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The Quantum Vacuum

In one googol years, which is 1 followed by 100 zeros, everyone atom, every particle, every photon and every black hole in the Universe will have exhausted itself so it would be completly empty. But strangley enough that wouldn't be the end of the story because in a quantum vacuum, which is devoid of any kind of atoms, particles and radiation, waves of energy come out of nowhere out of the fabric of space and time. In quantum mechanics it's possible for atoms to come out of nowhere as well and also matter. Theoretically a new Big Bang and a new Universe could come out of nowhere as well.

This is an article from, explains the quantum vacuum in a lot of detail. This branch of physics makes it possible for things to come out of nothing and this isn't metaphysics. If matter can come out of nowhere, then can life come out of nowhere? Creationists and Evolutionists will recoil in horror at this suggestion, but this theory does allow for this. A computer game can't go outside the computer, but new information can be inserted into it and in the same way, people can't go outside the Universe, but something is injecting things into it. Thoughts are energy waves and many new ideas, discoveries, inspiration etc, seem to come out of nowhere and change the world. The 4 ace cards in the Tarot show a hand coming out of a cloud in the sky, which represents the higher realm and this had contains one of the 4 tools that someone uses. It's like that with the Universe, there is a hand that goes into this realm from a higher reality and injects things into it.

The page called The Silence explains in a lot of detail that silencing the material world allows people to be able to access higher levels of understanding and this is the main purpose of meditation. Being in a material state of silence, in the occult sense, allows people to perceive these energy waves that come out of nowhere. The silence is the same thing as the quantum vacuum. This is called intuition. But it's not just energy waves that people can receive, because atoms and matter can emerge as well.

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