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Illuminati Card Game.

This card game was made in 1995, by Steve Jackson and it has consistently predicted events accurately again and again. The name of these cards and the name of the creators website,, is pretty blatant. Some of these cards predict major events, but a lot of them are a commentary on society. This world is a game to the elites and that is why they show their agenda in a card game. Zbigniew Brzezinski, who's a major thinker in the American political system, wrote a book called The Grand Chessboard, which predicted a major attack that would give the government and exchuse to invade other countries. The name, "The Grand Chessboard", is saying that this agenda is a game.


This is the most important card in this game, even if most people who go on about the Illuminati Card Game can't recognize its significance. This card says, "Whoever wears it can see a slightly different world through its staring eyeholes... and when the mask is removed, the different world is the true one". This death mask represents the bodie's face and when it's worn, people see a world that's different from reality. When the mask is removed, people see the real world. 























The card below is called Revolution!, the writing on it says, "The rebels are in the hills! They have outside support!". The rebels in Libya have outside support right now.

























The pyramid shaped computer worm in the picture below, suggests that it is a computer worm created by the elites. This makes me think of the Stuxnet worm that the Americans used to attack the computers in the Iranian nuclear research center.
























The card called Atomic Monster is particulary interesting because it shows Godzillia, which is an unmistakable reference to Japan, but it is called the Atomic Monster indicating destruction that involves a nuclear catastrophe as well. The writing on this card is even more chilling, "Disaster! This is an Instant Attack to Destroy any Coastal Place. It does not require an action. Its Power is 16 against a Huge Place, 20 against any other Place, but 24 against Japan or California. If the attack succeeds, the target is Devastated. If it succeeds by more than 6, the target is destroyed. Or play at any time to give +10 to any attack to destroy the Robot Sea Monsters or the Nuclear Power Companies!".
























This card is saying that the health care system kills people and keeps them sick rather than making them healthy. This is true if you look at how many people die from medications, with all their side effects and the health care system profits off of  people from being unhealthy so it's not in the interest of the medical industry to make people healthy. The medical industry emphasizes treatment, rather than prevention, which would save lots more lives. Eugenics is a major policy of the elites and that is why the health care system isn't about promoting health.
























Bribery, which is called lobbying, is a major feature of American politics and this card has a lot of truth in it. This problem has gotten so bad that it's led to worldwide protests called the occupy movement.
























Government is a large gang and the government has a lot in common with gangs. There's a lot of crime and corruption in politics, which is on a much bigger scale than a mafia.
























The military industrial complex is the real power in the United States and this card says that the government and the corporations are one and the same. This is the definition of Fascism.
























The card called Ketchup is a Vegetable may seem silly, but Congress recently declared pizza a vegetable because it has tomato paste on it, so this card really is based on reality. Congress declared pizza to be a vegetable because of the fast food lobby and this has reduced the public's trust in the government and their health policy. This card says, "Infiltrating government positions, your agents have deliberately announced stupid policies, undermining public trust."

























This is about transhumanism. The writing on the card is interesting, "If we knew what we were doing, it wouldn't be research". That statement is saying that science is irresponsible and doesn't think about long term consequences.























The demons behind this man are all the bad things that TV brainwashes people with that keeps people under control. The name of this card, "Don't Touch That Dial", means keep watching the brainwashing and don't switch off to reality.
























There's quite a few cards that deal with the mainstream media because the media is a large part of the elite's mind control over the population. The card called Infotainment is saying that journalists are clowns and they aren't doing proper journalism. The state of journalism in the US has come to the point where comedians, such as John Stewart, are more informative in the mainstream media that news stations are.
























World trade and globalization have made the average person in the West very affluent. The cheap products made by sweat shop labor has allowed people to have much more than they did in the past.
























Hackers have become a lot more prominent in recent years, especially with the government's crackdown on Wikileaks and on piracy. They are the main resistance on the internet against government censorship.























Being a good citizen is about being loyal to the elites and fitting in with their Matrix system.
























This card shows Nero burning down the world economies to give himself more power. The economic problems, that have been going on for the past few years, have been deliberately engineered to give the banks and the oligarchs more power, control of resources and it is allowing them to bring in a police state. This isn't a normal recession, but a deliberate destruction of the global economy. This man is wearing four flags, the first one is the flag of the United States, where Wall Street is located and where the economic problems started. The second flag is the flag of Belgium and this is where the headquarters of the European Union is located. The European Union has been having severe economic problems as well. The third flag is the Irish flag, which has been hit hard by the this crisis and this was the first major economy to implode. The fourth flag is the flag of the United Nations, which represents the rest of the world.

























This card is about quantitative easing, which is a euphamism for printing money. That has happened a lot since 2008.
























This card is saying the CDC is going to use biological warfare against the population. To the elites the population is considered a disease so the name Center for Disease Control means controlling the population.



























This card refers to the Eliza effect which is the tendacy to believe that computer behavior reflects human behavior and in this high tech age, the Eliza effect has been greatly enhanced. A lot of people even have relationships with computer avatars and treat them as real people. The card says, "Is it really alive, or does it just think it is?"
























This is a computer character, with a computer voice, called Hatsune Miku and this character has a big following even though she doesn't exist.





















Religious Reich is referring to the religious right that has lots of power and influence in the United States. The Catholic church was considered to be the first reich because they controlled all of Europe during the middle ages. The politicians have to get endorsements from religious leaders to get a chance of winning elections. The major Christian churches have constantly supported the government's agendas and their wars. The Christian religion is an imperialistic form of spirituality that is based on obeidience to the group and its leader and not about becoming the soul.























The issue of gay marriage has been designed to go on indefinitely without resolution. The elites like to use gay marriage as part of their culture war agenda that distracts people's attention from important issues that affects everyone, like the economy and turns it to an issue that gets everyone fighting with each other and not the elites. Homosexuality gets under a lot of people's skin and that's why the elites drag this issue on as long as possible. It's interesting that the gay marriage debate flares up when the government of the United States gets into a lot of trouble over the Edward Snowden NSA Surveillance scandal, it's very good timing.





















The political and religious elites have always tried to destroy knowledge and take it away from the public, because they like to keep everyone ignorant and they like to create their own reality rewriting history. They like to destroy the past and create a new society. This card is saying that the ancient knowledge wasn't destroyed, but hidden from the public. The Arabic writing on this card may refer to the fact that it was mainly the Arabs in the Middle Ages who kept these writings alive.



























This card is about a bank holiday, where no one can withdraw their money and when they can, it is devalued. Because of fractional reserve banking, there is only a small amount of reserves, so if too many people try to withdraw their money, the bank can't give it to them because that money doesn't exist. This is why banks shut down when there is a run on the banks. 























This card says, "Distrust of governments is at an all time high, and society is crumbing." Governments all over the world have lost most of their trust from the public because of corruption, austerity measures, lack of ability to solve economic problems, etc. The approval rating of Congress in the United States is at an all time low as well. The picture on this card shows statues being pulled down and this is a good representation of the public's mood towards their governments, especially in the Middle East with the Arab Spring. This distrust in governments coincides with a break down of society, which is caused by the breakdown of the economy.
























The economic problems and the distrust in traditional political parties are causing people to support extremenist groups that were on the fringes in the past and these groups are now starting to win more seats in elections, particulary in the United States and Europe. The symbol on the flag represents that they have a screw lose in their head.
























The world is very dependant on oil and wars and other problems in the Middle East and other oil producing countries can lead to price rises and oil shortages in other countries. Any war or attack against Iran would definitely lead to very high oil prices. Iran would shut down the Strait of Hormuz as retaliation and that would prevent other countries in the Middle East from exporting oil. Even if Iran can't shut down the Strait of Hormuz, ships would stay away from it anyway.
























The meaning of this card is straightforward. The mushroom cloud is the shape of the pyramid, which is saying that the elites are going to be behind the third world war.


































































Perhaps this card is saying that this world is being controlled by a higher spiritual power than even the elites of this world can understand.

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