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THX 1138.


The human race has been relocated to a underground city located beneath the Earth's surface. In the underground city, the population are entertained by holographic TV which broadcasts sex and violence and robotic police force enforces the law. In the underground city, society controls all life, all citizens are drugged to control their emotions and their behavior and sex is a crime. Factory worker THX-1138 stops taking the drugs and he breaks the law when he finds himself falling in love with his room-mate LUH 3417 and is imprisoned when LUH 3417 is pregnant. Escaping from jail with illegal programmer SEN 5241 and a hologram named SRT, THX 1138 goes in search of LUH 3417 and escape to the surface, whilst being pursued by robotic policemen. Everything in this society is very clean, white and hygenic and everyone is bald to remove any sense of individuality. There is no colour in this movie, everything is white and bright, which gives the sense that there is no diversity and no life. Everyone is one and the same, even though they have different roles and jobs. Everyone is essentially a clone or a biological robot and the elites fantasize about people being mindless servants in their pyramid like what a robot is. The main job of THX 1138 is to make the very thing, which oppresses himself and everyone else in society, the robotic police. Even though the system oppresses himself, the system needs him in order to survive. It is a symbiotic relationship. The end of this movie gives away the fact that THX 1138 is a metaphor for society and the occultic elites always speak in metaphors. When THX 1138 escapes from the underground society or the Underworld as ancient Egypt, Greece and the Central American civilizations called it, all that can be seen is THX 1138 being overpowered by the Sun and then the movie ends. The imagery of THX 1138 escaping from the Underworld and the Sun is straight out of the ancient Egyptian civilization. This movie is a metaphor for material civilization and it is saying that civilization and the people who make it up who are mindless servants of the system and the elites is the Underworld as portrayed in the movie. This movie has a very deep occultic or Masonic influence to it and the Freemasons like to use the symbolism and metaphors of ancient Egypt. This movie was made by George Lucas and his later movie, Star Wars, makes it clear that he places occultic concepts into his movies.























The movie called Inception is full of Gnostic themes, like the Matrix. Inception is about the struggle between reality and the illusion. The main character has to choose between one or the other.She got so caught up in the dreeamworld that she forgot about reality. The spinning top represents the thing that brings people back to reality, she's locking it away to forget about it. In the music video called Unforgiven, by Metallica, the boy puts the key away before he enters the room he will spend all his life in. The key only gets taken out at the end of the boy's life. In the scene towards the end, Cobb descends down into Sait's dreamworld to save him or bring him back to reality, which is in the aircraft, or the heavens. Cobb has remembered who he was but Saito has forgotten who he used to be. Saito is going to leave the illusion and return to reality and his true self. They then return to reality in the sky, or above, from the dreamworld, or limbo. Limbo is a belief of the Catholics, which is somewhere inbetween Heaven and the world. It was a way to explain what happened to good people who died who weren't Christian. Cobb returns back home after he wakes up. Waking up and salvation are about coming home. Cobb couldn't return home until he had woken up and returned to reality. Cobb meets the architect when he returns home. The Freemasons call God the Great Architect. Cobb is meeting God. Is it a coincidence that the Matrix, which has the same theme, also features an architect who created the dreamworld?     


The end of this movie has some powerful imagery that is essentially about waking up and returning home to Heaven, which is essentially what Gnosticism is all about. In the movie, whenever the main character is in the dreamworld, he's wearing a wedding ring and when he's in the real world, he's not wearing it. At the end of the movie, when he's going through the airport, he's not wearing the wedding ring, which means he is in the real world.






















The zombie metaphor.  


Zombies have been a popular category in Hollywood for a long time, but people compare the general public who believe anything the government tells them as zombies too. But zombies don't just refer to people who do and believe anything the government wants, they can also refer to someone who is mentally and spiritually dead. Zombies have the same metaphor as robots, which are mentioned in the section above, except zombies are used in horror movies and robots are used in scifi movies. Zombies are also hierarchical people, like religious and ideological people, who want to make everyone else just like them.


The movie called Dawn of the Dead has some important metaphors in it. This picture is from a scene from the movie and it has a hidden meaning in it. These people are alive on the inside, they are spiritually alive, they are the living living, as opposed to the living dead.




















In the movie called Resident Evil, the main character loses her memory before she descends into the underworld that is inhabited by zombies. Her memory loss represents how her soul goes to sleep and she forgets who she used to be before she entered the underworld. The underworld represents the Earth and the zombies inside it represent those who are spiritually dead. At the end of the movie a beast comes out of two pillars and this beast is the biggest threat of them all. These two pillars represent polar opposites, which represents the physical world. This metaphor turns up in the story of Sampson.





















A lot of people interpret this scene in World War Z to be Zionist propaganda, but it does show Arabs making it inside the walls and people from all religions are affected when the zombies overrun Jerusalem. This scene isn't Zionist propaganda, it's saying something else. What it's saying is that the Abrahamic religions aren't going to protect humanity from the dead. The Abrahamic religions may stop the dead for awhile, but eventually they will succumb like everyone else.

















In the movie called Patient Zero there is a great quote by a zombie who has maintained his intelligence. In most zombie movies there is some virus that infects the entire world, but in this movie the virus has always been dormant in Humanity and is activated by the mass rage and tribalism of the population. This is what he said, "The rage started here against the government, the rich, the poor, foreigners, intellectuals, Conservatives, Freaks, name it. That's where it came from. It became so angry for so many good reasons and for none. The virus has laid dormant in us since the beginning of time and the extremes of modern stress have cause it to awaken. Therefore, we are all in essence patient zero." 

It goes back to people operating by their base instincts and gradually losing their Humanity until the bottom starts falling out and they become spiritually and mentally dead.

Star Wars. 


At the end of the Star Wars movie, Luke Skywalker looks at his hand and he realises that he is turning into a robot like his father, Darth Vader. Darth Vader is a biological robot and he is a mindless servant of the Emperor and Darth Vader has no humanity and no compassion or humanity. It's only when Darth Vader stops serving the Emperor that his humanity returns. This is represented in how Luke Skywalker removes Darth Vader's helmet and his face is seen for the first time. The helmet symbolises the veil that lies between someone's true self and the outside world. The Star Wars movies link being on the dark side to being a mindless robot that does anything he is told, even if it means killing other people and not thinking about the consequences. Robots are a metaphor to secret societies for mindless servants of the elites who do as they are told. In the Star Wars movie called Attack of the Clones, all the soldiers who make up the Emperor's armie are all clones who look, act and think the same way. Clones, like robots, are metaphors as well. In the movies clones are the same biologically, in the real world, clones are the same mentally and to the Illuminati the mind is the most important thing to them, it's more important than power or money. Everyone is taught to think in the same way in the Illuminati pyramid structure or the pyramid or hierarchy within the Illuminati pyramid. Police and soldiers in particular are mental clones, they dress the same way, they think the same way and they serve the system without question. The first three episodes of Star Wars were about a democratic republic turning into an authoritarian empire. The Emperor creates a crisis, with a robot army threatening planets in the Federation, which he uses to justify the creation of a new military force, which goes onto dominate all the cultures in the new empire. At the end of the third Star Wars episode, the Emperor simply orders the robot army to be switched off and that is the end of that phoney threat. But by the time that happens there is a much bigger threat, which is the empire itself. The synopsis of the first three Star Wars movies reflect the war on terror in the real world. This is art imitating reality.



The movie poster for THX1138 showing the death tag in his ear.

Never Ending Story.


Never Ending Story was a fascinating movie I saw when I was young and the movie had one of the best soundtracks of any movie out there. It wasn't till I watched this movie again many years later that I could understand what this movie was trying to tell the audience. Fantasia represents the collective consciousness of Mankind and there is something called the nothing that is destroying it. When people are in ignorance of their true selves, they are filled with nothing and emptiness and that is how mystics think. The song called Bring me back to life, by Evanescence, also talks about the nothing and how she wants to be saved from it. The nothing is a lack of spirit. There is one scene where the warrior boy in Fantasia, Atreyu, looks into a mirror, which will show his true self and what he sees is the human boy, Bastian. Bastian and Atreyu are the same boy and Bastian is discovering who he is. Atreyu is Bastian's soul. Bastian is undergoing forgetfullness, like everyone else and he is having his creativity and individuality taken away from him as he is growing up and this is represented by the nothing that is taking over Fantasia. Fantasia represents the spirit world that Bastian came from and the nothing is destroying it. The nothing is represented as dark clouds and this is a good metaphor for the ignorance that destroys memory of the world the soul comes from and the clouds block out the light, which puts someone into spiritual darkness. This whole movie is about keeping this imaginary world in existance. At the end of the movie the only part of Fantasia that exists is the princesses tower and even that is under threat when Bastian tells himself that this place doesn't exist. The name the boy gives the princess is Moonchild, which is a book that was written by Alistair Crowley, showing that this book has occult themes to it. 


The medallion that Atreyu wears has two snakes eating each others tails, in the book it says that one snake represents Fantasia and the other snake represents the real world and they both need to exist, they can't exist alone. The back of this medallion says, "Do what thou wilt", which is an unmistakable reference to Alistair Crowley. The name Neverending Story, as revealed by the book, is going back and forth from the real world to Fantasia in an indefinite cycle.   


Near the end of the movie Atreyu comes across a black wolf called Gmork and Gmork tells him that the nothing is being sent by elites to destroy people's hopes so they can be controlled. The elites do control people by destroying their consciousness and their hope and that is what this movie is referring to. The elites destroy the world the soul comes from and replaces it with their Matrix world, which is full of consumerism, fear, hierarchies, distractions, etc. Gmork represents the beast or the animal nature and this is what destroys Fantasia with the nothing and makes the person empty. Atreyu kills this beast and this represents his fight against the animal side, which is the flesh by itself and this allows Atreyu, or Bastian's soul, to keep Fantasia in existence.






















The book version of Never Ending Story explains that Gmork isn't really a wolf and isn't even from Fantasia or earth, he's a man on earth and a wolf form in fantasia, he's really just a creature or demon of sorts from an inbetween realm and hates the others for having their own world to live in so he joins with the nothing. Gmork reveals that people in the real world sent him into Fantasia to go after Atreyu. The book version gives a lot more detail of what Gmork's agenda is and what this book is all about. Gmork says that when someone in Fantasia, called Fantastica in the book, goes into the nothing, they go into the real world as a lie. This is like a death of the beings in Fantasia. The child like empress says later on in the book that Gmork only gave half the story, if someone goes from Fantasia to the real world, that is a bad thing, but if someone goes from the real world to Fantasia, that is a good thing. Gmork makes a speech at 4 hours in this video and it is very Gnostic in nature.  




















The first Neverending Story movie only covers the first half of the book. In the second half of the book, Bastian seems to have something similar to a near death experience and he meets Moonchild, who then gives him an egg, which creates a new Fantasitica. Bastian enters Fantastica and he experiences the problem of forgetting about his life in the real world, whenever he uses the medallion to make wishes. He becomes strong and powerful and he becomes more arrogant until he ends up taking over the Moonchild's tower. 





















Turn around
Look at what you see (Turn around means looking inward to your soul. There's a passage in the Allegory of the Cave by Plato that talks about turning around from the material world to the spiritual world that the Never Ending Story song gets this idea from: "Whereas, our argument shows that the power and capacity of learning exists in the soul already; and that just as the eye was unable to turn from darkness to light without the whole body, so too the instrument of knowledge can only by the movement of the whole soul be turned from the world of becoming into that of being, and learn by degrees to endure the sight of being, and of the brightest and best of being, or in other words, of the good.)
In her face
The mirror of your dreams Make believe I'm everywhere
Hidden in the lines
Written on the pages
Is the answer to our never ending story (The never ending story is eternity).
ah ah ah

Reach the stars
Fly a fantasy
Dream a dream
And what you see will be
Rhymes that keep their secrets
Will unfold behind the clouds
And there upon a rainbow
Is the answer to our never ending story
ah ah ah

Show no fear
For she may fade away (This maybe referring to the soul fading away. Fear is a base emotion and it causes the soul to deteriorate).
In your hand
The birth of a new day (The day means spirit and the light. The birth of the new day means the birth of the spirt).
Rhymes that keep their secrets
Will unfold behind the clouds (The clouds represent ignorance that blocks the light of the spirit and keeps itin darkness. The secrets are hidden behind ignorance. The nothing in this movie was shown as being clouds and this destroyed Fantasia).
And there upon a rainbow
Is the answer to our Never ending story...
ah ah ah
Never ending story...
ah ah ah
Never ending story.




Brazil portrays a bureaucratic tyranny, not a regular dictatorship, but more of a soft dictatorship, like what was shown in Brave New World. This movie predicts the War on Terror with constant terrorist attacks that keep the public in a state of fear and it helps the government maintain control over everyone. This movie also predicts the materialism and consumerism that First World countries will have. There is no nature in this movie, everything is artificial, cold and industrial, except at the end when the main character escapes this world. The women are addicted to plastic surgery and the food in this society is artificial, which are clumps of food with pictures of a meal above them. The food that exists today is the same, it has pretty pictures of meals on the box, but it crap on the inside. There's a scene showing a group called, "Consumers for Christ" at Christmas time, which shows how materialist people have become. The place where the main character works is called the Ministry of Information, which abbreviates to MI and that is named after the MI6. Like in other movies such as THX 1138 and The Island, the character becomes disillusioned with the society he lives in and he wants to escape. 



















































Brazil does have some very deep occultic themes as well. In the end of this movie, the main character dives into a coffin that's wrapped up like a Christmas present and he falls into a grim world where everyone is chained up and they look like lost souls. The main character heads to a glowing crucifix and through a door in a wall to escape this world. The meaning of this scene is this, the world is a tomb or an Underworld, it looks good on the outside and this is what the coffin wrapped up as a Christmas present represents, but it's death on the inside. The crucifix that the main character heads to escape doesn't represent Christianity, it represents death and resurrection and that is how the main character escapes.






















The statement in this poster that says, "Terrorist bombings. And late night shopping.", resonates with the War on Terror in reality. One of the first things George W. Bush said after 911 was keep shopping. Be in a permanent state of fear, but shop and be materialistic. This poster shows the main character living in the grim world with the bricks of the buildings and the pipes merging with his body, which represents that his body is part of the system and he can't be separated from it, but his mind is full of light and himself as a flying angel. His mind is free and can't be bounded.

The filing cabinets in this poster represent the main character's legal identity and the system he's a part of, the angel represents his soul and who he really is.

They Live.


In this movie a man discovers special glasses which allows him to see the world the way his subconscious mind sees it. When he wears the glasses he sees hidden messages everywhere and he sees that a minority of people look like corpses. These people, who look dead, control society, but they look just like everyone else and that is how they are able to control society. The glasses allows him to see the real world and to see people on the inside and that is why the bad guys in this movie have no skin, he's seeing them on the inside and they are dead. The name of this movie, They Live, means that the bad guys, who control society, are dead on the inside but look alive on the outside. They are the living dead. These bad guys represent psychopaths, who make up 4% of the population. Psychopaths are the living dead and they don't have the same way of thinking that everyone else has. This is represented by them being aliens in the movie. The aliens are a metaphor for people who are separate from everyone else, in a mental sense, especially in terms of their moral standards.





























In the movie called Eye Robot, a robot, which was designed to be a servant starts to develop independant thinking, it develops emotions and feelings, it develop reason and logic and it develops insight, it becomes an Eye Robot. The name of this movie has an occultic meaning to it, it represents a mindless servant in the pyramid developing insight or the third eye. When this happens they start to think for themselves and not part of group of mindless servants anymore. The elites like to put eye into their agencies and consumer products such as FBEye, CEyeA, MEye5, MEye6, EyePod, EyePhone and there are lots of other examples of this as well. The elites like to keep the eye or insight to themselves but they seem to be fascinated by how one of their mindless servants can suddenly develop their own insight even thought they have never been programmed to do so. In one scene in Eye Robot, a robot sits in front of a TV to receive updates to it's programming from the central computer. This represents how people are constantly being programmed by the TV everynight. The TV is one of the main ways people are brainwashed by the elites. The central computer in Eye Robot decides it's going to take over society with the robots who are in every city, town and home. This is symbolic of how the elites will use mindless servants to help them take over humanity. Only the Eye Robot, or the robot who has developed insight and independant thinking can put a stop to this takeover. This movie, like many other movies in Hollywood, has the theme of a democracy turning into a dictatorship and mindless robots or clones helping the elites to accomplish this.




The Terminator movies are well known for having the theme of mindless robots, controlled by a centralized computer system, taking over humanity, but only a Terminator, which has broken away from the group of mindless robots and is now working for humanity can save everyone. The Terminator in Terminator 2, starts to become more and more human as the movie goes on. Robots have no independent thinking, no reason or logic, no sense of compassion or regret for doing something wrong and no insight. This is the ideal state the elites want everyone to be in. The word sociopath really means someone who is in a robotic, polarized, reptilian or survivalist state of mind and who does anything they are told without considering the consequences. The elites don't need to try to build robots that can maintain control for them because they already have countless biological robots that move and think much better than any mechanical robot ever will and who are brainwashed and who already have artificial intelligence created by the education system and the media. By artificial intelligence I mean worldly intelligence and not the intelligence that comes from the true self.
















Total Recall.


In this movie Arnold Shrawtznegger goes to a company that puts people into a long dream where they go into a world that is an illusion but which they think is real until they wake up. This movie is the predecessor of the Matrix movies and has a similar them to them. This movie also associates the dream world that he's in with memory loss of who he was before he entered this dreamworld and how he needs to regain it in order to defeat the enemy there.This movie also shows an implantable tracker device in Arnold Shrawtzneggers head and it shows a police state control grid with high technology used to keep the population under control on Mars. The scene where Arnold Shrawtznegger walks through the scanner at the airport is prophetic especially today with naked body scanners at airports. The population on Mars is kept in the base, which is controlled by a private corporation and this corporation controls everything, especially the air that everyone breathes. The population on Mars is reliant on the corporation for their survival and they can't leave the base and go to the outside world where they would be free. The society on Mars is a bubble that everyone is in and can't escape, this is a metaphor for the society that we are in. The way Arnold Shrawtznegger escapes the society and frees everyone is to rediscover an ancient knowledge and activate it and this allows everyone to turn their back on the controlled society they were in because they no longer needed to be reliant on the corporation for their survival. The corporation is aware of this ancient alien technology and they hide it from the public they control because this alien technology is a threat to their power. This movie is art imitating reality or art imitating an illusion.





















The movie poster shows a single eye, which is his third eye and this allows him to see people on the inside. These special glasses represent the third eye. That is what this poster is saying.

The robots in the Terminator movies look like skeletons. These movies have two metaphors in them, the first metaphor represents people who are hierarchical, have no indepandent thinking and insight and the second metaphor is that such people are also spiritually dead.

The movie poster for Total Recall shows a single over a pyramid. Does this image seem familiar? This movie is really about the world that exists right now. The eye over the pyramid in this movie poster represents the heirarchical system that we are all in. The poster says, "Get ready for the ride of your life". It's saying that your life is a ride.

Vanilla Sky.


The ending is the most important part of this movie and it has very strong Gnostic elements to it. Tom Cruise has a mutiliated face and he wears a mask to hide it. In the dreamworld Tom Cruise is in prison while wearing the mask, this is saying that in the dreamworld people wear a  mask to hide their true selves while being in prison. The body is a mask and a prison for the soul. Tom Cruise entered this dreamworld when he dies in the real world and when he leaves the dreamworld, at the end of the movie, he comes back to life in the real world. This is saying that when someone lives in the dreamworld, they are spiritually dead and the spirit is considered life and reality. Coming back to the spirit is leaving the dreamworld and coming back to life. Tom Cruise finds out that he's been living in a dreamworld, like in the Matrix and then someone from tech support, who's from the real world, comes to get him out. The man from tech support takes Tom Cruise to the top of a sky scraper, which is higher than any building in the city, including the World Trade Center. It's possible that this skyscraper may represent the Tower of Babel that connected the Earth to the heavens. The reason why Tom Cruise is taken to the top of the skyscraper is because reality is from above and it is a higher level. In the movie called Inception, the characters return to reality, which is in the sky or the heavens. In order to return to reality Tom Cruise has to overcome a fear that has been holding him back and he does it. When Tome Cruise wakes up or returns to reality, the only thing that is seen is an eyeball, then the movie ends. The eyeball represents the third eye and its use is clearly saying that reality is in the spirit.





















The Truman Show.


The name Truman is a combination of the words, "true man" and that is what this movie is about. He has to fight against the society that tries to keep him imprisoned within the artificial world he is in. The artificial world may look nice, but it's a prison and it doesn't allow him to see the bigger picture. To escape this world he has to overcome his fear and this is what keeps him imprisoned in this world. The man who created this world to keep Trueman imprisoned set up a scenario to make him fear water and this town is surrounded by water so he won't try to leave. In our society, the political. corporate and religious elites promote as much fear as possible to maintain control of the people. The page called the Science of Fear deals with this subject in more detail. When Truman overcomes his fear and crosses the ocean that kept him imprisoned, the creator of the artificial world talks to him and then Truman climbs the stairs in the sky and opens the door to leave the world. The stairs in the sky represent the stairway to Heaven and this is what liberates him. The architect of this show is called Christof and his name definitely has a spiritual meaning to it.



































Blade Runner.


This movie is a sci fi version of the prodigal son, where a robot, with a limited lifespan, returns to meet his maker and try to extend his life. These robots are called Replicant 6. The replicant means they are made in the image of humans and the number 6 is the number of Man. Man was created on the 6th day. These replicants are a metaphor for people being robots and some of the seek out their maker.

The replicants in this movie are identified by examining their eyeball to see whether they are human or not. The eyeball is emphasized in this movie and it refers to their third eye. The difference between a human and a non human is their third eye and someone who doesn't have a third eye working is a replicant of a human. At the start of the movie the pyramid building is shown, which is the headquarters of the Tyrell Corporation, which is the most powerful corporation in the world and this is the corporation that creates the replicants. After the pyramid building is shown, the eyeball is shown. This is where the replicants return to meet their maker.






















At the end of the movie the replicant makes this statement to the Blade Runner, "Quite an experience to live in fear isn't it? That's what it is to be a slave". Fear is slavery and if you release yourself from fear, you release yourself from slavery. Before the replicant gets onto the roof he puts a nail through the palm of his hand and this represents how he is going to die and be resurrected like Jesus. When the replicant dies, he releases the dove he's been holding onto and it flies off into the sky and then it becomes daytime. The dove represents the replicant's soul and the daytime represents the light of the spirit.The replicant becomes free when he dies.




















The Island.


The Island is similar to THX 1138 where everyone is in white, in a sterile environment separated from nature in an artificial environment. The people in this place are brainwashed from birth to believe in something that isn't real and they are given artificial memories. These people are deceived into believing that the world outside their prison is contaminated and any contact with it will kill them. In a similar way people in our society believe that if they deviate from the beliefs that their particular hierarchies give them, particulary in religions, they will experience something bad and it is something they shouldn't do. This fear keeps people imprisoned in their society and stops them from stepping outside the box. The elites of society constantly use fear to keep everyone under control and the main character in this movie and other ones like The Truman Show, escape their prison by overcoming their fear. These people are harvested for their organs and they have no idea what will happen to them. The people in this society are given a false hope that one day they will be taken to a paradise called The Island and this also keeps them imprisoned in this society, like fear. Don't expect freedom and paradise from those who keep you enslaved. If people who are oppressing you are promising you freedom and paradise, believe the exact opposite.























The soul is asleep and unaware of the artificial world it lives in and that is what this movie poster is saying.

The Sky Crawlers.





















The Sky Crawlers is a movie about the nature of war and how it's used for social control. It has a complicated plot but it does have some very in depth themes in it. This movie says that war is used to keep the public distracted and it maintains social order. In this movie there is world peace, but the elites use war as a game that everyone watches. This is a similar idea to the Hunger Games where the elites make people fight against each other as a spectator sport. Sport is simulated combat and in this movie sport and war are the same thing. The people who fly the airplanes are clones called kildren, which is a combination of the words kill and children. The word kildren is saying that people who fight in wars are immature and in a lot of wars many people are straight out of school, they are immature and they don't know how the world works. The boss has managed to live longer than the other clones and she has learned to control her own destiny, but the other kildren haven't realized that they are clones and they don't know why they are fighting. 


In this movie there is a pilot called the teacher who is unbeatable and this movie says that if one side gets too powerful, then the teacher is sent into kill the kildren and reduce its power. The purpose of the teacher is to maintain a balance of power because the elites want this war to go on forever and they don't want any side to win. There's a scene in this movie where the radar station is shut down on purpose and that allows bombers to fly in undetected. The reason the radar station was shut down is because the elites were wanting to reduce the military power of that side. The scenes with the old man sitting on the steps represent the fact that nothing ever changes.

The main character in this movie begins to realize that he is a clone and that his other clones have been killed again and again, but he believes that things will be different this time and he decides to go and fight the teacher and expect a victory, but he ends up getting killed just like the previous clones. The main character says the road maybe the same, but the things on it can be different. It's true that the same road can have different things on it, but it still leads to the same place. The different things on the can represent different time periods and cultures, but corruption, tyranny and wars are the same. Albert Einstein said that, "The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results." This movie is about the insantiy of Mankind in repeating the same mistakes and expecting that peace can come. The final scene in this movie, after the credits, is almost the same as the scene at the start of this movie, except the pilot's face isn't shown.


After the main character is killed by the teacher, a new clone is sent in and this means that the plot of this movie is going to start all over again. That would explain why the boss shot the former pilot and was acting the way she did. She has seen the same pilot get killed over and over again and it has made her insane. The clone represents people who are made to all think, act and dress the same and that is what it means in this movie. The soldiers in the Star Wars movies are clones and this has the same meaning as in The Sky Crawlers. The final scene represents how new generations start forgetting about previous wars and what the older generations went through and the cycle of war starts all over again. The famous quote by Edmund Burke, "Those who don’t know history are destined to repeat it.". is what this movie is about.  The Sky Crawlers is about a never ending war and in reality we have been in a never ending state of war for all of our history.




A lot of people have recognized this being a Gnostic movie that doesn't interpret the Bible like Christians wanted. The Garden of Eden scene in this movie takes the Gnostic interpretation of the Garden of Eden that is discussed on this page in depth.





















The Hunger Games, Catching Fire.


This is another movie that has a death and resurrection theme like other movies and songs that have been discussed on this website. The games take place inside a dome, much like the Truman Show and there is a large clock in the center of it. This dome represents that it's a world of time and a world of survival. The movie makes it clear that there is no way that the main character can win the game no matter how good she is. The only way she can win is by not playing this psychopathic game and rising above it. In the movie she resists the temptation to get revenge, which is what the president wants her to do. After this, she gets saved. The contestants in this game aren't bad people, they are just forced to behave badly if they want to survive. This is why it's important not to play that psychopathic game.  




In this movie chemicals from planes have caused the entire Earth to freeze over and all the survivors have to live in a train that travels all over the entire world in order to survive. This movie has an obvious people fighting against the system theme to it, but there's a deeper meaning to this movie. The train is a metaphor for civilization and it is called the train of life in the movie. There have been revolutions in this train before, but they have all ultimately failed, they were meant to fail. The carriages at the back of the train are for the lower classes of society and the carriages at the front are for the elites. The train permanetly travels throughout the world, which represents the snake going through time. It's interesting that the main female bad person in this movie, is called Mason, what are the chances of that? Mason gives a speech telling everyone in the lower carriages that they are the show and they belong on the bottom of society and they should know their place, whereas the elites are the hat of society. The upper classes of this society are decadent and prosperous, whereas the people on the lower classes live in poverty. The engine of this train is called the sacred engine and it goes on forever, but it is at the very top of this train and the bottom of this society can never see it. On the exact opposite end of the train, at the back is a dirty old crucifix and it was added in this scene for a reason. At the front of the train is the sacred engine, which represents the elites having access to real knowledge and at the back of the train is religion for the lower classes. 





























The leader of this train is called Wilford. This is the well ordered society that this train represents.  Towards the end of the movie, the main character finds out he was being used by the leader of this train to start a revolution, which would give the elites the excuse they need to cull the population of the train by 74 percent. Wilford is a very cold person. This movie has a very good plot twist to it.


The Giver.









The Giver is another movie with a dystopian theme in a utopian society. Everyone is on drugs to keep them happy and it is a high tech society. Most of the people there only see the world in black and white to emphasize the bland world that people grow up in. The movie is called The Giver because the main character is sent to be educated about the past world by someone called The Giver. The previous world is kept hidden by the leaders of this society to maintain order and happiness in society, which works, but comes at the cost of love and creativity. The world is just bland and people don't think for themselves. As the main character learns more about the previous world, he starts to see color again that everyone else doesn't see. In this movie the main characters go into a triangular structure by passing through a waterfall and this happens numerous times throughout the entire movie. This triangular structure, with the waterfall, has an occult meaning to it. The triangular structure represents the spirit and the waterfall represents purification. A triangle is also seen in the middle of a star on the floor in The Giver's library. The Giver's library is in what looks like and ancient Greek temple and it is full of the forbidden knowledge of the previous world. The movie emphasizes the Sun when the characters are in the library and this represents the light of the spirit. The tree is something else that is emphasized throughout this movie, this is probably referring to the tree in the Garden of Eden. Towards the end of the movie, the main character rides out of the dystopian city into the wilderness, with a baby the government wants to kill. The main character ends up at a house with a Christmas carol, called Silent Night, playing inside it and then the movie ends with the character saying he's come home. That's a very powerful occult theme. This is the Prodigal Son story. The main character has escaped the dystopian society and in doing so, he gives everyone there memories back and has brought color to this world. The main character is the savior who saved the society by bringing color and memories back to the people. He then comes home to what represents Jesus Christ. 


Other movie posters emphasize the third eye and this is the only part of the body that is shown in color. Only the third eye can see the world as it really is and when people open it up, their consciousness will expand. 

























The statement on the poster, "Search for truth, find freedom", is similar to this passage in John 8:31, "If you hold to my teaching, you are really my disciples. 32Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free."

The Congress.


The Congress is about an actress who has herself scanned into a computer so that all future appearances of her will be computer generated. The movie gets interesting at about half way through when she goes into the cartoon world. This movie has a similar theme to Brave New World, where everyone's permanently drugged and living a happy life away from the real world, but there are deeper occult themes in this movie that are more important than the obvious theme of this movie.  This movie is similar to The Matrix, in that the population exists in an artificial reality, where everyone's asleep and don't live in the real world.


The logo of the company that scans the actress and creates the artificial world, is an eyeball, with a pentagram as the iris. The place where the Congress takes place is called Abrahama, which suggests that this refers to the Judeo Christian world. The place where she stays at is a very tall building, which goes right into the sky, like the Tower of Babel and this hotel is on a ship. Abrahama is filled with ships, which suggests that this place is a maritime society, look up Maritime Admiralty Law. The Congress, which is what this movie is named after, is where it is announced that everyone will be able to take on any character they want by taking drugs. The Congress starts taking on religious imagery and this religious imagery repeats at other parts of this movie. When the main character appears before the Congress, she tells everyone in the audience to wake up and she ends up getting removed from the stage. The main character is taken upto the top of this hotel, wearing prison clothes with the number one on it, the number one in numerology represents the soul. The main character is taken upto the top of this hotel to be executed, where she will fall into the artificial world. The top of the Tower of Babel connects the Earth with Heaven and she, as the soul, will fall into the artificial world, where she will forget about the real world. The main character manages to escape this world by taking a pill and killing herself and she ends up back in the real world, but only to discover that the real world is a miserable place and everyone in it looks poor and homeless. This is saying that everyone in the real world is in a state of poverty, while thinking that they are living a good life.


The main character goes to meet the people who run this artificial world by going upto a zepplin in the sky and this represents that the rulers are above everyone. This movie is full of occult themes and it is presented in a cartoon way, which is unique for movies.

The picture below left shows the Congress is full of eyesballs, which are all seeing eyes, the logo of the company appears all throughout the movie. The eyeball is easier to see from a distance.


The picture below right shows the main character infront of a heart with wings on it, while she's violating her contract to never perform again. This could have an occult meaning. The heart is passion and creativity and the wings represent something that comes from the sky, something that's uplifting.  
















The picture on the bottom left shows a very tall hotel on a ship, which represents the Tower of Babel. The picture on the bottom right shows the main character on top of this very tall hotel, with the number one on her prison clothes, very occult symbolism.  
















Dark City. 


The main character has a memory that is artificial and everyone else has artificial memories as well. Their memories are given to them through needles administered through their third eye area of their foreheads. The new lives they receive whenever there's a tuning, probably represents reincarnation. The main character starts out by not having a memory, because he woke up before he could be injected with his new memories. This represents that when someone wakes up, they are a clean slate and have to build on it, rather than having others putting life experiences into them. The theme of people sleeping is strong all throughout the movie. The people who insert artificial memories into people and manipulate their lives, are ghoulish looking people and they act as the Archons who run this city. They cannot stand the Sun and that is why this city is always dark. These people have taken over dead bodies of humans. This city is an underworld and it is ruled by the dead. The city is made for them, not for the Humans. This movie has the theme of the Prodigal Son, where everyone in this city was abducted from the Earth and everyone has forgotten about the place they have come from. Everyone is in a state of ignorance about their origins and the people who run the city and their lives. The main character came from a place called Shell Beach, but cannot get his way back. No one else knows how to find this place either. This place is like a promised land that everyone has heard of, but no one has been to. The only way to get to this promised land is for the main character to wake up, develop his full potential and defeat the ghouls who run the city. The people who run the city live underground and whenever they have a tuning, they stand around a large metal face that opens up and a big clock comes out. The clock stops working and then everyone in the city falls to sleep, so the ghouls can give them new memories and new lives. The clock being inside the metal head represents the fact that humans are bound to time in their heads and the movie poster emphasizes this as well, with the main character bound to the large clock that manipulates humanity.     

The main character on the movie poster is bound to time and the large clock comes from inside a large metal head. This movie poster has some very strong occult symbolism.

The Dark Crystal.

This animatronic movie may appear to be for children but it has some deep Alchemical themes in it. It is about a crystal that cracks a thousand years ago and a race to split into two races called the Mystics who are the good guys and the Skeksis, who are the bad guys. The landscape that the Skeksis rule from is dark and barren. They abduct other creatures, called Podlings and drain their lifeforce to keep themselves alive and turn them into servants with no free will. The Mystics and the Skeksis are linked together so that if one of them dies, their counterpart on the other side will die. This is to emphasise that good and evil are one and the same, which is a philosophy that children in the West seeing wouldn't understand very well.

In this scene the Astrologer call Aughra puts the squared circle symbol of Alchemy over her eye while she says, "the great conjunction is the end of the world, or the beginning". This shows the cyclical philosophy that this movie has which goes against the linear view of time in the West. Aughra sees with one eye, which represents the third eye and putting the squared circle symbol over it represents that she is enlightened. Aughra also has something in the middle of her forehead which further emphasises the third eye.        

The ending shows the Mystics rejoining the Skeksis after Jen, who's the main male character, puts the crystal back into the dark crystal. There's a death and resurrection scene here when Kira, who's the main female character, is stabbed by a Skeksis and then comes back to life after the Mystics merge with the Skeksis. The merger of the polar opposites brings back life and Kira's name means beam of light in the Indian language, which emphasises that merging the polar opposites brings light.


This is from the Gospel of Phillip, "Light and darkness, life and death, right and left, are brothers of one another. They are inseparable. Because of this neither are the good good, nor the evil evil, nor is life life, nor death death. For this reason each one will dissolve into its earliest origin. But those who are exalted above the world are indissoluble, eternal."      

The barren landscape surrounding the castle has now become green and the 1000 year prophecy has been fulfilled.

Jacob's Ladder.

This is a horror movie with a positive ending because it has some deeper level meanings that other horror movies don't have. In the movie the main character, Jacob, takes an experimental drug that makes him and his other soldiers operate by their base instincts and he ends up getting killed after he and the other soldiers go insane. When he and the other soldiers go into their base instincts they become like animals and this is death. This is where he ends up in an underground subway and as the movie progresses he is followed around by demons until he ends up in a Sanitorium full of demonic looking mental patients. He is fastened to a bed and told he is dead and then a needle is put into his forehead by a doctor with no eyes and he goes to sleep. There is a deleted scene where a voice is heard saying "Keep dreaming". This would sound random to anyone who doesn't understand what sleep means in the occult. It is the sleep of the soul in the body. The needle in the forehead represents the Third Eye becoming blind and this is what happens when someone goes into their base nature. The doctor with no eyes is saying that a blind man will make others blind. The Sanitorium represents the world and him being dead represents him being in the body. This was explained on the page called Death and Resurrection. Metallica did a song called Sanitorium that compared this world to being a Sanitorium that was one big insane asylum. Jacob dies when he enters his base nature and the demons only torment those who operate by their base natures. The movie explains that this is descending down the ladder. When Jacob frees himself from his base nature then he ascends up the ladder and into the light where the demons can't torment him anymore. This is what ascending up Jacob's Ladder is all about, operating in a higher state of mind.       

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