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The Lord of the Flies

The Lord of the Flies comes from the occult and it means Beelzebub. This image is from Collin de Plancy's Dictionnairo Infernal, 1863. The Lord of the Flies in the book is referring to how people are attracted to the darkness and death it represents. Flies are attracted to corpses and faeces and those are things that are dead and are degenerating. People are attracted to a culture that is dead and is degenerating. The Lord of the Flies represents the dead and degenerating things that people are attracted to, it is their god and they give it their time, energy and attention. This is a statement from the Gospel of Thomas, "Jesus said, "Whoever has come to understand the world has found only a corpse, and whoever has found a corpse is superior to the world."

Bees, on the other hand, are attracted to something that is alive and generating and what they produce from that is something really good. The flower is used in many religions and in mysticism and it represents the soul, revealing and life. The hive is where the bees take the pollen back to produce honey, it represents industry in the occult and it is an important symbol within Freemasonry. The Lord of the bees is the flower and it has the opposite meaning to the Lord of the Flies, which is the putrid decaying head of a pig on a stick. The Lord of the bees is life and the Lord of the Flies is death. An interesting fact, mentioned in The Encyclopedia of Secret Knowledge, by Charles Walker, page 8, says that a hive is is the same temperature as the human body and that temperature doesn't change. There's a reason why it's so popular in the occult. One reason why the bees were so revered was because they were the only insects that had a ruler. 

This Freemason webpage points out an important symbol of what the beehive represents, which is rebirth, "There seems, however, to be a more recondite meaning connected with this symbol. The ark has already been shown to have been an emblem common to Freemasonry and the Ancient Mysteries, as a symbol of regeneration—of the second birth from death to life. Now, in the Mysteries, a hive was a type of ark. “Hence,” says Faber (Origin of Pagan Idolatry, volume ii, page 133), “both the diluvian priestesses and the regenerated souls were called bees; hence, bees were feigned to be produced from the carcass of a cow, which also symbolized the ark; and hence, as the great father was esteemed an infernal god, honey was much used both in funeral rites and in the Mysteries." 

As explained in the Occult Bible, particularly with the Jesus Christ walking on water story, the sea represents the world and so the beehive, representing the ark means that it is not part of this world and is protected from it. The ark is a place of life, whereas the sea and everything in it is a place of death. The 40 days of rain is repeated in the Jesus Christ wandering in the wilderness for 40 days story in the New Testament. This is a trial and an ordeal period that has to be overcome in order to be renewed. The story of the dove not returning to the ark after 7 days means that the world that the ark has rested on is in a state of rest and this hearkens back to God resting on the seventh day.   

That's a major difference between bees and flies, the bees have a home and the flies are homeless. A soul that is lost from its home resides in a land of death and feeds on what that world has to offer, but a soul that has found its way home feeds on the nourishment that the flower has to offer. The home of the bees are filled with something good and nourishing, whereas the flies live on death and decay. The bees get attention from greater beings, whereas flies get swatted away like the filthy, profane pests that they are. Bees have value to nature and to man, whereas flies are banished from the sight of man wherever possible. Bees help to bring forth life, whereas flies help to bring forth death. Bees and flies exist at both ends of the death and rebirth cycle.


The buzzing sound that bees make could be seen as a dance that produces lots of vibrations. The buzzing sound has various purposes, but the most important one is to help shake off pollen from flowers onto it. In that sense that dancing is very much part of the birth process. As explained on the pages The Music of the Universe, vibrations permeate nature at every level.     

The children who come to this island are from above and this represents that they are from the spirit and the island represents the world. There is only one adult, who is the pilot and as long as the pilot is alive the children are civilized because they are under the control of someone who is greater than they are, the children represent immature people. When the pilot dies, the children start going into a primitive tribal state more and more and they lose all touch with the civilization they come from. The children develop a hierarchy with a leader who runs the tribe like a tyrant and he starts killing and punishing other children he doesn't like. This leader gains a monopoly to produce fire and this is what gives him power, but the monopoly over the fire is what ends up destroying the island at the end. In this world, the elites have a monopoly over technology and money and these things are harming the Earth and society. These children develop a superstitious fear towards a pig and they see it as a demonic monster, but after they kill it, they put the pigs head on a spike and when they see the pig's head surrounded by flies, they start thinking it has magical power and they begin to worship it. This fear that they had now became their god and this represents how much they have degenerated spiritually. The flies are a metaphor for people. In this world, religions are full of fear and that is what people worship. At the end of the movie the children burn down their entire island to kill the one boy who won't join them and in real life, governments are more than prepared to destroy the world they live in with nuclear bombs, depleted uranium and other chemicals. This mass destruction of the island is interrupted when adults arrive on the island and the children are no match for them. One day those from above are going to interrupt Mankind's self destruction and this is something that is prophesized in numerous prophecies.

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