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The Beast System

The beast symbolism that's mentioned in the book of Daniel and the book of Revelation has gotten a lot of attention in many Christian churches, as well as other groups. But I believe there is something that everyone seems to be missing, which is the symbolism of it. Most people think that the beast is some man who's going to appear sometime in the future to come and rule the world. That belief makes people blind to the fact that it is here right now and it has existed for a long time. There doesn't seem to be any Christian who has ever asked why the Bible is using the word beast. It's not just some word the writers of Daniel and Revelation came up with because it sounds scary, it's used because it has a lot of meaning in it. The beast system is the system that is created by the collective consciousness of people who operate from their animalistic instincts. As the page called the Reptilian brain explains, the inside world of the mind creates the outside world, and if most people are operating from their animalistic instincts then the world they create will reflect that. Why do you think so many countries, especially the big ones, use predators as their national symbol? It's because the consciousness of the leaders and the people is predatory and they act accordingly. The Bible is describing the civilization that exists in a symbolic way. The subject of the beast system is very much related to the Tower of Babel story and how King Nebuchadnezzar developed the mind of an animal. King Nebuchadnezzar was the first leader of the first beast and all other leaders since him have also had the mind of an animal and the rest of society reflects that as well.


A lot of people call the United States a Fascist country or a Socialist country. The United States maybe Fascist in the sense that it combines government with corporations, but the United States is much different to Nazi Germany, Fascist Italy, the Soviet Union etc, because it has plenty of free speech. In the United States you're allowed to protest outside of soldier's funerals. Try doing that in China or Russia, see how far you get. Normal dictatorships don't put the Internet out there for everyone to use and the United States government doesn't have an ego problem like governments in other dictatorships have. If you critize the government in a dictatorship, there's a very good chance you will end up in prison, if you critize the government in the West the government won't care. The government in the West only cares if someone, like Julian Assange, threatens their power. The United States and other Western countries don't fit the profile of a dictatorship. These countries are more like the ancient Roman empire rather than a Fascist or Socialist dictatorship. The ancient Roman empire was a democracy with mob rule and the government did submit to the mob. The government went out of their way to appease the mob with bread and circuses. But at the same time Rome was a brutal empire that dominated and killed countless people. In a similar way the United States has a democracy where people have to be kept under control with a high tech version of bread and circuses, but it invades other countries and kills millions of people. The United States isn't a dictatorship, it has a beast system.


This statement in Daniel 7:23 should make it clear what the Beast is, "He gave me this explanation: ‘The fourth beast is a fourth kingdom that will appear on earth. It will be different from all the other kingdoms and will devour the whole earth, trampling it down and crushing it." There's a lot of disinformation in Christian churches that says that the Beast is some man who will appear at the end of times, but the Book of Daniel makes it clear that the Beast is a kingdom and not a man. This kingdom, or system, will devour the whole Earth and that is exactly what has happened to our planet. It has been devoured by a ruthless system that has stripped it of its resources and has been heavily polluted in return and it has taken over every nation and its people as well. One man can't devour the whole Earth, but a system can. This fourth Beast is different from the other ones, because it's a worldwide system, whereas the previous three Beasts were regional and their power didn't extend over the entire Earth.


This is an explanation of the beast system, especially the 4th beast. It takes the interpretation that the beast is a system and not a man. The ten horns of the beast represent the 10 tribes that took over Europe after Rome collasped, but 3 of them became extinct so there are 7 left now. These tribes became the modern nations of Europe that dominate the world today. The United States is an extension of the Anglo Saxton tribe from Britain. These tribes took over from Rome, which is represented as the 7 heads, but they retained Rome's features, such as writing, laws, government, military etc. That is why the 10 horns are on top of the 7 heads.


The mark of the beast, in Revelation, has gotten a lot of attention by Christains, but they look over the fact that the Book of Revelation also says that there is a seal of God. This is in Revelation 9:3 “Do not harm the land or the sea or the trees until we put a seal on the foreheads of the servants of our God." The seal of God is the spirit and the mark of the beast is the flesh and the world. The fight is between the spirit and the world. Those people who receive the mark of the beast are those who prefer the world over God. God's not going to use a microchip to seal people with so that would suggest that the mark of the beast isn't a physical thing either. The seal of God and the mark of the beast are both on the forehead and this is the area where the third eye is. The third eye is either the spirit or it's an animal.


These are passages in the Old Testament that mention that there is a mark in the hand and the forehead and these aren't bad things, Exodus 13:9, Exodus 13:16, Deuteronomy 6:6-8, Deuteronomy 11:18. Did the ancient Hebrews, who were commanded to receive a mark on their hands and forheads using microchips? Christians who ignore these passages are being irresponsible and don't know their Bible. The Mark of the Beast is not a barcode and it not a microchip, it is a beast and nothing else.


The page called The Human Animal goes into a lot of detail about how the Gnostic gospels, The Hermetica and the Bible had numerous passages all throughout them talking about how the human is pretty much an animal with a soul trapped inside of it in a state of ignorance. One of the passages on that page says something interesting from the book called The Interpretation of Knowledge, "For the world is from beasts and it is a beast." The passage then says, "For no beast exists in the Aeon." The word Aeon is the higher level gods and the higher reality of the Gnostic gospels.


There is plenty of evidence that the number 666 is referring to the Emperor Nero and not some man who's going to come at the end of time. Nero didn't use barcodes or microchips on his subjects. The Mark of the Beast is referring to the mark of the system of the state of mind that people have. The Book of Revelation was calling this name by a number because they weren't allowed to criticize the emperor.





















God gave the King of Babylon a dream, "In the second year of the reign of Nebuchadnezzar, Nebuchadnezzar dreamed dreams, wherewith his spirit was troubled, and his sleep brake from him."


Notice these things about the image: The head was GOLD, then as you go down the chest and arms were of SILVER, his belly and thighs of BRASS, his legs of IRON and his feet part IRON and part CLAY (Daniel 2:32). At the end, a giant STONE smites the image at its feet and destroys it all.


Let's let the bible interpret the bible. Each one of these parts of the body represents KINGS with KINGDOMS (Daniel 2:37-40). King Nebuchadnezzar and his Kingdom is the HEAD of GOLD (Daniel 2:38). Now before we find out who the next three kingdoms are, we need to realize that the Image of the Kings dream, and the FOUR beasts of Daniels dream in Daniel 7, are the same. Don't believe this? Come, let us reason together:


The four beasts represent four kingdoms (Daniel 7:17, 23) and they came up out of the SEA (Daniel 7:3). According to prophecy the SEA or WATERS represent 'peoples, nations, multitudes and tongues' (Revelation 17:15). There are also FOUR kingdoms in the Image the king dreamed (Note: The last part of the Image is not an 'extra' world kingdom, but the same as the Iron kingdom, since the Iron of the legs extend all the way down and ends at the toes. Only at that point, that last stage of the last kingdom will be partly weak and party strong, represented by the Iron and the Clay, see Daniel 2:42, and divided into ten divisions, as we will soon see). There are also FOUR beasts in Daniels dream in chapter 7, which are also four kingdoms. Notice also when you read Daniel 7 and 8, how each preceding Kingdom conquers the former Kingdom, an event also taking place among the Kingdoms of the image in Daniel 2. See also how the fourth kingdom in Daniel 2:40 "break in pieces and bruise." The fourth kingdom of Daniel 7:7 also "breaks in pieces." So both dreams are about the same thing, but with different symbols. Chapter 7 only provides MORE information. God does this so we study.


Who are the next three kings which take over after Babylon? The second is the Kingdom of the Medes and Persians (Daniel 5:28- 31) One (the Persians) being stronger then the other (the Medes) represented by the Bear beast, which rose up after the Lion beast on "one" side (read Daniel 7:4 and 5).


After the "bear" beast rose up another beast, or kingdom. This kingdom is represented as a "leopard" with four "wings" and four "heads". This beast is the kingdom of GREECE, which conquered the kingdom of the Medes and Persians (see Daniel 8:20-21).


Now if you paid attention in high school, you'll know that this kingdom of Greece was lead by king Alexander the Great, who, after he died of an over dose of alcohol, his kingdom was divided into four section with four of his generals to lead them as kings. This is represented by the four heads of the leopard. Compare Daniel 7:6 with Daniel 8:22. Heads can represent either kings, because king Nebuchadnezzar was the 'head' of the image, or mountains, see Revelation 17:9. However, we can only apply the heads as representing "kings" here since "dominion" was given unto these heads, see Daniel 7:6. The wings represent "strength, flight and speed" (See Jeremiah 48:9, Exodus 19:4, Isaiah 40:31 and Proverbs 23:5) of which we know that Alexander conquered the then modern world very fast and very young.


Now we have to identify the fourth beast, or fourth part of the image king Nebuchadnezzar dreamed of. Well think about this, what kingdom was in power when Jesus came into the picture? History and Biblical proof will tell you it was the kingdom of ROME (Read Matthew 22:17, Luke 3:1, Acts 17:7). So it was Rome that conquered the kingdom of Greece and began to rule the world! Prophecy says that Rome would be the last ruler of the entire world, no other beast rose up after this beast. The only kingdom that would rule the world and the universe after Rome would be the kingdom of God! (See Daniel 2:44 and Daniel 7:9 and 27). Hitler was once speaking about how he was going to rule the whole world from Germany. A young girl told him that bible prophecy show's he couldn't, for only Rome was to be the last ruler. What was Hitler's reply? He made it clear he will be the conqueror of the world! To bad for him, his kingdom was conquered and he died.






















Now notice something peculiar about this last kingdom. Daniel speaks of it in these terrifying words, "After this I saw in the night visions, and behold a fourth beast, dreadful and terrible, and strong exceedingly; and it had great iron teeth (Notice how the last kingdom of the image is also of iron) it devoured and brake in pieces, and stamped the residue with the feet of it: and it was diverse from all the beasts that were before it; and it had ten horns."


Notice as you keep reading, Daniel, while hearing the angels interpretation of this fourth beast, is told this beast (kingdom) has 10 horns, and one "little" horn came up out of these 10 horns and "plucked up" 3 of the preceding horns (read Daniel 7:8 and 20).

Lets break it down: The Ten horns represent ten kings (Daniel 7:24). Therefore, an "extra" king rose up out of these Ten, and he "plucked up" or destroyed "three" preceding kings.























Well out of this we can give the first identifying mark in finding out who the antichrist will be. How do I know this "little horn" power is antichrist? Well, "Anti" means "opposite or "in place of" and this little horn king makes himself "opposite" of God by speaking "great words against the most high," trying to change God's laws, and by wearing "out the saints of the most high" (Daniel 7:25).

Wait, but why the TEN horns? Well remember how this beast power is Rome? And remember how a "horn" represents kings? Well take a look at your map, The Roman Empire has been divided and now we have WESTERN EUROPE! (this happened between 351 AD and 476 AD).


Here are the 10 divisions by ancient and modern name:


(1) Alemanni - Germany
(2) Franks - France
(3) Anglo-Saxons - England
(4) Burgundians - Switzerland
(5) Visigoths - Spain
(6) Suevi - Portugal
(7) Lombards - Italy
(8) Heruli
(9) Vandals
(10) Ostrogoths


Why don't you see the last three, Heruli, Vandals and the Ostrogoths, on your map? Simply because these are the 3 horns that the antichrist "plucked up."


The Sky System.


This is the flip side of the Beast system. It is not based on the spiritual, rather than the physical. The Sky system is from above and is a system that is designed by a higher state of consciousness. In many mystical and occult societies, the concepts and teachings tend to be very similar, even though many of these mystical and occult groups come from a wide variety of different cultures, countries and religions. People will start to develop the same features and concepts as each other when they connect with the higher realms, they don't communicate through speech and words, but by consciousness and frequency, which is something that was spoken about in the Pentecost in the Bible. The Tower of Babel was about a lower state of consciousness that caused people to communicate with words and the Pentecost was about connecting with the higher state of consciousness where everyone speaks the same language. 


This is what Saint Martin meant when he said this, "All mystics speak the same language, for they come from the same country." The Hermetica says that mystics and those of the higher state of consciousness are of the same race in two places in chapter 1, [29] "Some of them, who had surrendered themselves to the way of death, resumed their mocking and withdrew, while those who desired to be taught cast themselves at my feet. Having made them rise, I became guide to my race, teaching them the words - and I sowed the words of wisdom among them, and they were nourished from the ambrosial water." [31] You whom we address in silence, the unspeakable, the unsayable, accept pure speech offerings from a heart and soul that reach up to you. [32] Grant my request no to fail in the knowledge that befits our essence; give me power; and with this fight I shall enlighten those who are in ignorance, brothers of my race but your sons. Thus I believe and I bear witness; I advance to life and light. Blessed are you, father. He who is your man wishes to join you in the work of sanctification since you have provided him all authority." This country is in the sky and this race has wings, figuratively speaking.  


The Sky system always emerges in every culture and every time period throughout history. It doesn't matter if it's forgotten, lost and shut down by the authorities, it will always  reemerge at some later point, because people with consciousness and a memory always come about and will start reintroducing it again. The Sky system cannot disappear, like a physical civilisation does. Physical civilisations are always disappearing and decaying, but the Sky system always comes back and is always trying to reestablish itself on Earth.    




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