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The truth lies somewhere in the middle so they say. But better still the truth is the middle. Even better still the middle is really the only thing that exists since it combines both ends of any polarity and cancels them out.

What is inbetween Heaven and Hell? Reality. What is inbetween up and down? The perceiver. What is inbetween the cardinal directions? The hand that holds the compass. What is inbetween a clock? The axis that moves the hands of time. What is inbetween hot and cold? A comfortable temperature. The list is as big as space and time.

The point is that the inbetween is the best position to be in and being at any extreme is no ideal.

Where is consciousnesses? Most people, if not all people, would feel that it is at the center of their brains. This would be the seat of the soul which is where the third eye is. Most people's brains tend of operate in an imbalanced way and this closes off the inbetween. Whole brain thinking leads to a much stronger connection with what is inbetween the polarities. 

In the Harry Potter books Hogwarts is accessed inbetween two train platforms which is invisible to normal people. This is like the occult mysteries being invisible to all of the ignorant. In the same way the Land of Oz in the Wizard of Oz is accessed by a tornado which is a vortex in the Earth's air pressure. Elija in the Old Testament was likewise taken up to Heaven in a tornado. The tornado is inbetween normal air pressure.


The thing that's inbetween action and reaction is non action which is something that is extremely emphasized by various religions as explained in the Movement Without Moving page. As stated on that page rest is the state of the higher world of the spirit. Meditation is the primary means to achieve this for an individual. 

The thing that's inbetween man and woman is the child and this is also something that is extremely emphasized by various religions as explained on The Child page. The child is in a more androgynous state that is in more of a union of both sexes. This state of flesh is the only type of flesh that comes close to being divine. The more polarised flesh being profane. The Gnostics in particular strongly emphasized becoming the child to access the higher powers.

As explained on The Axis of the Universe page the number zero is inbetween all numbers when looked at on a Cartesian graph. Every number on the Cartesian graph has a corresponding negative counterpart that automatically cancels itself out so that the number zero in reality exists underneath all numbers. Zero is inbetween every number and it is the everything and nothing, or a Black Hole, of mathematics. 

Whitley Streiber made an excellent comment about the need to reconcile all polar opposites with this comment, "Throughout our history we have rejected the negative and sought the positive. There is another way, I feel, that involves balancing between the two. It is up to us to forge in the deepest heart of mankind the place of reconciliation. We must learn to walk the razor's edge between fear and ecstasy—in other words, to begin finally to seek the full flowering and potential of our humanity."

That razor's edge is like the narrow road to life, whereas the polar opposites are like the wide road to destruction and misery. Think of it like a tightrope where it is easy to fall either way. That is like the Fall of Man. One end is birth and the other end is rebirth into a higher reality. The road to life is very narrow and won't be found on the ground of ignorance and materialism. Salvation is staying in the balance and not veering off course which is very hard to sustain. The tightrope that is the balance of everything is up in the air on a higher plane of existence as well which means rising above the abyss of the world below. 

In the book called Enchantment of the Faerie Realm, Ted Andrews points out that the best places to gain access to other worlds is the inbetween times and places, in other words, inbetween time as space. This is what he said, "The " 'tween times are not distinct or definable-they are in-between. Dawn is neither day nor night, and neither is dusk. Noon is neither morning nor afternoon, and midnight is neither one day nor the next." On the next page he states, "Any place in the natural world that is neither one place nor another belongs to the faerie realm. For example, a river bank is neither the river nor the land. It is a shadow land. An island or peninsula is neither part of the land mass nor of the ocean; it is a shadow land." This rule applies to anything in time or place that is neither nor. 

Taking things to a Universal level there is one place in the Universe that is neither any type of polar opposite that one can think of and that is the Black Hole. In Baryon Asymmetry there should be and equal amount of matter and anti matter, but if that were true then the Universe would cancel itself out. The Black Hole is essentially inbetween the two Universes.

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