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The Medieval World wasn't as primitive as people think it was

The belief that the Medieval Ages have a lot of false sterotypes about them that keep getting pushed. The main one is that people were scientifically illiterate and they were incredibly primitive. If that was true then how did gunpowder get developed, how come there was an upsurge of art, music, literature etc towards the end of it. How did they develop full plate armour? The ancients never developed full plate armour, because that requires sosphiticated temperature control technology. If they could've developed full plate armour, they would've done so because that would've given them a big advantage over their enemies.

How did they develop the shipping and navigation technology to sail across the Atlantic? The ancients never accomplished that. There was a lot of innovation in the Medieval Ages that surpassed the technology of ancient societies, but people believe that people in the Medieval Ages were more primitive.

In addition to the innovations, the modern liberal, or constitutional democracy was born in this period, paticulary with the Magna Carta. The ancient Greeks may have invented democracy, but it was a very simplistic version of democracy.

The thing that caused the Medieval era was not religion, it was the decline and collapse of Rome and the take over of Western Europe by barbarians, who became the modern nations of Europe. Christiainity certainly did benefit from Rome's collapse, but they weren't the culprits of it.

This comment made on this video speaks for itself,

"It seems there are two sides arguing back and forth. Those arguing for Medieval times and those arguing against it. I just wanted to point out that both sides have misconceptions. First those of you arguing against the Middle Ages, I'd like to point out that the Middle Ages weren't as miserable as modern tradition has told us. Disease WAS a problem, and there was quite a bit of scientific and social ignorance. However, it wasn't just the hellhole mire that you are making it out to be. People actually DID wash and bath more often in the middle ages than they did even later on in late Renaissance and further. War did happen, and sure it was ugly, but it wasn't quite as prevalent as you think it may have been. I'd like to point out a few things to think about our modern times: You say that there is no serfdom and "peasantry," I disagree. It's just that our economy is global now, so the "peasants" aren't readily seen by us. How many products do you use that come from China? India? Food grown and picked by migrant workers? Factory workers / labor in these countries are the serfs of our modern day. In fact, arguably their lives might be more miserable than the serfs and peasants of the middle ages... Also there has been more war and violent upheaval in this last century than the entirety of the human race combined. Again, it just happens "over there" so we don't see it on a regular basis. These aren't problems associated with one particular time-period, just geographic location. I think that that life in Middle Ages does have a kind of charm in its simple and natural approach to things. Plus, you have to admit, that a world without pollution and urban crawl would be pretty nice! And, those of you arguing against modern times. I'd like to point out, that with all it's flaws, we are living with many modern comforts that ARE incredibly helpful. Also, the fact that you are on a computer reading this, means that you already are in the "middle to upper" class in our global hierarchy, so that's something to be grateful for. You have nice roads, warm houses in the winter, cool houses in the summer. Not to mention the very modern luxury of hot water right in your very own home. Availability to transportation when you want to go somewhere. Refrigerators that can keep food fresh for longer. And modern medical understanding of illness and injury. Our women can have babies, confident that the likelihood that they or their children dying in the process is greatly diminished. We also have freedoms that the social structure of the Middle Ages didn't. All in all, I just wanted to say that both time-periods were/are great AND awful. To quote Charles Dickens, "it was the best of times and it was the worst of times." I think this saying can apply to each time in its own way."

Why is there this ignorance about Medieval times? One reason is because of Euro hatred that's displayed by so man self loathing people in the education system. Something that's related to that is hatred of religion of all kinds that's displayed by these same people. A reason that doesn't get talked about is that there wasn't central governments, with big beauracies, like they exist today. That could be considered primitive by today's standards. The Middle Ages, especially the late Middle Ages, was more technologically sophisticated than ancient Rome and Greece, but because they didn't have large scale government beaucracies, it is considered dark and primitive, compared to a modern government in the 20th centurury that killed millions of people and was hell bent of committing genocide and wiping out entire cultures and their history. So Communist regimes were not dark ages, but were better just because they existed in the 20th century.

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