enhancement using AI Studio makes the image easier to see.


It's clear from the enhanced picture that this object has caused a cloud or smoke to rise up from the ground on the right and tilt left. In parts of the cloud it looks like it maybe hollow, much like a tornado is and the fact that there is smoke or dust on the ground on the right looks like the debris that is kicked up at the bottom of a tornado or a whirlwind. This object seems to have moved through this cloud like it was passing through a funnel in space and time. This funnel seems to have affected the atmosphere around it which is more pronounced because of the rain. Another interesting feature of this are the apparent lines of force that are on the right which seem to be connected with this cloud. This can't be explained right now, but it looks like electro magnetism of some kind in action like the lines of force surrounding a magnet. This fact that this cloud or tornado is tilted to the left with the object at the end of it is evidence that this isn't caused by nature, which would make this the only picture of its kind.  

This picture is a close up of the apparent smoke on the ground at the right and then enhanced. It clearly shows it is not smoke, but debris being kicked up from the ground. It is clearly at the bottom of the cloud, or whirlwind, that is turning at 90 degrees left.

If there was any grass or wheat underneath this whirlwind, would it have left a crop circle?

This cloud that's tilted horizontally from the ground looks like it maybe hollow inside. Perhaps the space and time that this craft has separated has yet to close up. It's possible that the rain could even be warping around it making this hollow area more visible.

It should be mentioned that whirlwinds are mentioned as a means of transport in the Bible itself and there are numerous passages to back this up. The Bible seems to be talking about some high technology that makes use of vortex science. It this really was the Virgin Mary then she's making use of this science as well. 

Elijah in 2 Kings 2:11, was taken off to Heaven in a whirlwind, "As they were walking along and talking together, suddenly a chariot of fire and horses of fire appeared and separated the two of them, and Elijah went up to heaven in a whirlwind."

The Book of Psalms 77:18 uses a whirlwind as something that is a gateway between Heaven and Earth, "Your thunder was heard in the whirlwind, your lightning lit up the world; the earth trembled and quaked. Your path led through the sea, your way through the mighty waters, though your footprints were not seen." God's light and words are in the emptiness, as far as the world is concerned, in the center of the whirlwind which is the gateway between worlds. The sea represents the world and God's path is the path of the center that is the emptiness that allowed Moses to part the sea. The footprints not being seen is the invisible nature of the center and the path as far as the sea and the world are concerned. That path is where the light is seen, in the emptiness of the path and not in the murky sea that is the world.  


The whirlwind appears in Job 38:1-2 as a way that God uses to communicate with Job, "Then the LORD answered Job out of the whirlwind, and said, Who is this that darkeneth counsel by words without knowledge?" Notice that darkness is connected to a lack of knowledge or Gnosis displayed by Job. That is a very Gnostic statement. 

Nahum 1:3-4 has this fantastic statement about God, "His way is in the whirlwind and the storm, and clouds are the dust of his feet. 4He rebukes the sea and dries it up; he makes all the rivers run dry." The whirlwind is the area of emptiness in the storm that blocks out the light and that is God's way. The rebuking of the sea and drying it up is the rebuking of this world and drying it up. 

In modern times The Wizard of Oz is about a girl who is transported to another world by a tornado. It's the same thing. She follows the path of enlightenment with the people who represent different aspects of herself. She goes back home after exposing the Demiurge figure that is veiled by a curtain, that represents the world covering up the higher world. They discover that he isn't as powerful as he makes himself out to be. The home is her original spiritual state and now she has been improved alchemically by her experiences in the land of Oz. 

There are other examples of these space and time parting craft leaving clouds or trails behind them when weather conditions seem to be right, so this is a phenomenon that has repeated in other sightings.

This photograph is from this website and it clearly shows a electro magnetic force around the craft, but also what appears to be a trail within a trail within a trail behind it. In reality this trail within the trail is really a funnel, much like the Fatima object. The picture on here has been enhanced from the original.  


Those two pictures look like this diagram of the Bow Shock that exists around the planets. Howard Menger made this comment about how Flying Saucers imitate nature, "The force will be difficult and probably impossible for you to understand. It is an electromagnetic force, not unlike the force which holds planets, suns, and even entire galaxies in their orbits. This force is a natural law, which has been given to us by our Infinite Creator to be used for good purposes." As explained on Flying Saucer Philosophy these craft become like the center in order to get off the circumference that is anything that is held in place by it. 


This one's from Norway in 1957, it is a classical disk shape but the trail on the bottom is extremely clear.


This picture was taken by fishermen from Manatai in Puerto Rico.    


This was taken by Swiss air pilot Ferdinand Schmid in 1966.  


The following two pictures are from this website.


The trail in this one is harder to see, it is going off from the right of the craft. 


George Adamski's photographs were discussed in detail on the Flying Saucer Philosophy page, in particular the evidence that these craft warp space and time, but this photograph from him also shows some of these craft leaving trails behind them which further supports his credibility.


This is a very strange film that George Adamski showed that shows the craft changing shape.

This one is from a photograph from Apollo 11. The fact that this craft is leaving a trail in the airless environment means that it isn't a contrail but something else entirely. The original image is on this website and it is on the top near the center left.  


This video of a cigar shaped craft is from this website. It clearly shows a funnel that is empty on the inside. The craft in the original video moves incredibly fast but makes no sound, no sonic booms, doesn't burn up and isn't affected by the g forces. 

There's a reason why so many of these craft are circular or cigar shaped and it's not because of aerodynamics, but rather because of this funnel they produce.

The skeptics will automatically conclude that it was a bird, but birds don't produce contrails full stop.


It's right at the start and it's extremely fast and easy to miss.

This video was released by the Chilean Navy and it shows one of these craft creating a trail in real time. It could be exhaust but considering all the pictures and videos on this page, it would most likely be a funnel, especially considering the fact that the craft is moving away from this trail it has produced. This video suggests that the occupants of these craft and turn these trails on and off at will. At the beginning of the video the object looks like it may have an energy field surrounding it before it starts producing the trail. The trail itself looks like it maybe hollow inside as well.

This object over Khazakhstan shows a dark trail above it. The object appears to be changing shape as well. This phenomenon of craft changing shape was discussed in detail on this page.

UFO, UFOs, sighting, sightings, sunset,
UFO, UFOs, sighting, sightings, sunset,

This appears to be a contrail that appeared on Google Maps, but it is extending from pole to pole. It could be some strange glitch, but taking a close look at it does look like a contrail with all its cloudy unevenness going in a straight line. If it was made by a craft that craft would have to be going extremely fast since contrails only last thirty minutes at the most.


This one is from Portugal showing a craft appearing and disappearing while a dark trail is beside it. 

A close up look at the object itself shows some interesting features. There appear to be openings in the craft, or they could be features of it. There looks like there's a boom coming out of it for whatever purpose that is. There appears to be a glow coming from the bottom of the craft and the subject of glowing was dealt with extensively on the Flying Saucer Philosophy page. Whatever it is it doesn't resemble a woman wearing her signature cloak with her arms extended outwards. 

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