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The transformative power of the Black Sun.

The Moon just happens to be at the right distance from the Earth so that when it passes, or occults, the Sun it neatly covers the surface of the Sun so that the Sun is blackened but it still shines. 

In ancient civilisations, especially the Aztecs, they believed that the eclipse was a sign of the end of the world because the Sun had been annihilated. The eclipse is a union of the Sun and the Moon and it creates a perfect union of the night and the day. But this union only last for an extremely short amount of time compared to the polarised state of the Sun and the Moon. As explained on The Axis of the Universe page, every unbalanced and polarised system will very temporarily become balanced when the high end of the frequency, or oscillation pierces through the middle to the low end of the frequency. In this temporary state in the middle both polar opposites become one and the same and they consequently become nothing or are annihilated. 

The two become one and the one become none. That has been the main purpose of spiritual practices like meditation. Combining the two polarities creates a doorway to another world, because it annihilates the polarities that obscure that occulted world.

In the first stage of the Great Work in Alchemy, called the Magnum Opus, is the Nigredo stage which is about putrification or a breaking down of the substances. In this picture of the process, it shows a skeleton, representing death and resurrection, standing on top of a Black Sun, with the separated Sun and Moon on either end of it. This Sun is black but it radiates.

The Alchemical Black Sun of transformation also appears in an Alchemical book from 1582 called Splendor Solis by Solomon Trismosin. There are certain things to notice about this Black Sun. The first one is that it's translucent which could mean that it is invisible to normal sight. The second one is that this translucent Sun inverts the color of the sky, which means it can be seen through an inversion of reality. The third is that this Sun is in the center and not up in the sky as the Sun normally should be. This translucent, inverted and centered Sun is at the center of all existence, yet unseen unless one becomes none through the breakdown of the person through the Black Phase of Alchemy. Even though this Sun is black it still radiates and illuminates the world.  



















This was something that was pointed out by Victor Voronov in Libri Nigri Solis. The Sun became blackened when Jesus Christ was crucified and it becomes blackened again in the Book of Revelation. The blackened Sun heralds the end of life and the end of the world. But the end and the beginning are always one and the same thing, which is what the unity of the light and dark in the eclipse are all about, as stated in the Gospel of Thomas, "The disciples said to Jesus, "Tell us how our end will be." Jesus said, "Have you discovered, then, the beginning, that you look for the end? For where the beginning is, there will the end be. Blessed is he who will take his place in the beginning; he will know the end and will not experience death."

The blackened Sun also appears in The Epic of Gilgamesh in its much earlier flood myth, "The Annunaki lifted up the torches, setting the land ablaze with their flare. Stunned shock over Adad's deeds overtook the heavens, and turned to blackness all that had been light."

That place is in between all observable and profane realities which is the Black Sun.

This mural was painted by John Cocteau and it shows the crucifixion with a Black Sun. The blood that is coming off is dropping onto a rose and that rose represents the soul opening up. This is the death and resurrection of the soul heralded by the tranformative power of the Black Sun.


















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