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Psychopaths have an unusual form of mental illness, that is they don't feel any remorse for anything bad they do to other people. But it's hard to call this a mental illness or a mental disability because it doesn't affect their cognitive abilities like other mental conditions do. They are morally disabled and can seem to function normally. The first clinical book written about psychopaths is called The Mask of Sanity and that name is very appropriate. The old term for psychopath was mania without the delirium, which means a mental illness without the normal signs of a mental illness. Psychopaths are people who operate from the Reptilian brain much more than normal people do and their brains don't operate in a way that most other people's brains do. The Reptilian brain seems to be the main culprit when it comes to psychopaths. Being people who operate from their Reptilian brains, they operate with very predatory behavior and they prey on other people. If there is one field of psychiatry that is underfunded by the government, it would be psychopaths, because the elites of society tend to be made up of them. Why would the elites see their condition as a problem when they think their condition is superior to everyone else.


The book called The Mask of Sanity said that psychopaths have an internal state of chaos and that is what they project on the outside world. That is exactly what they create in the outside world, whether it's in relationships, in society, in the environment and in the world. The chaos in this world that exists is aberrant to us, but it's normal to the psychopath, it's just the way things should be. In The Matrix movie, the beings running it don't know what a good society is and they have created a world that's full of greed, war and everything else that makes the aberrant world what it is. Another way to describe a psychopath is that they are a walking void, but their mask of sanity covers it up. It's a contradiction with psychopaths that while they are incredibly Narcissistic, they are empty on the inside. This Narcissism is like a mask of sanity.  Narcissism is an artificial fulfillment and the word fulfillment has the word fill in it. Psychopaths aren't filled up with anything. Narcissism covers up the void that psychopaths have. It's this void that people seem to be attracted to, this void drains people's life force and that seems to attract people to them. That's why psychopaths make it to the top of hierarchical institutions, they drain people's energy, which is the main purpose of a hierarchical institution, no matter whether it's political, religious or a corporation. It seems to be a proven fact that people are attracted frauds, cult leaders and dictators who are going to destroy their lives. This void is like a black hole that sucks in the light and extinguishes it. A lot of materialistic people are empty on the inside and this is talked about in the song called Bring Me Back To Life by Evanescence and in the movie called The Never Ending Story. People become the nothing and this makes them vulnerable to the psychopaths. Like attracts like so if people are attracted to psychopaths then they must be in a bad state of mind themselves. Most people can feel something on the inside in their head and heart areas, but imagine that feeling not being there, that's what it would feel like to be a psychopath.


Places like prison and Wall Street have a higher amount of psychopaths than everywhere else. A recent study has shown that one out of every ten people on Wall Street are psychopaths.





















The best way to detect a psychopath with certainty is to put them under an MRI machine, which shows activity in the brain in a lot of detail. In a normal person, most of the brain becomes active when it processes normal and emotional words, but in a psychopath, it's mainly the back part of the brain that is active and the rest of the brain isn't anywhere near as active compared to a normal persons. The reason for this is because this part of the brain is where the eyes are attached and the eyes evolved a long time before the higher parts of the brain evolved, so the eyes are attached to the primitive part of the brain and this is the part of the brain that is most active in psychopaths. The higher parts parts of the brain don't seem to be anywhere near as active in a psychopath as they are in a normal person. A psychopath is basically a predator that has cognitive thinking like a human. The first part of the brain that deals with input from the eyes is the part of the brain that deals with survival, because that is the most important part of the brain for survival purposes and survival gets priority over everything else.




























































Psychopaths can appear to be very articulate and reasonable, this video shows the mask of sanity they wear. This video points out that while psychopaths are a minority in society, they can do a lot of damage.


If there's any picture that says a thousand words about psychopaths it's this one. They combine spirituality with materialism and they make them one and the same thing. This is. James Arthur Ray, who went to prison after the deaths of three people in a sweat lodge, has certain features that point to him being a psychopath. This video mentions at 3 minutes, 17 seconds that he play the role of God in a play and this shows that he has a narcissistic god complex about him. At 6 minutes, 3 seconds in this video, the witness mentioned that when James Arthur Ray got out of the sweat lodge and saw the bodies on the ground, he acted like it was no big deal, he didn't seem to have any emotion at all. These motivational speakers are cult leaders without a god and they behave in the same way. They are very superficial and money is an essential part of this cult as this picture shows.

This serial killer said he got a high every time he murdered someone, this is a predatory high and this is an intra species predator. It's interesting at the end of this video the victim and the host mention that he's empty on the inside and has an empty look in his eyes. There's a possibility that he is lying about being sexually abused when he was younger, psychopaths are liars and they will use emotion to manipulate people. If this man has no feelings then how is he feeling sad? He is acting. 





















Ted Bundy is an excellent example of a psychopath. It's a myth that serial killers are dumb psychopaths, because Ted Bundy was a very intelligent man. Ted Bundy would've made a very good lawyer or even a politician, with his looks and charm, but unfortunately for him he had too much of a lust for death. Ted Bundy was very articulate when he spoke and he had a lot of superficial charm and these features point to him being a psychopath. In a lot of interviews with serial killers, they can seem to be very articulate people, they don't give any impression that they are mentally ill. This is very true for Ted Bundy and Jeffrey Dahmer.  This is the mask of sanity they wear. This video shows how much magnetism psychopaths have. People will be attracted to psychopaths even when they are fully aware how dangerous they are, people are attracted to people who are going to destroy their lives. It's little wonder why this world is in the bad state it is if people are this stupid.  



















There's one interesting thing that Ted Bundy's lawyer said in this interview, which was that Ted Bundy learned everything he could about him and every piece of detail about his life. This shows that psychopaths are obsessed with learning every piece of detail about everybody and they use that information to control people. They aren't out there to seek wisdom and knowledge that could improve humanity, but they seek information for the purposes of manipulating and controlling people. This seems to be a major feature of many psychopaths on a small scale and a large scale, like with the NSA. 





















Charles Manson was telling the truth when he described himself in one word as nobody. Psychopaths are empty and they are a nobody. Charles Manson was a cult leader and a mass murderer and those two qualities point to him being a psychopath. He could brainwash law abiding people into murdering for him and that's the same type of magnetism that other cult leaders and dictators have.


















Word Salad.


A lot of politicians and financial people speak in a languages that is very confusing and hard to understand. What did the term quantitative easing mean before the financial crisis? It's language that has no purpose other than to confuse people. They just created it on the spot, it wasn't part of any official economic textbooks. This is called word salad and psychopaths make use of it to confuse their victims. The mind of a psychopath is a labyrinth and in a labyrinth people are not supposed to see the whole reality, they can only see the prison cell they are in.













































Treating people as objects.


Psychopaths see other people as nothing more than an object that they can throw away like a consumer product. The serial killer called Ed Gein turned body parts into things like a belt made from nipples, masks, clothes made from human skin etc. Most people were revolted by Ed Gein's behavior but to him his victims were just objects, there was nothing wrong with what he did. Some Nazis turned tattooed skin from concentration camp victims into lamp shades. A lot of psychopaths, who aren't physically violent, treat people like objects as well, whether it's a psychopath dumping their spouse and moving onto their next victim or a CEO or a banker destroying the lives of millions of people and making them poorer. Joseph Stalin said one death is a tragedy, ten thousand deaths are a statistic. People are just objects to the psychopath and there is no problem with destroying their lives or killing them. At the end of this documentary, a man mentions that Ed Gein wore a mask of sanity and he appeared to be a good person, he didn't appear to be dangerous and that is why psychopaths are so dangerous. The psychopathic society treats its citizens as objects, people are just numbers and are treated as economic units and they are just cogwheels in the machine of society. 





















Other serial killers, like Jeffrey Dahmer and Ted Bundy made it clear that they saw their victims as objects as well.

Scientology is full of word salad and L. Ron Hubbard and David Miscavige have the features of being psychopaths and Scientology is a psychopathic system with it's obsession with money, abuse, hierarchical structures etc. This statement from L. Ron Hubbard is from the Super Powers Building and it is a very good example of the hard to understand statements from L. Ron Hubbard.

Ted Bundy was a total psychopath and the quotes he made are a gold mind of psychopathic quotes. In these quotes he makes it very clear that he saw his victims as objects. 

"You learn what you need to kill and take care of the details. Its like changing a tire. The 1st time you're careful. By the 30th time, you cant remember where you left the lug wrench."

"They wouldn't be stereotypes necessarily. But they would be reasonable facsimiles to women as a class. A class not of women, per se, but a class that has almost been created through the mythology of women and how they are used as objects."

"Possessing them physically as one would possess a potted plant, a painting, or a Porsche. Owning, as it were, this individual."

It's interesting that in Ted Bundy's final interview a few hours before his execution, he seems very calm, he doesn't give any indication that he's worried about death, this is probably because psychopaths live in the moment and are very short term thinkers. It was only when he was led to the electric chair that he showed emotion and fear of death, like what he gave to others.

These two quotes by Ted Bundy reveal the mentality of psychopathic elites. In the first quote Ted Bundy reveals that murder is a form of possession. It's not good enough just to steal money, land, resources etc, the elites need to murder people as well. In the second quote, Ted Bundy reveals that murdering people makes psychopaths feel like they are a god. This goes back to their narcissism. 

"Murder is not about lust and it's not about violence. It's about possession."

"You feel the last bit of breath leaving their body. You're looking into their eyes. A person in that situation is God."     


Short term benefit, long term misery.

Psychopaths are short term thinks and they don't think about long term consequences. A psychopath in charge of a relationship, an economy, a nation etc, can make those things appear better, but those things will end up being worse off than before. Adolf Hitler did make Germany recover economically with his large public works projects, Germany ended up being prosperous during the Great Depression when most other countries were experience large scale poverty. But one decade later, Germany was in ruins. Economic bubbles are a very good example of how psychopaths offer short term benefit, long term misery. A market can grow very fast and a lot of people make money as well as all the other benefits that come along with it, but overnight that market crashes and if it's big enough millions of people can be affected in a bad way and that causes all kinds of social problems. Ireland, Iceland, Spain, Greece etc, are countries that experience economic growth, but then the economy crashes and millions go into poverty and experience all the problems that come along with that. On a smaller scale a psychopath in a relationship can really build it up, but then it suddenly ends. People and nations that get themselves in a lot of debt can look better financially for a short period of time, but that debt can end up ruining them. Psychopaths are parasites who don't care about destroying people's lives and debt is a perfect tool they make use of.

The psychopathic society.


The psychiatrist Robert Lindner wrote that "the rise of the psychopath always occurs during a society’s decline." Violent crime and all manner of psychopathic predation are at a peak in every major city in America today. Is it a secret that America is in decline? Decline breeds crime, even in unexpected places. Society is like a pond where the scum rise to the top and block out the Sunlight so that the people on the bottom live in darkness. Over time the amount of scum on the top and the crap within the pond gets so bad that people have no choice but to get out of the pond altogether and this is why it's good to become alternative with alternative media, organic food, switching off the TV etc. The more people get outside that pond the better they will become over time. Psychopaths are good at rising to the top of countries, religions, ideologies, corporations and banks. This is why these institutions always become more and more corrupt and societies become decedent over time. A former executive at Goldman Sachs said that in the past Goldman Sachs was more ethical, but now they only think about how to gain more money from their clients and they don't think about how to help them. Many nations, kingdoms and empires started out being fairly ethical, but they became infamous to historians because of their love of war, their brutality and their decedent populations. The United States was considered a liberator 50 years ago, but now they are universally hated because of their aggression. There's something about being an empire and invading other countries that makes the people become decedent and which leads to the decline and fall of that empire. Many good things came out of Greece, Rome and other empires, especially with science, technology and philosophy which contributed to the advancement of other civilizations. The United and Britain have made many contributions to the advancement of society, which are too numerous to list. The Nazis and the Soviets made some important contributions to civilization as well. A lot of good and bad comes from society, but psychopaths usually take over the political, economic and financial positions of society and they will run society into the ground.


Psychopaths wear as mask of sanity and psychopathic organizations, such as banks, corporations, religions and societies, wear a mask of sanity as well. They project an image they are full of good people who are happy, do good things and are productive members of society, but investigations reveal that there is a lot of immorality, crime, corruption etc, underneath that facade. When the word facade is used to describe an image that an organization or society projects, it means a mask of sanity. The United States is a good example of a society that wears a mask of sanity. It projects an image of freedom, tolerance, prosperity, peace and happiness, but the problems it has are well known and there are far too many to mention. There are a lot of religions that say they are the only true religion and the only true path to God and many religious leaders say they are prophets or the return of the Messiah. This is narcissism and a lot of religions and their leaders display this. This narcissism that religions and their leaders display covers up a large spiritual emptiness. This is why members of religions don't get any spiritual experience and only get fraud, fear, anger and lots of other base emotions from religions. Religions destroy spirituality like Michael Ellner says. Dictators are like religious leaders, they make themselves and their party the saviors of the people and they treat themselves as a religious idol by putting their pictures everywhere. This is the sames narcissism that people who think they are the Messiah have. The United States is also very narcissistic, which is a common feature of psychopaths and this narcissism covers up an emptiness of freedom, tolerance, prosperity, peace and happiness. There is an emptiness of spirituality, decency and individuality. People in the United States brag about being individuals, this is simply not true, they are sheep, they are mindless repeaters and they are obsessed with following whatever fad and trend is popular. These things are not individuality, they are the exact opposite of individuality. Most people in a psychopathic organization and society aren't psychopaths, but they emulate them in order to fit into it and over time the people in a psychopathic organization and society become more and more cold blooded. The movie called Super Mario Bros shows quite well how a society becomes more reptilian and less human.


A psychopath is an imitation of a human being and in the same way a psychopathic system is an imitation of a humanitarian system. Everything in a psychopathic system is an imitation of what it's supposed to be about, for example the health care system is an imitation of health, religion is an imitation of spirituality, the education system is an imitation of knowledge, the justice system is an imitation of justice, especially considering the fact that the bankers and the wealthy never go to jail and the economy is an imitation of the economy in the original meaning of the word, which is household management. The economic system is destroying households and this goes against the very meaning of the word. The democracy that exists today is an imitation of freedom and there are plenty of examples of that in the United States. Psychopaths think in an inverted way and this is what Orwellian double speak is about. But this inverted way of thinking is really just them creating an imitation of everything.


Everything about a psychopath and everything they build up, whether it's their personality, a religion, a government etc, is a scam.

But there is an imitation that goes beyond all other imitations and that is the legal self that exists on paper. This legal imitation is called the Strawman. This civilization, which is an imitation of a human system, emphasizes the imitation of the self and it tries to suppress the true self as much as possible. This imitation civilization promotes the flesh and materialism as much as possible to make the imitation self predominant.

Maritime Admiralty Law is what goes between the human and imitation civilization and it is the very basis of governments, economies and laws that exist in this society. This civilization is fiction because it is an imitation.


It's important to mention that there is a difference between a leader and a dominator or dictator. Humans are social by their nature and leaders are needed, a purely Libertarian or Anarchist society isn't practical, but a leader should be a philosopher, as in a lover of wisdom in the true sense of the word and realise that power brings responsibility. A dominator or a dictator, whether he or she is a political, religious or corporate person, puts their interests first, they treat their subordinates like scum, while they are godlike. A psychopathic leader will always make themselves into a god or a savior, because of their narcissism and they will always treat the people they manage like scum. Any leader who acts like that should not be respected, they should be vilified and laughed at. Documentaries about Princess Diana mention that she made friends with her servants, which was very unusual because the royals usually treat their servants like they don't exist. She was a leader.


Psychopaths and psychopathic systems contain the seeds of their own destruction for two reasons, the first one is that their lives and personas are built upon a foundation of fraud and this fraud will always be discovered, the second reason is that psychopaths and psychopathic systems like to isolate people and box people in as much as possible. This goes against nature where there has to be a flow of ideas, energy, knowledge, emotions etc. There always has to be a flow and it should never be blocked off. Religions, cults, dictatorships, the modern world etc, isolate people from each other and from nature and this is very dysfunctional. The city enviroment isolates people from the natural environment and the city lights at night block out the light of the Universe. There's no as above, so below in a natural sense in a city, the as above, so below in the modern world refers to the top down, hiarchical society.  


The book called The Mysterious Stranger by Mark Twain is a really good book that shows how a person without a conscious will build up a society and then destroy it. In this world, psychopaths will build up a society, a relationship, the economy, a religion, a system etc, then they will destroy it. This has happened many times throughout history and they will keep destroying the things they build up. Psychopaths operate with an internal state of chaos and this is what they project into anything they come into contact with. They are angels of poverty and demons of chaos. A lot of psychopaths, such as Jim Jones, Adolf Hitler, the Communist leaders, politicians and people in high finance will build up a system and they will get everyone into a state of ecstasy who believe the future will be a wonderful place, but then they will pull the plug and and crash it and walk away leaving a trail of destruction behind them. They will do it again and again unless they are put in prison or they die, like Jim Jones and Adolf Hitler. The Mysterious Stranger is a Gnostic book and at the end of it, Satan says that he is the illusion and he and this world doesn't exist.

























Psychopaths are angels of poverty in spiritual, mental, physical, social and financial terms. Every part of society they come into contact with ends up poorer in every way. They are the guardians of the Underworld, which is a place of death and that is what they try to turn humanity into every day of their lives. They are prison guards who look like the slaves and the slaves look like they are free. The Apocryphon of John 31:10, "Arise and remember that it is you who hearkened, and follow your root, which is I, the merciful one, and guard yourself against the angels of poverty and the demons of chaos and all those who ensnare you, and beware of the deep sleep and the enclosure of the inside of Hades.'" Authoritative Teaching 27:25, "Our soul indeed is ill because she dwells in a house of poverty, while matter strikes blows at her eyes, wishing to make her blind." As the Gospel of Thomas says, "(39) The pharisees and the scribes have taken the keys of knowledge, gnosis, and hidden them. They themselves have not entered, nor have they allowed to enter those who wish to. You, however, be as wise as serpents and as innocent as doves." The guardians of the Underworld can never advance spiritually, mentally and in terms of freedom and they don't want people to advance either. The best way to deal with psychopaths is to get out of the abyss and go to a higher level, they can't be defeated with their level of consciousness. Psychopaths aren't contagious, but they bring people down into the abyss with them. There's a reason why they promote materialism so much, they want to get people away from the spirit as much as possible.

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