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Occult Entertainment

This page is called Occult Entertainment because these forms of entertainment all have hidden themes and metaphors in them which very few people understand. The word occult just means hidden and there are a lot of hidden themes in these movies, songs and games.


Plutonus said that, "the arts are not an imitation of nature, but human-mediated expressions of the spiritual source of which nature is only the outward form." In the context of this page, nature is the physical world and society that humanity occupies and that is the outward form of the minds of the people and of the greater reality that is above it. The arts in modern society aren't so much focused on paintings and classical music, but on movies and modern music, but it is still art that is an expression of a source that nature and society is based on. So many movies and music have mystical and occult teachings contained within them that pass the attention of most people that watch, or listen, to them.


Gnostic rock, as opposed to Christian rock, is very big in the music industry, except no one knows that what they are hearing is Gnosticism. Gnosticism may have been stamped out a very long time ago, but its ideas have continued to live on, despite the best efforts of the powers that be to enforce ignorance in the population. Even though the Gnostic gospels and the Hermetica are freely available on the Internet for everyone to see, there is still a woeful amount of ignorance about it. Aside from being suppressed for so long, when Gnosticism does come out into the open, it becomes so polluted by books like the Da Vinci Code and other works from people who clearly know nothing about what Gnosticism, that it loses all its original meaning. The Gnostic religion and the Hermetica at its very core is about waking up the soul and becoming it again. It's about becoming who you used to be before you became flesh, but for some reason that idea is too alien for people to understand and they get distracted about theories that Jesus got married, etc. The only way to get people to take notice of Gnosticism, it seems, is to bury its themes into movies and music and anyone with the eyes to see and the ears to listen can see Gnostic and Hermetic themes in some of the most popular movies and music out there.

Hidden metaphors in movies explained. There are many different movies covered on this page.

his band, like Metallica, is full of Gnostic themes. This page will focus on two songs from this group, Bring Me to Life and Going Under.

This page will deal with four songs by Three Days Grace, which are, Animal I have become, Time of Dying, World So Cold and Break.

While not as common as occult themes in movies and songs, there are some video games with occult themes in them.

Two Moby, with a lot of spiritual symbolism in them, explained in detail.


There are plenty of pages talking about who may have come up with the song and other things such as what the lyrics say, but nobody has tried to figure out the meaning of the song.

Metallica has hidden themes and symbolism in it that most people don't notice. A lot Metallica songs are explained in detail.

Two songs from Nightwish are full of occult metaphors. The two songs covered are Amaranth and Nemo. This page will also deal with a song called Falling Away by former member Tarja Turunen. 

The Lord of the Flies has an occult allegory in it. It is the story about how people degenerate and worship Beelzebub.

There are some cartoons and animes that have some occult metaphors in them. This page deals with three cartoons.

This is a very strange and artistic film from 1991. It starts off with God killing himself and gets stranger from there. There is an occult metaphor in this.  


In The Air Tonight and Land of Confusion have some very mystical themes in the lyrics and the music videos.

This 1967 show is a Gnostic classic. The symbolism and themes are explained here.

Gerry Rafferty's music has some strong Gnostic themes in them. Two songs in particular are dealt with on this page, Baker Street and the Waters of Forgetfulness.

Bad Romance by Lady Gaga is a very strange and hard to understand music video, but it is full of meaning.

This page contains lots of examples of Gnostic themes in music by lots of different artists.

Eraserhead was described by David Lynch as a dream of dark and troubling things and was also described as being his most spiritual film.

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