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The Quantum Vacuum

In one googol years, which is 1 followed by 100 zeros, everyone atom, every particle, every photon and every black hole in the Universe will have exhausted itself so it would be completely empty. But strangely enough that wouldn't be the end of the story because in a quantum vacuum, which is devoid of any kind of atoms, particles and radiation, waves of energy come out of nowhere out of the fabric of space and time. In quantum mechanics it's possible for atoms to come out of nowhere as well and also matter. Theoretically a new Big Bang and a new Universe could come out of nowhere as well.  

This is an article from, explains the quantum vacuum in a lot of detail. This branch of physics makes it possible for things to come out of nothing and this isn't metaphysics. If matter can come out of nowhere, then can life come out of nowhere? Creationists and Evolutionists will recoil in horror at this suggestion, but this theory does allow for this. A computer game can't go outside the computer, but new information can be inserted into it and in the same way, people can't go outside the Universe, but something is injecting things into it. Thoughts are energy waves and many new ideas, discoveries, inspiration etc, seem to come out of nowhere and change the world. The 4 ace cards in the Tarot show a hand coming out of a cloud in the sky, which represents the higher realm and this had contains one of the 4 tools that someone uses. It's like that with the Universe, there is a hand that goes into this realm from a higher reality and injects things into it.

The page called The Silence explains in a lot of detail that silencing the material world allows people to be able to access higher levels of understanding and this is the main purpose of meditation. Being in a material state of silence, in the occult sense, allows people to perceive these energy waves that come out of nowhere. The silence is the same thing as the quantum vacuum. This is called intuition. But it's not just energy waves that people can receive, because atoms and matter can emerge as well. 

On the page called Qutub on this website there is a stanza that says this, "A Voice, from Silence, chanc'd to speak. Yet who spoke — Thou or I?" The silence was explained on this page and the person hearing the silence will have trouble understanding whether it was he or his higher self that was speaking. That has been the experience of many intuitives throughout the ages.    

This passage from a book called A Romance of Two Worlds, by Marie Corelli, clearly states that ideas, thoughts and inventions that benefit Mankind come from higher powers, "Yours? What? What can you call your own? Every talent you have, every breath you draw, every drop of blood flowing in your veins, is lent to you; you must pay it all back. And, as far as the arts go, it is a bad sign of poet, painter or musician who is arrogant enough to call his work his own. It never was his and never will be. It is planned by a higher intelligence than his, only he happens to be the hired labourer chosen to carry out the conception; a sort of mechanic in whom boastfulness looks absurd; as absurd as if one of the stone masons working at the cornice of a cathedral were to vaunt himself as the designer of the whole edifice. And, when a work, any work, is completed, it passes out of the laborer's hands: it belongs to the age and the people for whom it was accomplished, and, if deserving, goes on belonging to the future ages and future peoples." 

This same attitude about how talent and creativity are really from another world is expressed in the book called Faeries by Brian Froud, "for faeries are themselves creatures of the raw stuff of life and are ceaselessly attracted to all forms of creativity and particularly to moments of high emotion in which they seek to be participants. Lovers, poets, artists, writers, sculptors, weavers, musicians and the like-all the arts, indeed, acknowledge a debt to an unidentifiable, invisible, capricious, sensitive, delicate, elusive and powerful force which is called "inspiration", or "Muse" and is generally irresistible when present. It is no coincidence that these are also the chief characteristics of Faerie. Hence Faerie should be held as infinitely valuable." 


Nikola Tesla, whose inventions were so far ahead of their time they weren't fully appreciated by his generation, gave credit to a higher power in the Universe, "My brain is only a receiver, in the Universe there is a core from which we obtain knowledge, strength and inspiration. I have not penetrated into the secrets of this core, but I know that it exists." 

Leonardo da Vinci's inventions were even more ahead of their time and can be found of this website.

Near the end of the book called A Witch Alone, by Marian Green, is a passage that mentions what happens to people as they develop their psychic faculties as they thin the barrier between worlds over time, "Gradually you will find that your intuition wakes up, that you regularly have hunches. You should learn to act on these and not spend time trying to rationalise what is coming directly to you by divine inspiration. Act immediately and you will put up your success rate by 95%. It is hard in a logical world to rely on this unexpected source of common wisdom, but once you get it going life's little problems fall away. You find that you can buy bargains in old junk shops to suit your unlikely need, or find a parking space in a crowded city centre, simply by pausing on your journey and 'listening' for that inner voice of guidance.

Knowledge will start to flow to you from unlikely sources. Strangers will approach you with important pieces of information, books will fall off shelves at your feet or spring open at just the page you need. Snippets of radio or TV programmes will offer a crumb of knowledge just when you were wondering how on earth you could locate that address, or book title or whatever. You may discover other members of your family have records or memories of long-forgotten facts about your grandparents which open up whole fields of further research, or that old tools or photographs turn up in the loft and point you off in another direction in your search for blood links with pagan ideas.

You stop losing things very quickly because you have a sense of attachment to things that have a habit of wandering. If they do disappear you will find a sharp command 'Bring my keys back now' will often have the desired effect and they will materialise under the hall table. You will be guided to write to people, or telephone just at the moment when something you wanted to know comes to light. You will find ways of protecting your house and property from thieves or vandals, and your garden from blight, if you ask the Great Guardian God to take a hand, or the Lady of growing things to protect your roses." 

The Gospel of John 10:3 makes this statement about the sheep who can hear the voice of the one who opens the gate, "The gatekeeper opens the gate for him, and the sheep listen to his voice. He calls his own sheep by name and leads them out." As explained on the page called The Axis of the Universe, the gate is the center where there is an opening between worlds and those who are called and who can hear the silence will be lead.


This passage in Revelation 3:20 makes it clear that the higher power wants to communicate with those who are able and willing to listen, "Here I am! I stand at the door and knock. If anyone hears my voice and opens the door, I will come in and eat with that person, and they with me." 

Betty J. Eddie, in the book Embraced by the Light made this statement about how many ideas and inventions come from a higher reality, "Many times the creative thoughts we have in this life are the result of unseen inspiration. Many of our important inventions and even technological developments were first created in the spirit by spir­it prodigies. Then individuals on earth received the inspiration to create these inventions here. I under­stood that there is a vital, dynamic link between the spirit world and mortality, and that we need the spir­its on the other side for our progression. I also saw that they are very happy to assist us in any way they can."


How much knowledge, ideas, creative thoughts, awareness, coincidences etc, are the result of something higher that most people don't realize? As above, so below is applicable here. It seems to only be a minority that has this ability to be contacted, but they are the ones who move society forward.  

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