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An indepth look into a lost religion and what Christianity and salvation were all about.

Christianity is the world's smallest religion and it's time to revive what was stamped out so long ago. 


The Silence

These passages from the Nag Hammadi Library can be hard to understand for most people, espeically since they require a different way of looking at the world spirituality.

Humanity is trapped in an Underworld of ignorance and a spiritual seed can make it break out of it.

The institution of religion in society has been one of the main features of society for 5000 years.

The child is the ideal state as is taught by the Bible, the Gnostic gospels and the Hermetica.

The idea of waking up is an ancient concept and it means the soul is asleep in the physical body and waking up is salvation.

The concept of rest is something that comes up again and again in Gnosticism and is an ideal spiritual state to be in.

The silence is about the silence of the soul while it is in the body and how it's drowned out by the world and the body.

The meaning of life is to get it back. Nothing physical was defined as being life by the ancients, life means the true self.

The Teachings of Silvanus from the Gnostic gospels are full of wisdom and knowledge.

The Gospel of Thomas is a good source of wisdom from the Gnostic gospels.

The Exegesis on the Soul is similar to the Prodigal son story from the Bible.

The Gospel of Truth is from the Gnostic gospels which have long been suppressed.

The Gospel of Philip is from the Gnostic gospels.

The Treatise on Resurrection

Treatise on Resurrection is stating what the Gnostics view on resurrection is all about.

The Book of Thomas the Contender

The word thunder is something that comes from above, it produces lots of light in the darkness and it makes a lot of sound. This teaching is spiritual thunder for the darkness in this world.

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