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Mechanical Animals

Most people who've seen the album called Mechanical Animals, by Marilyn Manson, aren't aware that that name has a lot of meaning in it. The name Mechanical Animals is referring to the population, this is how the elites see the public. The first line in the song Rock is Dead  says, "All simple monkeys with alien babies". All simple monkeys means that everyone is a monkey or an animal when they are asleep in the body and alien babies means that the baby has a soul that is new or alien to this world. The page called music metaphors explains hidden meanings in many songs.



















The Vatican itself, of all places, has a similar meaning to Mechanical Animals, by Marilyn Manson. In the Vatican there is a structure called the Pinecone or the Pigna. The Pigna was a former Roman fountain and it is now in a very large niche in the wall of the Vatican facing a courtyard. The Pigna originally stood near the Pantheon and was next to the Temple of Isis. It wasn't a creation of the Vatican. The question is, why was a large pinecone in such prominant places in ancient and Christain Rome? The Pineal gland, or the Third Eye, just happens to be shaped like a pinecone and so it's logical that the ancients would choose a pinecone as a symbol for it. The pinecone is shown in many different ancient societies and what it represented was important.





















The Pigna, pinecone, is a very artistic thing in the Vatican, but in the courtyard the pinecone in the niche is facing, a new piece of artwork, called Sphere Within Sphere, has been added in the center of it. This piece of art is an eyesore, in contrast to the Pigna and it's meant to be an eyesore, because what it represents is the opposite to what the Pigna represents. A lot of theories have been put forward by conspiracy theorists that this is Planet X, but this globe clearly has an iris in it and it is infront of the Pigna, which means the third eye. The iris is a sphere within a sphere and that's why the sculpture is called Sphere Within Sphere. This globe has two meanings to it. It is also a third eye, like the Pigna, but the iris has the shape of a reptilian slit and it also looks like a machine. The meaning of this is clear, the reptilian slit represents someone who is operating from the Reptilian brain and the machine represents that people who operate from this level of consciousness are very mechanical in nature. The elites like to use machines as metaphors in movies, like the Terminator and this metaphor is being used here too.



















Wikipedia says that the inner sphere represents the Earth and the outer sphere represents Christianity, but it does say citation needed at the end of it. It's interesting to note that this sculpture has been replicated in various other institutions as well in the UN, Washington DC, Dublin and Tehran. If the outer sphere represents Christianity taking over the Earth, I don't think they would allow this to be displayed in Tehran.


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