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The Allegory of the cave has very deep spiritual themes in it and it's a simple way to understand the problem that most people have.

Squaring the circle is an important occult and Alchemical metaphor for centuries.

Going against the flow is a difficult thing to do in a societal and occult sense.


The creator of all has infinite names but has no names at the same time in a cosmic paradox.


Hiraeth is a longing and the faintest memory of a place that may or may not exist and it felt deep down in the soul.

The Religion of Light

Religions and spiritual groups based on light and attaining enlightenment have existed for thousands of years.

Plotinus, who lived from 204 to 270 AD, was an ancient Greek Gnostic and one of the most important philosophers of ancient Greece. He was the leader of the Neoplatonist movement and was a major influence of mystics throughout the centuries.  

The Illuminati Card Game has some very good social commentary which is explained on this page.


The problem with Narcissus wasn't that he fell in love with himself, but his reflection.


How does one comprehend what one has never experience and which there is no reference for in this world?

Death and Resurrection is an important occult theme that has appeared in so many religions, movies, music videos etc.

The Hymn of the Pearl is from the apocraphal Acts of Thomas. This poem is very Gnostic in nature. It is not from the Nag Hammadi Library, but it is very complementary to it.  

There's a theory in science that says that things can appear out of nothing.  


The Shoreless Sea represents the world that Mankind inhabits in various religions and in literature such as the Call of Cthulhu.


The truth is always somewhere inbetween, or better still the truth is inbetweenness.

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