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Gnostic View on the Bible

A different way of understanding the Bible, with a Gnostic state of mind, instead of the Hellfire view. This requires reading between the lines of the most widley read book in history.

There's a hidden theme in this well known Biblical story.


Psalm 107 is about man moving away from the spirit and experiencing troubles until he comes back to his origin.

The Book of Genesis is the world's premier account of creations. A lot of people interpret it literally, others say it's completely a myth. This page does neither, but gets to what it's really all about.

The Epic of Gilgamesh was the first story ever written by the first civilization and it has a precessional theme to it.


The story of Exodus is a metaphor for the soul's escape from slavey in the Underworld to the Promised Land.

An explanation of a mysterious figure in the Bible. He appears to be on the same level as Jesus, but only gets very little attention.

The Immovable Ladder is an unintentional Jacob's Ladder over the place of Jesus Christ's death and resurrection.


The temptations of Jesus Christ have a hidden meaning that are explained on this page.


The Tower of Babel connected Heaven and Earth and this story was a metaphor for Man's descent into polarisation.

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