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Nulltheism and Void Philosophy.

Void philosophy is an obscure concept in the occult who's time has started to come in the age of singularities, Black Holes and the Big Bang, where nothing can become the everything and the everything can be turned back into nothing.

Nikola Tesla once said, "The day science begins to study non-physical phenomena, it will make more progress in one decade than in all the previous centuries of its existence." Void Philosophy is the most non physical thing that can be imagined and it would literally enable the Eartharians to travel the stars if fully realized. This page will aim to achieve what this quote said.


In tribal societies people worshiped their ancestors, animals, natures spirits etc. When civilisation began the higher powers became like the royal families who were the highest echelons of their societies. How do people know that the higher powers are like the Earthly royal families? They don't have any other perspective to draw from. Polytheism, whether it's worshiping hierarchical gods or aspects of nature and life, has been the defining feature of religions for most of history. Monotheism was really just religious imperialism that made all spirituality part of the Borg. It made it easier for the rulers to control so many different societies and the Monotheists succeeded where the Ancient Romans failed in subduing the Barbarians.


Idolatry maybe associated with Polytheism, Monotheism is just as idolatrous, it is still just as materialistic and distant from God as the old religions. The three major Monotheistic religions still pray and venerate Earthly objects after all. The people of the Monotheistic religions are every bit as bad as the people from the old time Polytheistic religions and everyone should be known by their deeds.

Monotheism may have been set up to try to create unity but in practice it has done nothing but create disunity. Christianity has countless groups within it all claiming to be the one true religion. The keyword here is one. Monotheism seems to create a neurosis where everyone should be one and the same like the Borg. This is a major reason why Monotheism is in reality a really bad ideology. The leaders of a one true religion go to war with other leaders of their one true religions, usually over small differences. Monotheists have just as much malice as any non Monotheistic religion. There's no one true religion but there's only none true religion. 


The symbol of the Age of Aeries was the two becoming one and this was the age where the transition from Polytheism to Monotheism occurred. But just like an arrow, that also starts from two ends and merges into one, it is pointing at something and that something would be the next Age of Aquarius. The two becomes one and the one becomes none. Nulltheism is the next logical step in the Age of Thoth as Aleister Crowley liked to call it. It would be a true end of idolatry.

If God is in the zero and not in the one then he is a Nulltheo, rather than a Monotheo. Since God is invisible and non existent in any material sense, as in containing polarised matter, then that means he is zero rather than one. This statement is essentially the end of Monotheism as a concept as it has existed and dominated religious thought for the past roughly 2000 years.

If the nulltheistic god of the void should have a name then let it be Taotu, with the Tao meaning The Way and Tu meaning star or bright in Vietnamese and of course Taotu is an acronym for The Axis of the Universe. 

The Black Sun, the First Sun and the Axis of the Universe. 

The Black Sun is the axis of the Universe and it is in a state of rest while the Universe is in a state of movement. It is the dot in the circle of creation and is the rest that moves the Universe as it is said in The Hermetica, "But if place is intelligible, it is intelligible not as god but as place, and if it were intelligible as god, it would be regarded so not as place but as energy capable of containing. Yet everything moved is moved not in something moved but in something at rest. And the mover is also at rest, unable to be moved conjointly."  The energy that emanates from it is raw energy potential that doesn't need to be converted from one form to another, like in the physical Universe. It just is. This energy goes by various names, such as Vril, Chi, Prana, Orgone etc. Every cell in the body will replace itself every seven years, but consciousness is still the same. The consciousness just is and isn't converted from one form to another like cellular reactions are. This energy is always in a perfect state of balance. The Black Sun is beyond time, speed and distance and contains all of those things that make the Universe what it is.

A beautiful description of the Black Sun and its significance from the book called Liber Nigri Solis, by Victor Voronov, "Open are all the ways beyond the circumference of the point Open are all the ways within its center Between them shines the dark radiance of the blackest light Illuminating with blackest radiance the shining darkness Open are all the centers within its ways Beyond are all the points which open the way to its circumference." 

This quote from the Isha Upanishad is really good, "All who worship what is not knowledge enter into blind darkness: those who delight in real knowledge, enter, as it were, into greater darkness."

If the Internet is a series of tubes then this website is a series of wormholes in a cosmic network to higher levels of understanding.


This poem, by Andrew Chumbley, in Aoeztia, sums up what all the pages in this section are about, "The Body of Flesh is the Vault of Ancestral Wisdom; it is the Silent Teacher of a Living Truth. Perceive from a Voidness of Conception, from a tacit and amoral limbo; the Virgin Beauty of Nature is thus unveiled! Perceive beyond the Strategies of Re-cognition. Taint not the Single Vision of the Instant and the Eternal with the tawdry colours of Familiarity. Let the Hand and the Eye radiate from the One-Pointedness of Thine own Eternity. Be still at the Heart of Bliss. In the midst of the Storm of Willed Obsessions and Fascinations - move not! Let the Silence of Contemplation be broken only by the sudden lightnings of Creativity; for these are the Paths that Thou must walk upon. Suspend Reason by the Force of Obsession. Obtain Vacuity of Cognition by the de-familiarization of its medium of communication. Let the Silent Space of Vacuity be vibrated by the Word freed from Apparent Meaning and focused in the Cryptograms of Desire. By the Vortices of Thine Obsessions let all Nature be devoured: Thou art the Devourer and the Devoured. To the Vortex of I, all Existence converge!" 

This video points out that Black Holes are illuminated, not dark as every thinks they are, but they keep that illumination to themselves because they are nothing as far as space and time are concerned and the light is attached to space and time, which is also in reality an extension of that nothing. In the same way an illuminated spirit is invisible because they keep that illumination to themselves because they are also of the nothing as far as the material world is concerned. To access this illumination one has to be one with the nothingness of the higher world. 

The quote from the Sufi mystic Abd Al Kader makes it clear how to see the unseeable, "There are two types of death. One which is inevitable and common to all, and one which is voluntary and experienced by the few. It is the second death which the Messenger of Allah prescribed saying, "Die before you die." Those who die this voluntary death are resurrected. All the business of their lives return to the Oneness of God. They see God through God. As the Prophet said (on him be grace and peace), "You will not see your Lord until you are dead." This is because it is through this death and resurrection that everything becomes nothing and only One thing exists-One Reality. For initiates, whatever will befall a believer after physical death is prefigured in this life. This return of the many forms of things to Allah and the end of their becoming, is only a change in perception not in the Reality. For someone who dies and attains resurrection, the many are One through an essential Unity; and the One is many through His many aspects and their relationships."

One has to become none to become illuminated.


The technology of moving without moving is the next step in the future of humanity.


The axis of the Universe is everywhere in the Universe and it is in a state of rest in which the whole Universe revolves around it.


Movement without moving is something that comes up again and again in Gnosticism and is an ideal spiritual state to be in.


The Vril is a mysterious energy that is emanated from the Black Sun, or the First Sun, that is in the Axis of the Universe.


Qutub is an Arabic word meaning axis and it also means the perfect human in Sufism.


An unnamed man explores underground and stumbles upon an advanced race whose power comes from tapping into a mysterious power known as the Vril.


Everything is energy, frequency and vibrations and as Nikola Tesla stated understanding this can advance Humanity further than dealing with the physical alone.


The Sun is blackened but it still shines and it transforms the individual and the world.


In the beginning zero was twisted into infinity and then the nothing became the everything.


Squaring the circle is an important occult and Alchemical metaphor for centuries.


The Shoreless Sea represents the world that Mankind inhabits in various religions and in literature such as the Call of Cthulhu.


Setting the record straight on one of Aleister Crowley's most notorius statements that is actually full of meaning.


Most people don't consider why the Universe is called the Universe, but it really is just one verse.


This is an analysis of a rare photograph of the mysterious object that appeared over Fatima in 1917.


How does the entirety of the Universe fit into the smallest possibe thing that started the Big Bang?


There's a theory in science that says that things can appear out of nothing. 


The truth is always somewhere inbetween, or better still the truth is inbetweenness.

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